Thank You, Michelle M. Pillow

Hi lovelies! So, I don’t know if you know, but ALBTALBS has advertising space. I don’t make a huge deal about it, but it’s to help cover costs. (Website hosting being the biggest … >.> only… because giveaways that I do come out of my own pocket…) But anyway, Michelle M. Pillow has been pretty much the sole support of A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet for the past year+. I wanted to draw your attention to her, and say – thanks for keeping me (us) going. <3

In case you missed it – and I know 2014 was a funky year, these are all the ads she had every month. (She also advertised in 2013 – so you know, extra <3)

The Impatient Lord

March & May

The Reluctant Lord


King of the Unblessed


The Dragon's Queen


The Maiden & the Monster


Lord of Fire Lady of Ice


The Jaded Hunter


The Savage King


The Pirate Prince


So, to thank her – I’m giving away a kindle copy of The Pirate Prince to someone who comments.

I’m also running a promotion on ad space until the end of the year – buy a static monthly ad for $15. Space is limited. If interested, email me.

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Michelle M. Pillow

  1. sharonchalk

    and due to these ads I have brought a lot her books,because I’ll see one on here and think do I have that one?” because she has a lot of series going and of course,hey who doesn’t love dragons lol and then I end up buying a couple of more books,and I even got some boxed sets that she did with Mandy Roth,not that I was looking for them,but I saw a book on here and then when I went to her amazon page I saw the boxed sets with her alone and with Mandy and of course had to get them lol


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