Tell Me Something Good

So my day was spent … well, as a day, but then with lots of driving (on my part, which made it worse), being bilked at a spa (nobody wants a Lime Kahlo), and then … extremely awkward social interaction for hours (hours)… and this headache that has been with me for days. Which is so bad I kinda feel like I’m going to vomit. >.> I know you all wanted to know.

So what I want to know is – what is the best/stupidest criminal story that you know or have heard? Or strangest/most ridiculous law?

We can even expand this to the Darwin Awards.

Teach me something, friends. 😀

13 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good

  1. I’ll start us out – I actually learned this from a student! There’s an old, obscure European law that says you can urinate wherever you want … as long as your have you hand on the [left? rear?] wheel? XD Anyway, the point is – pee anywhere! 😛

    • HAHAHAHAHHA omg – now I want to like. … go buy a duck right by the border and walk into like… I dunno – ANY neighboring state 😛

  2. Okay, so it won’t let me type more than a few lines so I’ll spam this comment section.

    In Texas you can’t own more than 6 dil-dos. Flirting is illegal in Haddon Township, New Jersey.

  3. Students can’t hold hands in school in Tennessee. You can’t explain polygamy to anyone in Mississippi. Kisses can’t last longer than 5  minutes in Iowa. You can go to prison for 5 years for seducing an unmarried woman. You can’t pretend to be married to share a hotel room in North Carolina. And you can’t get married if you have gonorrhea in Nebraska.

  4. Oh and the reason why I couldn’t submit my long comment. The word dil-do

    I had to add the dash so that I could submit it, if you were wondering why there’s a dash or why it didn’t make sense. LOL

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