Quick Update to say What’s Going On

I’m starting a number of new features at ALBTALBS. 😀 Some will be happening this year, and some next. Originally, when I started this blog, as far as I (and all google searches I and the lovely individuals I roped into doing the same) knew, I was the only person doing the zany author interviews, and the “Teaser Tuesday” feature (being unique to Tuesdays with that name).

I hope you’ll be excited about the new stuff that I’m pretty much going to be surprising you with. 😉

Also, my apologies in advance that you’ll likely experience a deluge of new posts today. But guess what?! ALL THE WINNERS will be announced if possible.

Which comes to this – my internet? Still being a bitch. (Yeah, considering how long it’s been, I’m swearing about it.) I don’t even know everything I’ve done. Numerous techs out, new equiptment ~four times, me buying wires on my own, another coming out today (so you know, as I wrote this the day before still no reliable connection.)

So my apologies.

And I know it was pretty weak, but … today concludes my second “blogiversary” (I can’t even call it a bash.)

Someone who comments on this post though can win a print copy of either Hot and Haunted, Virtue and Vice, or No Greater Pleasure by Megan Hart. Winner’s choice of which book.

Then also, if any of you have ideas of what you’d like to see here, or would like to be a guest, I’d love to have you! Just let me know. Seriously! 😀

27 thoughts on “Quick Update to say What’s Going On

    • Aww. I’m so glad you think it’s wonderful, Ellie! Thank you! And no worries, everything that’s already in place is here to stay. I’m just adding MOAR. 😀

  1. You always have the best interviews. Seriously fresh & zesty. Just more of the same thank you. Or rather – be different – because most others do the same old, same old. I’m rambling!!

    • Thank you Timitra. One of the techs today looked through the log and he was like “oh, I guess you first called about this on October 14″… I can’t even think about it.

  2. Internet…can’t live with it and can’t live without it! Hope it gets all sorted out and I can’t wait to see some of the new features!

  3. Boo on the internet issues, Lime–fingers crossed that all gets sorted out soon! Thanks for taking the time to give us an update 🙂

  4. Hope your internet gets fixed soon! I love your blog, it’s the only one I really follow faithfully because it’s unique and informative and fun. Whatever new fun things you bring to the site, I know they’ll be wonderful!

  5. I always enjoy my visits here so I’m good with anything you want to do.
    Commiserations on your internet connection – so frustrating!

  6. Love reading you blog and reviews~ It’s alright if you don’t always update as long as you don’t close the blog down we’ll be happy. Keep up the awesome blogging.

    • Awww thank you, ki pha! And no worries, since I’ve paid for a domain no way am I letting it go… or at least XD until the money runs out.

    • Thanks ML! I’ll pretend I have big plans to do it up right next year XD
      (Actually, I did have plans for this year, but our author friends’ schedules were mean!)

  7. Sounds like great things upcoming. 🙂
    Sorry about your Internet. Too bad I don’t live close to you, my hubby is a tech. I hope they sort it out soon for you.

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