Reader Guest: @McVane is MIA!

Hi friends! So it’s the third Saturday of the month… which means I have a special reader guest post at ALBTABLS! Our guest M is … well I don’t know where she is. I reminded her months ago, because she was worried about this post, but then we both were like “oh but you’ve got lots of time.” I emailed her about a month ago, but… she’s nowhere to be found!

Now normally, this would make me really mad. (I wouldn’t say it though, if I was, publicly.) But this time, I’m not! “Why?” Do you ask? “Why is Lime so nice to this McVane person?” Well… it’s because she was hit by a car earlier this year.

No joke.

Hit by a fucking car. She was in the hospital for a while, and I know last I spoke with her she was home, but I still say this gives her a pass for like… anything. Not to mention I know how hospital time and general craziness can put you insanely back.

So hopefully, I’ll hear from her at some point and be able to update/change this.

But for now, this is what’s going on. I hope to post winners soon :X cuz you know, I haven’t done that since August. *whimpers*

Anyway, how are you today? How have you been? I feel like we haven’t chatted forever! Who followed me here from the wordpress blog? I mean, you just couldn’t give up the tags, right? 😉

Oh! And did you see there are PRIZES up for grabs, just for commenting on the charity fundraiser? Yes there are! 😀 (Hint; here:

Also, what would you like to see on this site? As always I’m open to new ideas and projects! <3

9 thoughts on “Reader Guest: @McVane is MIA!

  1. SonomaLass

    Janine Ballard posted a while ago on Twitter that McVane is unable to use a keyboard much due to issues from the accident. She has had multiple surgeries and is facing more, plus some serious rehab.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Julia, I figured it was something like that :\ which is why – as I said – she gets a pass for everything. Poor kiddo 🙁 I hope she’s entirely better soon. I talked to her about ~2 months ago?
      But she and I have been missing each other/in and out of the hospital the past few months. >.<

  2. Kelly

    Hi Limecello, RM put me on to you and I loved you started helping with the Water charity I donated and got a hand written thank you note that really touched my heart. I like your sight and guest bloggers it helps me find new book and Authors.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kelly, that is so awesome that you got a hand written note! <3 Everything I learn about this charity makes me like it more. 🙂
      I’m glad you got to find new to you authors! Hopefully I can get back to posting reviews too so you can find specifically new romances etc to look for!
      Thanks so much for joining me at ALBTALBS!

  3. Wendy

    Good Lord Almighty – SHE WAS HIT BY A CAR?!?!?!?!?!?! This is what happens when I stay off Twitter for days/weeks at a time, I end up being totally out of the loop and don’t realize I should worry about folks when I obviously DO need to worry about them.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Yeah – and she was a pedestrian, poor girl. Insult to injury because wasn’t she in the hospital for quite some time (the year before?) due to illness?
      It was a number of months ago … but obviously she’s got a long path to recovery. 🙁
      I know she was tweeting some gosh – maybe ~3 months ago? (I’ve lost track/control of my late summer/fall.)

      Definitely sending good thoughts/vibes etc her way. <3

  4. Timitra

    That is unfortunate, I hope she makes a full recovery. I found this blog off of a tweet to win a copy of Lauren Dane’s book Tart. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the blog especially by SMSG I think it is such a worthy cause…kudos to you!

  5. juliabroadbooks

    Thanks so much for the update about McVane! I’d chatted with her on twitter after the accident, so I assumed that she was simply busy this fall. I’m sorry to hear that the aftermath of the accident was worse than I’d assumed – especially since what I assumed was bad enough! Didn’t the driver try to leave the scene too?


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