Shameless *Birthday* Plea

I have a hard time advocating for myself, but when it comes to others, it’s no holds barred. [Strangle hold being my personal favorite!] >.> Anyway, it’s my birthday on the 28th. I’m hoping to have a MASSIVE giveaway, along with the (almost) full month of giveaways that have been taking place at my blog. I explained it here.

You’ll notice every author who has contributed has very generously offered prizes. So shout out to Day Leclaire, HelenKay Dimon, Meljean Brook (if you missed this post read it, Beverley Kendall, and soon Leslie Kelly, Carolyn Jewel, Julie Ann Long, and Lauren Dane for being the super loaded Birthday Month authors. [The links won’t work for the author posts that haven’t gone up yet will be added.] You’ll get to see who the awesomely generous Birthday Bash people are on the 28th!

I’d love to have you participate! Yes, YOU!

A way to help me celebrate my birthday is to give other people presents! (… Yeah, I seem to be missing the point on how birthdays work, but I never said I was the brightest bulb in the box… well actually, sometimes I do think that. But I don’t say it. *angelface*)

So if you’re interested, please send me an email – you can use the contact form. Incidentally, it’s okay to call me “Limecello” in an email. Really. It is. I’d prefer it in fact to what I often get, which is “hi” or just… a blank. Or my personal favorites “NAME HERE” or Liz.)

And if you want to give me an actual present at no cost to you… you can enter to win every Julep nail polish color there is, and possibly a new ipad. OR join swagbucks – using my referral code because it’s nice to give me a costless birthday present – and win gift cards for yourself! Just copy and paste this link: – and if you do join, message me first so I can give you a code that starts you out with an additional 70 “bucks.”

Thanks for sticking with me, everyone! Xoxo

0 thoughts on “Shameless *Birthday* Plea

  1. jeannemiro

    Limecello –

    Thanks for the link for the giveaway Julep nail polish. I’m already a member swagbucks – I just never get a chance to visit because when I have time I visit you instead! Remember your not getting older – your getting better! CELEBRATE!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Awe, well thank you Jeanne! I don’t think of SB as a “thing to visit” though – do you ever run google searches? Just set SB as your default engine, and you should start collecting swagbucks, slowly but surely. I mean, I’ve made ~$800 from them since I joined. Just for searching the web – can’t really complain there.

  2. Tina B

    Happy birthday month!
    I am a SB user already also. I cannot believe you have earned that much so far. WOW!
    I entered the Julep giveaway. I don’t use nail polish really, but that’s okay. It’s just for you. 😉
    I hope you have a great turn out! 🙂

  3. Limecello Post author


    You are just too sweet! I’ve been a member of SB since early 2009, so that might be something. Back in the day a GC was only 45, and you could win 50 swagbucks in a search. (I never did, but I got 23. Which these days is 230…) Obviously they made changes, and the whole smaller denominations. I know people say you can’t complain because it was free… but yeah. It is what it is. I’m still pleased with it/it’s better than nothing!

    Hey – maybe you’ll win the ipad from Julep! Then you can be all “!!!” and sell the nail polish. You know those bottles retail for $14 a pop? O_O Anyone who buys them at full price must be out of their minds.

    And thank you! I really hope a lot of people comment. Otherwise I’m going to look like a fool.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Thanks Mary! 🙂 I’m so with you there. Am totally baffled by the people who don’t use it. Especially when… I’m here! LOL I started without hearing from anyone, and didn’t recommend it to people until I started getting giftcard(s) that were real.
      So many people online now are just like “oh I forgot about it” – and I’m like … “you’re missing out on the chance for up to $25/month!!!” I don’t get that now, I’m lucky to get $5 or $10, but I’ll still take it!

      1. Mary Kirkland (@scarymary66)

        I usually get $20 a month from Swagbucks. Which just goes to show you I’m on the internet way too much. lol

        Have you heard of Super Points? They are kinda like Swagbucks in that you spin the Super Lucky button instead of searching and get Super Points that you can cash in for gift cards too.

        Here’s my referral link in case you or someone else wants to sign up that hasn’t already done so.

        I also do surveys for several different sites that give me points that I cash in for gift cards to amazon. I have to pay for all those books somehow. lol


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