Hi everyone! My name is Limecello! We’ve had some changes so I feel that I need to expand my old bio:

I am a Reader, Reviewer, Impoverished Lawyer, Foodie, and Discusser of all things random. I’ve been “officially” blogging since 2002, and reviewing books since 2007.

As I said, my name is Limecello. For the internet, that’s what people call me. In fact, in person, that’s what people call me at conferences. Limecello, or Lime. No joke. (So… if you’re not able to handle that, this probably isn’t the place for you to be visiting or soliciting reviews…) I don’t mind nicknames, or riffs on it. But that’s a starting point. And it’s my name. In fact, I feel more than free to ignore any email sent to me that doesn’t address me by name. Especially if I don’t know you.

I’ve actually been blogging since before blogging was a thing or even given that name. Yeah, think mid 90s and geocities. I had one. I’ve gone through xanga, livejournal, greatestjournal, blogspot, blogger, and WordPress. Obviously I’m sticking with the last for now, even though it eats my code… even with my new hosted home. I don’t consider this a “Review Blog” exactly, because I do other things. Or, that had been the plan. Now it’s extremely book/romance oriented, but I expect that to change at any time. Beyond talking about whatever I feel like, writing reviews, and offering book promo slots, I have a passion for social justice. Sometimes it’ll flood the blog, and other times it takes a break. I do have an annual Social Media for Social Good fundraiser. The causes have varied – based on what great need there is that year, and it’s simply the community coming together and being awesome.

For the blog itself… The first Tuesday of each month is my Guest Author & A Giveaway feature. When I started the blog I didn’t anticipate so many guest authors. I’m thrilled at the response – but what makes GA&AG special, is that it’s the only time I do my quirky Author Interviews. I do my best, but it’s really only as fun as the author makes it. Tied to the GA&AG now is the special monthly contest. Authors have offered gift cards, and books, as well as various other items. You should really enter it, because odds are fantastic for winning.

Then there’s the Teaser Tuesday feature, that takes place the second, and fourth Tuesday of each month. Here, an author share an exclusive excerpt of one of his or her books. It might be new, old, or upcoming. Doesn’t matter, as long as it isn’t posted anywhere else. (Of course we prefer upcoming books, but it’s the author’s choice.)

I also have a few awesome ladies who contribute and write reviews (and other stuff.) One such person is Liz. She wrote an “About Me“/ Introductory type post.

We also have Karen, and this is her mini bio: I’m a 40 something wife and mother working in a male dominated profession. So to escape I read, I read pretty much anything and everything, but currently I’m all about m/m romance. I also write poetry.

I’m also always looking for more reviewers, so if you’re interested, contact me, and send a sample. If you’d like us to review your book, feel free to contact me via the form. We of course reserve the right to decline reviewing any book. Beyond that, ALBTALBS by no means only posts “positive reviews.” That’d be silly. And the obligatory/requisite FTC disclaimer verbage: Not every book/item reviewed or mentioned here was purchased by the blogger. The item may have come from the publisher, a third party, or a fairy. And some of the things were purchased by our hard earned cash. It’s a crap shoot. Or not, because craps are actually more complicated. Or less. I don’t know.

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