Reader Guest: @McVane is MIA!

Hi friends! So it’s the third Saturday of the month… which means I have a special reader guest post at ALBTABLS! Our guest M is … well I don’t know where she is. I reminded her months ago, because she was worried about this post, but then we both were like “oh but you’ve got lots of time.” I emailed her about a month ago, but… she’s nowhere to be found!

Now normally, this would make me really mad. (I wouldn’t say it though, if I was, publicly.) But this time, I’m not! “Why?” Do you ask? “Why is Lime so nice to this McVane person?” Well… it’s because she was hit by a car earlier this year.

No joke.

Hit by a fucking car. She was in the hospital for a while, and I know last I spoke with her she was home, but I still say this gives her a pass for like… anything. Not to mention I know how hospital time and general craziness can put you insanely back.

So hopefully, I’ll hear from her at some point and be able to update/change this.

But for now, this is what’s going on. I hope to post winners soon :X cuz you know, I haven’t done that since August. *whimpers*

Anyway, how are you today? How have you been? I feel like we haven’t chatted forever! Who followed me here from the wordpress blog? I mean, you just couldn’t give up the tags, right? 😉

Oh! And did you see there are PRIZES up for grabs, just for commenting on the charity fundraiser? Yes there are! 😀 (Hint; here:

Also, what would you like to see on this site? As always I’m open to new ideas and projects! <3

9 thoughts on “Reader Guest: @McVane is MIA!

  1. Janine Ballard posted a while ago on Twitter that McVane is unable to use a keyboard much due to issues from the accident. She has had multiple surgeries and is facing more, plus some serious rehab.

    • Julia, I figured it was something like that :\ which is why – as I said – she gets a pass for everything. Poor kiddo 🙁 I hope she’s entirely better soon. I talked to her about ~2 months ago?
      But she and I have been missing each other/in and out of the hospital the past few months. >.<

  2. Hi Limecello, RM put me on to you and I loved you started helping with the Water charity I donated and got a hand written thank you note that really touched my heart. I like your sight and guest bloggers it helps me find new book and Authors.

    • Kelly, that is so awesome that you got a hand written note! <3 Everything I learn about this charity makes me like it more. 🙂
      I’m glad you got to find new to you authors! Hopefully I can get back to posting reviews too so you can find specifically new romances etc to look for!
      Thanks so much for joining me at ALBTALBS!

  3. Good Lord Almighty – SHE WAS HIT BY A CAR?!?!?!?!?!?! This is what happens when I stay off Twitter for days/weeks at a time, I end up being totally out of the loop and don’t realize I should worry about folks when I obviously DO need to worry about them.

    • Yeah – and she was a pedestrian, poor girl. Insult to injury because wasn’t she in the hospital for quite some time (the year before?) due to illness?
      It was a number of months ago … but obviously she’s got a long path to recovery. 🙁
      I know she was tweeting some gosh – maybe ~3 months ago? (I’ve lost track/control of my late summer/fall.)

      Definitely sending good thoughts/vibes etc her way. <3

  4. That is unfortunate, I hope she makes a full recovery. I found this blog off of a tweet to win a copy of Lauren Dane’s book Tart. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the blog especially by SMSG I think it is such a worthy cause…kudos to you!

  5. Thanks so much for the update about McVane! I’d chatted with her on twitter after the accident, so I assumed that she was simply busy this fall. I’m sorry to hear that the aftermath of the accident was worse than I’d assumed – especially since what I assumed was bad enough! Didn’t the driver try to leave the scene too?

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