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Blogiversary Guest: Luanna Stewart

Hi friends! Can you believe it? ALBTALBS is five! Five! I know! We’re limping along here, and I’ve got a bunch of fun guests this month. I also have to say I LOVE this post and OMG COOKIES. Thank you, Luanna!!! She’s kicking off all the wonderful festivities with delicious treats.

I’ve asked everyone participating in the blogiversary festivities to come up with a list of “Top 5” or “5 Favorite” or just anything remotely related to the number 5. 😀

My Five favourite cookie recipes:

Yes, it’s the season for New Year resolutions. But I’ve never met a resolution that hasn’t failed. Whether it’s to eat less, or exercise more, (or vice versa? I suppose there could be people who need to put on weight and slow down) I generally get to late January and my willpower goes on hiatus.

If you’re like me and need a sweetie to end a meal, or you need a mid-day boost, here are my five all-time favourite cookie recipes. The first four are from either my family or hubby’s. The last one, for which I’ve given a link, makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever invented, ever. You may notice a preponderance of butter in these recipes. That’s because, as far as my family recipes go, these were developed in the olden days, when butter or lard were the fats of choice for baking.

Shortbread Cookies
1 cup butter, softened 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
½ cup powdered sugar 1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 cups all purpose flour ½ teaspoon salt
Preheat oven to 300 F. Cream butter until fluffy. Add sugar and vanilla and mix until smooth. Mix in flour, cornstarch and salt. Beat well. Roll on floured surface to a thickness of ¼ inch. Cut in festive shapes. Bake on ungreased cookie sheet for 10 minutes, or until there is barely any colour along the edge. Cool on wire rack.

Pecan Fingers
1 cup butter, softened ¼ cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 Tablespoon water
2 cups all purpose flour ¼ teaspoon salt
2 cups pecans, finely ground
Cream butter, sugar, vanilla and water. Add flour, salt and nuts. Mix well. Chill for one hour. Preheat oven to 250 F. Form dough into small rolls, about the size of your little finger. Bake for 1 hour, dust with extra powdered sugar while still warm. Cool on wire rack.

Sugar Cookies
½ cup butter, softened ½ cup vegetable oil
½ cup powdered sugar ½ granulated sugar
1 egg 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour ½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon cream of tartar
Cream together butter, oil, sugars, egg and vanilla. Stir in flour, salt, baking soda and cream of tartar. Mix well. Chill for 2 hours. Preheat oven to 350 F. Scoop 1 Tablespoon of dough, roll it into ball, and place on parchment lined cookie sheet, spacing a few inches apart. Flatten slightly with the bottom of a glass dipped in coloured sugar. Bake for 8 or 9 minutes, or until golden around the edges. Cool on wire rack.

Currant Squares
I cup flour 1 cup butter, softened slightly
1 Tablespoon powdered sugar pinch of salt
Mix well, press into bottom of 8×8 pan. Bake at 400F for 10 minutes.

1 cup currants pinch of salt
1 cup brown sugar 2 eggs
½ teaspoon vanilla 2 teaspoons flour
½ teaspoon baking powder
Mix well and spread on crust. Bake at 350 F for an additional 25 minutes. Cool completely before cutting into small squares.

Joy’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans


Portrait of a GirlAn old crime
and an irresistible new lead…

When her wealthy art dealer father died, Heather James was expecting a fortune. Instead, his bank account was empty and Heather’s working in a bakery, wondering exactly what happened to her father’s millions…until someone tries to kill her.

Tony Simons is on the trail of an art theft cold case that’s practically giving him frostbite. He’s hoping that by sticking close to Heather – the daughter of his deceased prime suspect – he’ll find the answers he needs. Instead, he’s finding himself distracted by a gorgeous woman who drives him crazy in every way imaginable…

Now Tony’s in serious trouble. Even if Heather can’t – or won’t – tell him where the stolen paintings and money are, she may well have stolen his heart.

And now someone wants her dead…

Bio: Luanna Stewart has been creating adventures for her imaginary friends since childhood. As soon as she discovered her grandmother’s stash of romance novels, all plots had to lead to a happily-ever-after.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Luanna now lives in Maine with her dear husband, two college boys, and two cats. When she’s not torturing her heroes and heroines, she’s in her kitchen baking something delicious.

Writing under the pen name Grace Hood, she has two novellas published with The Wild Rose Press. She is excited to have a book published under her own name with Entangled Publishing.

Whee! Not only did Luanna share all those awesome recipes – I cannot wait to try the last one!! (Although – sans pecans, of course) – she’s also offering a prize!!! One lucky commenter will get a $5 Starbucks giftcard! … >.> Or you know, nobody comment so the prize defaults to me. *angelface*


SNAHM Guest: Cynthia Eden

Hi friends! Today we have the lovely Cynthia Eden guesting with us. As she says – November is winding down, and I know the rush is starting for holiday madness, but I hope we all take a minute and reflect. I love that Cynthia has such a rich background, but I think all of us can take a look back. I hope you’ll all chime in – especially since Cynthia is so beautiful and adorable. Seriously – you want to hate her cuz she’s basically so perfect but you can’t because she’s so nice. XD

Anyway, here is what Cynthia had to say.

Memories In A Box

Hi, everyone! It is such a pleasure to be here with you—a huge thanks to Limecello for inviting me over! When I was growing up, one of my very favorite things to do was to pull out the old box of pictures that my mom kept in the bottom of her closet (yes, these were the non-digital days!). In that magical box, my mother kept pictures of her relatives and my father’s relatives. They were grainy, faded photographs. The edges had turned nearly white because they had been touched so many times over the years.

In these photos, I was able to see the relatives that had passed away—relatives I’d never had the chance to meet. One of the photos that I loved to stare at the very most was a photo of my great-grandmother, a beautiful Cherokee woman. She wasn’t smiling in the picture. She was just staring straight ahead. Her features were so strong and her long black hair seemed to still shine in that dull photo. I wondered about her so much—this special woman. I wondered about the stories that she could have told me. About the life that she had led. Was she happy? Was she sad? I could never tell from the photo, and that seemed to make it even more poignant for me.

I’m very lucky—I have Native American ancestors on both my mother’s side and my father’s side. I love to celebrate their heritage. There are so many wonderful traditions that I try to pass down to my son. I always want him to be proud of his roots. At his school, they recently celebrated Native American Day, and he was so thrilled to be grouped with other “Cherokee” descendants—the kids spent the day making their own fires and learning about the history of the different tribes in the area. When he came home, he told me it was the “best day ever.” I love best days.

I’m sure you have old traditions from your ancestors that you like to celebrate, as well. I would love to hear about them! Share with me. 😉 I’ll pick one random commenter to win a $15 gift card.

And since it’s nearly December…Happy Holidays to you!


Cynthia Eden
All He Wants for Christmas – Available 12/1/15

All He Wants for ChristmasTHE SPY WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS by Cynthia Eden

Everyone in town thinks that Jemma White is as sweet as the delicious treats she makes at her chocolate shop—but they’re wrong. Jemma is ready to let her wild side out, and she’s just found the perfect man to make all of her fantasies come true. Grayson Cole is a too-sexy-to-be-true stranger who has escaped to Holly for the holidays. He is her perfect temptation, and Jemma can’t wait to steam up the cold winter nights with him. But when danger from Grayson’s past follows him to town, she realizes that the man she is falling for has been keeping some very dark secrets…secrets that may just get them both killed.

Share with us – any lovely family memories of your own? A cultural heritage or tradition? Interesting ancestors?

Social Media for Social Good 2015: Football Edition

Hi friends! So as you know (maybe), I’ve been largely absent the past few months. This means I also missed my annual Social Media for Social Good Charity Fundraiser. I have to say, I’m tapped out. I know people care, but not being able to see it hurts. In the past we’ve supported relief efforts – twice in fact – from famine to child refugees from Syria, clean water for people, against human trafficking, for Native Americans, and more. We’ve done great.

SMSG15 Football

This time … I’m leaving it up to you.

Here’s what I mean. I’d like you to comment with your favorite non-profit charity. If you can, leave a link to the organization etc, so others can check it out, and make it easier on me.

Why do you want to make it easy on me? Well, I think you all know I love football. Like really love. Especially college football. What I’m doing this year is, for every touchdown the Buckeyes score tonight, I’ll donate $10 to a charity. $5 for a fieldgoal. (Hey any points should be rewarded, right?) Uhhh… if there does happen to be a safety I’ll figure it out later.

I figured I’d mix it up, so we hit a variety. What do I mean? Let’s say there are six touchdowns tonight. That means $10 to comment 1’s charity, $10 to comment 2’s charity, and so on and so forth. We’ll just go in order. If there aren’t enough comments to cover all the touchdowns, I’ll probably donate to UNICEF or something. If there are more comments than scores … well that’s cool too. I might donate up to $500. We’re playing this by ear. [Please one charity per comment though, and give others a chance to add?]

Sound good? Feel free to ask questions too. Let’s make this interactive and fun!

ETA: I’m leaving SMSG open through the rest of the season … and post season, so let’s home they win the championship again, shall we? 😉

Guest Author & A Giveaway: Erica Ridley

Ladies (and Gentlem..en?) I can’t believe it’s September. Really really can’t. I need a pause button on life. I hope I’m not wrong in this but I met Erica Ridley for the first time in person this past July. She’s super fun, and when I grabbed her online I was like “you should guest here!” and since Erica is supergreat, she was like “okay I’m game!” And we emailed about Sir Arthur. (Who doesn’t exist?) So anyway, Erica decided to go with an author interview – and these are my questions and her answers! Enjoy!

Erica RidleyWhich celebrity is your “spirit animal?” Why?
I’m actually a total fail at recognizing/knowing celebrities. I have virtually never watched cable television, and I live in Costa Rica, which means the magazines in the checkout aisle are not your usual fare. So I’m going to go with Jane Austen on this one. Not because she’s still the most famous author in my genre, 200 years later, but because she wrote what she wanted and how she wanted. I hope I can always say the same.

Baby Erica Wonder WomanWhat would your superhero name be? And your super power? Now… what if you were an anti hero? What would your “anti super hero power” be?
My superhero name would be Diana Prince, because I have been a Wonder Woman nerd since I was two years old. (See: photo evidence.) An invisible jet would come in handy, but if I could have any super power, it would be the ability to pause time. If I need to choose a different super power for myself as an anti-hero, then I have to do mind control. As a hero, I find overriding free will reprehensible, but as an anti-hero… you gotta do what you gotta do.

You have to listen to the same song to 72 hours, or your family gets it. What song do you choose to listen to on repeat?
I’m pretty sure I actually did this when I was younger, back in my mixtape days. Hmm. After 72 hours of the same song, I would probably never listen to it again, but I have to go with one I love: “A Charming Spell” by Splashdown. The first time I heard that song, I was trying to park my car and I sat there with the engine running until the song was over.

What is one question you always wish as an author people would ask but nobody ever does?
“Here, would you like some free money?” I jest. (But like many authors, I’ve had book advances that were on par with a single month’s salary–and had to last an entire year.) A question I would personally love to ask other authors is, “What would you write if you didn’t have to worry about the market/money?” But don’t ask me that one. That’s what pseudonyms are for! 😉

The Brigadier's Runaway BrideWhat’s the most unique/strange silly skill your possess?
I always thought it was juggling, but since moving to Costa Rica, I’ve meet a statistically improbable number of other people who can juggle, so I have to scratch that off the list. Maybe yodeling? I haven’t met many people who (admit to) being able to yodel. If that’s not quite a nerdy enough answer, I also used to have contests with a coworker to see who could solve a Rubik’s cube the fastest.

What was the first concert you ever went to? Who did you go with? And – if they were (or are) still around – would you go again? 😀
I went to a hair metal concert, I believe, back in grade school. With my aunt. And I would absolutely go again. I love concerts, and would see anyone I liked, regardless of how long the band has been around. I saw Tommy James & the Shondells a few years back and those guys had more energy than I did.

What is the naughtiest thing you have done in school? At your job? At a conference?
Naughtiest thing I ever did in school was probably leave it to go play pool with my best friend during what was supposed to be an art class. (It was the period right after lunch, and our teacher didn’t believe in taking attendance.) At my job… probably lunch hours surfing Napster, before I understood how bad that really was. At a conference, I can’t think of anything naughty. Am I old now? Are my naughty days behind me??

The Major's Faux FianceeIf you were a cartoon, which one would you prefer being? Why?
I would like to be Sherman, so I could get to hang out with Mr. Peabody and travel in the way-back machine.

Would you rather be bitten by a radioactive spider or a vampire? Why?
Going by traditional novel/comic lore, radioactive spider all the way, baby. I would much rather have superpowers in this lifetime than to be saddled with bloodlust and sun-aversion for the rest of eternity.

If you were a serial killer, who would be your target? And what would be your M.O.?
If I were a serial killer, I’d have to be like Dexter and target monsters even worse than me. I wouldn’t take anything from the victims or leave anything behind at the crime scene–I’ve read enough mysteries to know that’s the fastest way to get caught!

Hostile alien invasion, or zombie apocalypse? Which one do you think is more likely to happen? Which one is scarier?
More likely, alien invasion. Scarier… man, that’s a tough call. Zombies, maybe, not because they’re the bigger threat, but because it would be too mind-blowing to wrap my head around, and I’d spend the whole time unsure if it was actually happening or if I’d just gone off my rockers. Aliens are ostensibly scarier, since they can do to us all the experiments we’ve done to other insects and animals—or worse. But I can conceptualize that. Doubting my own sanity would be the scariest thing of all.

The Captian's Bluestocking MistressIf you could switch places with someone for 72 hours, whose life would you want to live?
If I would be ghosting them (ie they would still be controlling their body and I’d just be along for the ride) then I’d like to experience what it’s like to be a daredevil, one of those people who does crazy parkour tricks or rides a one-wheeled mountain bike across the mouth of hell with his GoPro strapped to his forehead. I love seeing those videos, but there’s no way I’d do it in real life.

What TV show do you wish was still on the air?
“The Finder.” I think it only lasted for one season, but I liked the oddball characters (even if I wanted to shake them) coming together to solve crimes/mysteries in a quirky way.

What two movies from different genres would you most like to see combined in a mash up?
That reminds me of the time Netflix offered up “Zombie Strippers!” on its recently added queue. My reaction was “WHAT. EVEN.” but of course I had to watch it. If you’re curious, it’s ranked 4/10 on imdb—likely because the mashup doesn’t appeal to aficionados of either genre. Of course, in this question’s hypothetical situation, the only person who has to watch the mashup is me (and we’ve already established I have no taste) so… Titanic, featuring Gremlins. Tagline: “Shit goes down as the ship goes down.” Can we please make this happen??

The Earl's Defiant WallflowerWhich fairy tale would you most like to be in? least? Why? And which character would you be?
Hansel and Gretel, as the witch. Not because I have any interest in eating children (I’m a vegetarian) but I can’t say no to living in a house made of candy. I would least like to be Scheherazade in “One Thousand and One Nights.” I like making up stories, but man. That’s a lot of pressure.

What is your secret plan for world domination?
If I tell you, it won’t be secret! 😉

Hee! So what questions do you have for Erica? And now you know it’s a GA&AG so … there will be some sort of giveaway, but it’s too early for me to have things figured out and I’ll add that. RIGHT? WHEE!

ETA: This was scheduled to go live on September 1 but something clearly went terribly wrong and I was away so let’s just play nice with time bending please, shall we? Thanks all. Xxoo

Release Day Guest: Lauren Dane

Hi friends! Today we have Lauren Dane visiting with us, and it’s release day for her! Deb’s review of Falling Under will be posted on Thursday, so if you’re interested stay tuned. 🙂 In fact, I think it’s safe to say Lauren is one of Deb’s favorite authors, so when we had the chance to ask Ms. Dane some questions, I put it to Deb. Here’s what happened with the Q&A. 

FALLING UNDERWhat was your inspiration for the characters in the Ink and Chrome series?
I absolutely love cars and bikes and the culture that is so much more than just fixing them up and more about the art of restoration and creation. I love inked up guys with piercings who look tough but are really just big, sweet dudes who care about people and machines.

It’s also nice that the world is more than just Twisted Steel, but this group of people and a wide variety of artistic endeavors. Gives me such a fertile world to work with.

Your books exemplify a love of the arts… music, art, dance. How does art effect your own life personally?
I went into it a little above – but pretty much as long as I can remember I’ve loved art. I’ve always been fascinated by how different people create in their own ways. For me, art is the lens I try to use when I look at the world all around.

Art is the soul of humanity. It’s who we are, why we are. It surrounds us all the time. I love that. I love that the music I listen to, the poetry I read, the books, movies, whatever I see all around me then informs my own process. I find that so reassuring and yet miraculous all at the same time.

You write in several subgenre’s. Do you enjoy one over the other?
I usually enjoy whatever I’m due to work on next best, LOL! I love the ability to range across genres and stories. It’s a fun challenge. Keeps me fresh and interested.

Some of your books are action packed and suspenseful and yet others are more drama and character driven. Do you have a preference, and which one is more difficult to write?
Well, they all have challenges. Deeply emotional, dramatic books can be exhausting to write. But humor is hard too. Action means there’s blocking to be done. You can’t rush the heart of an action scene, or not use any of that build up to the best sort of end.

Opening UpEvery book, each group of characters has their own story and feel. Getting it right for that book is always the hardest thing for me.

What was, hands down, the most difficult book for you to write? Why?
The last year or so has presented a number of challenges. I’m a fast writer. I’m used to a certain pace. I’ve had that pace for eight years. But getting ill and then trying to deal with new medications on top of that has meant I’ve been so terribly behind schedule that I’ve been doing triage.

Trying to create during that time was a huge challenge. I’d say the hardest single book though, was Back To You, because I’d never told a story like that before. I wanted the pacing to be exactly right. I wanted to be sure Vaughan groveled in the right way, that he earned his HEA with Kelly. I threw out tens of thousands of words and re-started, twice. But in the end, I’m very proud of it.

Of course what’s release day and a guest author without some prizes, right? (I know right? WTF? Lime participated in a release blitz? In a blog tour? … The world might be ending. I’m not sure.)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And once more with feeling … Or you know, the first time just to let you know what’s up for grabs 😉

The men of Twisted Steel are great with their hands.

And they’re not afraid to get dirty.

Duke Bradshaw, co-owner of the Twisted Steel custom motorcycle and hot rod shop, may devote his days to chrome and leather, but his nights belong to Carmella. His sultry redheaded neighbor has a smile like an angel and a body built for sin, and for the past year both have dominated Duke’s dreams. When a problem at Twisted Steel requires a fast fix, Duke sees his chance to finally make his fantasy a reality.

Ever since she first heard the low rumble of his engine, Carmella Rossi has wondered if Duke Bradshaw handles his women as expertly as he handles his bike. When he shows up at her door offering her a much-needed job at his shop, she gets her chance to find out. Beneath Duke’s masterful touch, Carmella soon submits to a world of unimaginable pleasure.

But history has taught Carmella how bad a boy boy can be. If she doesn’t put on the brakes fast, her hard-bodied heartbreaker could drive her right over the edge . . .

Birthday Girl Jessa Slade!

Hi friends! I’m half back (ok so physically back to home base but mentally … floating around Pluto?) but also back in the sense that we’ve got another Birthday Guest Birthday Post! Whee!!! And from the fabulous Jessa Slade too! I love that we have such a variety of voices, and that this one is perfectly chill to top us off. <3

Thanks for having me for a birthday post!

Sometimes when you get to be a certain – ahem — age, one forgets to be excited about birthdays anymore, and it’s good to be reminded that birthdays are meant to be fun! Toward that end, I want to share my birthday brunch recipe with you. But since I am that certain age, it’s going to be a healthy birthday brunch. Hold the groans!

Birthday Brunch

  • Homemade Brunch Bars
    1½ cups old fashioned oats (toasted)
    ½ cup fun seeds (chia seed, flax seed, sprouted buckwheat, sprouted millet, quinoa, hemp seed, amaranth, etc.)
    1 T cocoa powder
    1 tsp cinnamon
    ¼ tsp salt
    ½ cup peanut butter
    ¼ cup maple syrup or honey
    ¼ cup almonds, chopped
    ¼ cup mini chocolate chips (let’s be honest; I used more than this)
    Sea salt, to sprinkle
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Toast the oats to a golden brown. Toasty oats stay crispier.
  3. After toasting, combine the oats, seed mixture, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and salt in a medium bowl. Mix well.
  4. In a small bowl, heat the peanut butter and maple syrup (microwave or stovetop) until they mix well. Add to oat mixture.
  5. Stir until dough forms.
  6. Add to a greased 9×9 pan. Sprinkle and press almonds on top.
  7. Bake for 15-18 minutes, or until set.
  8. Remove from oven. Sprinkle and gently press on mini chocolate chips and sea salt. Lick fingers. Let sit until slightly cool then cut into 8 bars.

Kale-Berry Smoothie Base
One handful each:
— Kale leaves minus the hard center stem
— Blueberries
— Raspberries
— Other dark berries
1 C orange juice
Half an apple
Half a lemon
Cayenne pepper (a little goes a shockingly long way!)

  1. Blend the kale and orange juice until liquefied.
  2. Add everything else.
  3. Don’t inhale the cayenne. Makes enough for several days.
  4. Mix 3 spoonfuls of the base with 3 spoonfuls of Greek yogurt.


Okay, full disclosure: There will be birthday cake too. 🙂

Healthy AND happy can be a bit of a tricky balance, I think, but it’s a worthy goal because I have a lot of books left to write. One of my latest projects — writing as Elsa Jade — is just wrapping up its first round of books. The Mating Season Collection is six authors contributing three stories each to a shared world of sexy wolf shifter alpha males searching for their true mates.

You can get my first title Wolves of Angel Rest #1: HERO for 99¢ at Amazon or free with Kindle Unlimited.

Please share in comment one way you stay healthy or happy or both. I’ll be giving away three copies of Wolves of Angel Rest #2: JOKER as a birthday gift. Happy reading!

JokerLeela Jones had a mission: kill a werewolf. Instead, she was captured by one. Now Bastian Villalobos, bad boy of the Mesa Diablo pack, has a werewolf hunter on his hands. Wolf shifters and hunters have always been mortal enemies. But under the hungry light of the mating moon, they might be lovers too.

BIO: Jessa Slade writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and science fiction romance, while her alter egos Jenna Dales writes sexy contemporary romances and Elsa Jade writes sexy shapeshifting romances. Basically, whatever catches her fancy at any given moment.

Guest: Jenn LeBlanc

Hi friends! Sooo my birthday has come and gone, but June is juuuust at the edge of leaving us, so Jenn LeBlanc has decided to stretch things out. Whee!! Everyone give her a warm welcome. Jenn is a lot of fun, so I hope you go a little crazy with her. Us. >.>

I hear it’s YOUR birthday! And we’re all here to celebrate, because why on earth wouldn’t we?!!? The day Lime was brought to the world was a great day.
For your birthday, I give you images from my newest illustrated romance novel, because WHY WOULDN’T I? They do make the best gift.
Like this one of my hero Warrick and his love, Lulu:

Or this one of Warrick and Lulu:

The D and the D

Or Warrick on his own:

Warrick Back
I like Warrick on his own… do you?

Happy birthday Lime!!

Duke and Domina

Want more? Come find me: Facebook Twitter Instagram

The Duke and the DominaHe’s poor. She’s rich.
He’s a sub. She’s a switch.
It’s not love.
It’s a marriage of kink-venience.
Grayson Locke Danforth, in his wildest of dreams, never expected two things.
The first was to be recalled from India by Queen Victoria where he worked for the quiet purposes of the crown. He must now become the Duke of Warrick after the tragic deaths of his father and brothers. However, tragedy is entirely in the eyes of the beholder, and Grayson doesn’t want the title, or to return to what remains of his family. Grayson wants to remain invisible, an outcast, a man in exile for the way his body and mind behave and the secrets he needs to keep.
The second thing he never expected was to be forced into marriage to a woman from the twenty-first century.
Lulu is no mere woman, however. She’s a switch who works as a professional Dominatrix—at least, she did. When she wakes up in a strange house, a strange world, a strange body, she isn’t quite sure what to think and is certain she’s dreaming. She has less than a day to gain her bearings and make a decision that will dictate the rest of her life in this world—whether or not to marry this beautiful stranger.
As Lulu and Grayson attempt to begin a life together, she discovers the true reason why this man is a stranger to his family. She can only hope she can persuade Grayson to accept who she is, and who he was born to be, before he forces her out of his life in order to maintain his well-kept secrets.
Trust doesn’t come easily to either of them, but it’s the only thing they have.
Grayson will have to give in to his need to submit in order to get his wife to open up and allow him to possess her fully in return.
It’s a cautious dance between two people who have never known how to trust, or love.

You can buy a copy here.

What do you think? Two – yes TWO – lucky commenters will win an ebook copy of The Duke and the Domina. Hot, huh? 😀
Now – come on, I want to know what sort of things you’d like to know about the illustrated romance books, the process, and so on!