Sandi’s Post: Slumps?

I wonder how many people out there have suffered from the dreaded reading slump.  I know it’s not something that readers like to think about let alone even encounter!  I have been in a reading slump that has come and gone all of 2011.

I recently suffered some computer issues that unfortunately made me lose my list of reads for 2011, but I promise it wasn’t a long list!  I know that there were some excellent reads on it because I read all of the new Virgin River Series books by Robyn Carr, and all of the new Chesapeake Shores books from Sherryl Woods.   I’m also sure that there was a book or two that I didn’t enjoy as much, but without the actual list I have no memory!

Fortunately August brought me a slew of great reading, and I think I can say I’m out of the slump, and won’t be going back.  However, I do know that one should never say never!

Now, I wonder how many of you actually suffer from a reading slump periodically.  What do you do to get yourself through the worst of it?  How often might you find yourself in a slump?

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  1. PattiF

    Yep, I have had a reading slump. Thankfully not often. What I do is find a comfort read author and take the time to read it with no pressure on myself. Also, sometimes book shopping helps. 🙂

  2. Ray G

    I hate not finishing a book. A couple of times I have put a book down because I either lost interest and intended to go back later and in most cases never did. When I decided to finish I couldn’t find the book. The only one I never finished and don’t intend on finishing is a book by Elizabeth George. Because I didn’t finish I haven’t picked up the series since. Up until then I had read all the Inspector Lynley, Detective Havers books. In every case where I didn’t pick up a book I started the next one almost as soon as I put the other down.


  3. shauna

    I periodically go thru the slumps, I hate it when I have a stack of new books and none of them grab me. Usually what I do is go back to my boxes of old already read books and pull out a few good ones that I haven’t read in like 5 years or more. A good reread always helps me out of the slumps and its nice to visit an old friend too!

  4. sandi

    I seem to be in a slump again! Isn’t that awful? I don’t know what’s wrong with me this year. Could be some personal issues I can’t really discuss, my mom’s estate dragging on, my work stress, or my home renovation stress?

    Wow! When I look at all that’s going on in my life this year it’s amazing I have time to do anything let alone read!

  5. yvonne473

    I get into those dreaded reading slumps too. In fact, I thought I was heading that way earlier this week but I’m reading a cozy mystery for a review and it snapped me right out of it!

  6. Merri

    Good topic and a timely one for me at the moment. I get in horrible slumps when I have too many books to review… like now. What has been helping me lately is reading non-fiction, particularly books about pets or something very different from the typical books on my review shelves. Of course, if I read too many of those, I get pegged as a reviewer of those books too, LOL.

  7. Joyce

    If I have a reading slump it usually means I can’t find the right book for the mood I’m in. I find my frame of mind or mood have a lot to do with the books I read or don’t read.

    1. Deborah Barber

      I have to totally agree with you. Often, my slump does involve my mood and not being able to find the right book. Once I do, I’m off and running. I always say that if I put a book down and don’t pick it up again it’s because it was a waste of my time. However, I’ve found over time that this is not necessarily the case and that it’s my mood that interferes with my finishing the book. If I go back a couple of weeks later, I usually finish it. I used to be one of those people that read a book a day. These days I don’t have time but I normally read about three books a week instead. It’s still a lot of reading whatever way you look at it.

  8. Peg

    i have gone into a reading slump occasionally, but then I purchased interesting books that recently came out. I have to admit, that I have read a few bummers that I didn’t like at all, and put them aside. I am now reading Christina Dodd’s newest, Revenge at Bella Terra and so far so good. I noticed that I have recently purchased an awful lot of Christmas books which I probably won’t be able to get to read all of them, but can save them for next year….for some reason, they just call my name sitting on that shelf! Peg

  9. Suzanne

    I think reading slumps are probably a normal part of the life cycle and maybe just our brains way of telling us it wants a little diversity.

    I’m actually out of my reading slump and am really enjoying reading again. I’m searching for new authors and found Elin Hildebrand in the airport this summer. Now, I’m my third Hildebrand book and have picked up a couple more. I’m having such fun it makes me wonder why my slump lasted so long.

    Great blog, Sandi!


  10. kattyusa

    Slumps come and thankfully they go…like some of the others, when in a slump where nothing looks good I return to old favorites. I enjoy rereading almost as much as the first time around. If that doesn’t work there’s always NETFLIX – but that is a desperate measure.

  11. Livia

    Lately I’ve been experiencing reading slumps more and more. I’m in one right now and I’m blaming it on the completion of NEW YORK TO DALLAS. I loved this series but the crimes committed in this particular book really got to me. I keep looking through my stash to find a more calming, romantic novel that will change my perspective on reading for right now. Haven’t been able to choose one, hence the slump. In a few I’m going to pull down my box of Betty Neel novels. They’ve helped pull me out before, perhaps they will again.


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