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Hi friends. I messed up 😡 I lost this post. However, Tamara Hogan is incredibly gracious and wonderful, so I hope you all give her a warm welcome. (And make up for my screw up by being really chatty, ok? Please?)

Taste MeLimecello and I ‘met’ via Twitter – initially because of books, reading and writing, but we also seem to share a brain when it comes to the TV shows we enjoy. Whenever Bones, American Ninja Warriors, or So You Think You Can Dance (#SYTYCD) is on, you might find Limecello, me, and several other denizens of Romancelandia exchanging tweets as we watch.

For those of you not familiar with #SYTYCD, it’s a competitive reality show where, after weeks of open call auditions and a brutal weeding-out process working with professional choreographers, a final group of twenty dancers representing various dance genres is selected to compete for the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

Chase MeYes, I said genres! Like books, dances are categorized by genre. Contemporary/modern, jazz, hip-hop, and ballet are #SYTYCD mainstays, but ballroom, Broadway, Bollywood, and street dancing are elbowing their way onto the stage. As with books—as with all creative endeavors—a dance that sends me into paroxysms of joy might leave someone else utterly stone cold, and vice versa. Lime and I disagree vehemently about whether the right dancer won #SYTYCD Season Eight. (I’m a massive Melanie Moore fangirl. Lime feels runner-up Sasha Mallory was robbed. *Totally totally true. Lady Gaga threw her shoe at Sasha not Melanie! Also, I can’t resist. This is one of my favorite SYTYCD routines ever and I think one of the best it has ever had. Ok I’ll shut up now.)  They both possess exquisite technique and an uncanny ability to convey emotion with their body.  I can only aspire to do the same with words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages.

Touch MeMy Underbelly Chronicles series is a bit of a sub-genre mash-up, making it challenging to categorize. My former publisher marketed my first two books, Taste Me and Chase Me, as urban fantasy romance—which some readers agreed with and some didn’t. The series’ origin story has paranormals of many types—incubi, succubi, vampires, sirens, Valkyrie, werewolves, and faeries—secretly living among us because their ancestors’ spaceship crashed here on Earth several millennia ago, marooning the survivors—but the action very much takes place in the here and now. So is the series urban fantasy romance? Paranormal romance? Science fiction romance? Reviewer consensus seems to be “paranormal romance with a sci-fi twist”, and I think I’ll take their word for it. (I’m indie-publishing now, and as South Park’s Eric Cartman would say, “I do what I want!”) The bottom line for me is that I write stories I’d personally want to read.

I hope Tempt Me tempts you! Here’s the blurb:

Tempt MeA sex demon and a preacher’s kid? Heaven forbid!

Technology whiz Bailey Brown is one of two humans alive who knows a very important secret: that humanity has shared their planet with paranormals for millennia. When an obsessed hacker from her past threatens to expose the secret, Bailey and her Sebastiani Security colleagues must use every weapon at their disposal to stop him. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and she can’t let herself be distracted by her boss’s gorgeous brother, even if he is temptation incarnate…

Incubus sculptor Rafe Sebastiani hasn’t produced a decent nude in over a year, since he made the most selfish mistake of his life: sleeping with Bailey Brown. Now, with a deadline looming, his cranky muse has finally allowed him to express his memories of that incendiary night in clay. But when his brother asks him to pose as Bailey’s lover to provoke her dangerous ex, he jumps at the chance…to sculpt her, to protect her, and to earn the right to tempt her—and only her—for the rest of their lives…

Wanna read an excerpt?  Here ya go!

Whether you tweet while watching TV or not, what shows are must-see TV for you? Are you TEMPTED (ha!) by any of the new season’s offerings?

One randomly-selected commenter will receive a copy of Tempt Me in paperback or their choice of available digital formats.

Learn more about Tamara, and her award-winning Underbelly Chronicles series, at

Ready? Set? … And … GO! 😀

8 thoughts on “Awesome Guest Tamara Hogan On TV & Books

  1. Limecello Post author

    American Horror Story has been my favorite of the season. I’m also super excited for Archer to be back, and really hope I like it. [Season 2 was my favorite “live” – three and four I liked more afterwards upon re-watching. I haven’t followed it closely, but what I’ve seen of Sleepy Hollow I like.

    Annnnd White Collar. I like that Matt Bomer aka Neal has himself a new intellectual love interest. 😀
    But to be honest my current biggest TV obsession/guilty pleasure/background noise is Investigation Discovery :X

  2. JenM

    To be honest, the only shows I watch these days are The Amazing Race (love the scenery), and SYTYCD (I’ve always been a dance nut). Usually, if it’s a choice between turning on the TV or picking up a book, the book tends to win.

  3. flchen1

    I’m with Jen–in general I’d rather read than watch, so an occasional episode of DWTS is pretty much it for me…. and no tweeting, but I will read the occasional recap on Television Without Pity–that site cracks me up!


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