Worst Day/Game Ever

If you don’t know anything about me … let me tell you now that I am a big football fan. HUGE. I’m a football girl through and through.

I get depressed at the end of the season. I am unreasonably happy when football season rolls around. I LOVE football. I can happily sit and watch football from 12 PM – 12 AM on Saturdays. And eagerly wait for the 1 PM kickoffs on Sundays. When I grow up I want to be able to afford the NFL channel.

… How my teams do affects my mood.

You should all know as well that I am a proud Buckeye. [Even though we ended the season on a HORRIBLE note.] If you know nothing about sports, let me tell you, The Ohio State University was on our way to the national championship. But we lost the Big Ten Championship to MSU (a team I normally like. I mean, Spartans! Whoo! … At least the Spartans won the Rose Bowl.) But the Bucks just played in, and lost the Orange Bowl to … Clemson. [Which I guess maybe fate wanted it that way? What with Clemson being orange and hello Orange Bowl and their first appearance to a BCS bowl and this being the last year…] But I don’t care. Because a) I wanted the win b) everyone loves to hate on OSU and we had to prove them wrong. Only… we proved them right.]

So it makes me sad, and sulky, and grumpy, and not want to do a damn thing. So there you have it. Expect posts, but when I get to them.

I might also ‘break” one of my own “rules” – and you know what? I think I’ll make the 3rd ALBTALBS Blogiversary Grand Prize tie into SMSG13 somehow. Because I can. [And as far as I can recall at 12:22 AM and in grumpy+ mode… it’s not illegal.]

14 thoughts on “Worst Day/Game Ever

    • LOL Ki I guess it’s silly – and definitely not comprehensible to anyone but other sports fanatics …

      But as to the “rules” … I think I’m doing it for a good cause. Shhh but there might be a kindle fire up for grabs >.>

    • Thanks Tina. So much for my “must lose weight” goal/resolution, because I think I’m going to eat half a bag of chips right now. :X

  1. As a proud Big Ten Girl, I normally root for the Big Ten in bowl games, unless it’s OSU. I just can’t bring myself to root for them. Not that I want to route for MY Big Ten team, but hey at least we finally won a conference football game this year.

    Maybe basketball will be better

    • Noooooo Erin!! >.> Never tell me you’re a wolverine? O_O
      Although … the last bit is throwing me. LOL Which is your school?

      🙁 And why do you hate the Bucks? 🙁

  2. Having your team lose their big bowl game is the worst. (Alabama–LSU BCS championship game, 2012, nuff said.) Been there, done that with Clemson, too–last year, they beat LSU on a last-minute play in their bowl game. I feel your pain and completely understand how a poor outcome in your favorite college team’s game leaves you in the dumps. Give it a few days, then try NCAA basketball.

    • Ugh. LSUReader I guess Clemson is better than I thought they were. LSU was a powerhouse for so long! (I mean they’re still good … but I know how you feel.)

      I don’t like basketball though, sadly. 😛 I only have love in my heart for football.

    • Ohnoes 🙁 I’m sorry Denise. Paltry comfort, but at least they made the playoffs? :\

      Will you be rooting for any of the remaining teams, or just waiting to see who ends up in the superbowl, or just “meh”?

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