Sandi’s Post: Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

It’s time to bid a fond farewell to 2011 and to look forward into 2012.  However, before I can think about looking forward I want to take a glimpse backward.

I had huge hopes of 2011 finally being my year after having had several that weren’t so hot.  Well, while things weren’t horrendous they weren’t as rosy perfect as I would have hoped, but I still managed to read and listen to about 90 different books.

During 2011 I discovered a couple of writers who while they have been around a year or more I just got to.  I discovered Christy Reece who writes romantic suspense, and who had been lingering in my TBR since Rescue Me was first released.  I’m thrilled to say I totally loved Rescue Me, but as I’m basically a book hoarder, the rest of the series still remains waiting for me!

I discovered Karen White, who again had been just laying in my TBR waiting patiently for her turn!  Karen’s book I did in audio because she was coming to my area to sign, and I wanted to be able to say I had “read” at least one book.  Now I know that when I need my women’s fiction fix I have a great read waiting in the ever present TBR!

The last discovery who comes quickly to mind is Tawny Weber.  Ms. Weber writes for the Blaze line, and while at first I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of her by the time I concluded her Undercover Operatives miniseries I was quite ready to delve into the TBR mountain range and see if she might be hiding there somewhere!

While not new discoveries for me I also enjoyed books by Kristin Hannah, Robyn Carr, Elin Hilderbrand, Beverly Barton, Nancy Thayer, and so many more!

With 2011 behind me I look forward to what 2012 is going to bring.  I know there are some unresolved issues to be dealt with in the new year, and have my fingers crossed for their positive outcome, but I know that regardless of what fate has in store for me, my TBR mountain range contains some great reading by the authors listed above and I’m looking forward to some new discoveries in 2012!

How was your 2011?  Was it all you had hoped for personally and reading wise?  Are you setting any sort of goal for 2012?  Is there an author with an upcoming book you’re excited to get? An author you’re going to try for the first time?  Tell all, as inquiring minds need to know!

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  1. [email protected]

    hi Sandi and Lime! Happy New Year!
    here’s hoping for a good 2012
    personally I also had high hopes for 2011 but it turned out not to be so good. but Im still looking forward to 2012 and hoping for good things:) Last year I made a goal on goodreads for 100 books and met it but just barely! So Im dropping it to 50 this time around lol. As for books I’m looking forward to, I cant wait for Nalini Singh’s Tangle of Need & Archangel’s Storm, Patricia Briggs’ Fair Game, The Duke’s Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley, and two YA’s: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin. 2 new (to me) authors I’ll be starting out 2012 with this week are Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies and Sophie Littlefield with Aftertime and Rebirth. So I’m excited bookwise:D
    It’s lifewise that concerns me lol:P

  2. Liz

    Nice post to round out the year, Sandi! I think 2011 was great for me reading-wise. I found a lot of blogs to read, did some fun reviews, discovered new authors to stalk (er, I mean follow!) and had a blast connecting with readers that liked what I did. In my personal life, we finished the year happy, healthy and together. What more can you ask for? 🙂

    For this new year, I’m seriously debating getting one of Siren Publishing’s serialized books, possibly A Bride for 8 Brothers, or another one. I recently discovered Evenlyn LaFont and am getting her serialized The Pack Mistress, which I adore and that’s got me looking into the whole genre. My goal for the year is to write more, read more, and blog more. And to read more out of my comfort zone and go-to genres and expand my horizons. Best wishes to everyone at Limecello and all the readers. Happy New Year!

  3. Fedora

    Sandy, I love Tawny’s stuff–she’s got a lovely backlist with Blaze now 🙂 I’m looking forward to catching up with her new trilogy! And I’m especially eager for Girl Meets Bear from Shelly Laurenston… I finally started Beth Williamson’s Malloys recently, and am so looking forward to reading them all. My 2011 reading got a little sidetracked with other stuff going on in life, so I’m hoping to get more reading in this coming year–we’ll see how it goes!

  4. Mary Kirkland

    While this year wasn’t the best for me it did have its moments. Because of the deep dark depression I fell into after my mom died in June, I was able to read a lot of books just trying to keep my mind busy and not really feeling like doing anything else. I visited a lot of blogs and found so many new authors to read, which is one of the biggest reasons I visit so many blogs…I get introduced to many authors and books I never would have heard of otherwise. I love Tawny’s books too. There are a few authors that I hope they have new books this year and they would be, Jennifer Ashley, Pamela Palmer, Laurel K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, But there are so many more in my wish list on amazon that I am slowly buying up also.

    My 2011 reading list was huge and I am hoping I can keep up that rhythm in 2012 as well because there’s nothing like losing yourself in a good book and there are so many great books out there just calling my name right now. lol

  5. Limecello

    Sandi! You need to come respond and talk to us!!!
    Anyway to your questions… uuuuhhhhh. This whole reading thing. >.>
    Um… 2011 was better than 2010! Which is good! I’m hoping 2012 is better. And that I write more reviews.
    I’m excited to read Manda Collins’s debut historical. Otherwise books I’m looking forward to… well I’m compiling that now. ;D


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