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Exclusive Excerpt: Party Lines by Emma Barry

Hello hello hello! It’s the weekend! And Blogiversary marches on! Today you see we’ve got Emma Barry visiting! Also (sorry to Ms. Emma Barry, but I just have to hijack this post a little bit) the NCAA Championship is on Monday, January 12th, and you should all know [by now] that I’m a Buckeye and just OHEMGEE!!! So you know, extra celebrations and festivities, okay? Not only that but Ms. Barry is a first time guest to ALBTALBS so I hope you show her lots of love! 🙂 Now … Emma!

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Blogiversary Guest: Alexandra Christian

Blogiversary marches on! And today we have Alexandra Christian visiting with us and joining the festivities! I put out a call for who wanted to play at ALBTALBS last year, and she’s someone who responded and wanted to guest during the Blogiversary. 😀 So here we go!

Breaking the Rules: Using Idiomatic Language in Fiction
By Alexandra Christian Continue reading

Birthday Guest: Cathy Yardley

*Waves madly* As you can see I’m just … out of it – and confusing myself as to what/how to title these posts. Also I was just … down for the count the last few days. Anyway – the important thing is that Cathy Yardley is visiting with us today because it’s her BIRTHDAY!!! I asked her if she would be willing to write a post at ALBTALBS and she kindly agreed and that is wonderful!

So without further ado … Cathy!

The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

CraveI turn 42 today.

I thought about listing 42 things that I’ve learned, or that I’m grateful for, or just stuff you don’t know about me. But that’s a long list, and admittedly, a good number of years to cover and distill down to just 42 things.

I will say this, though… Continue reading

Blogiversary Guest: Deelylah Mullin

I know right? Fucking craziness! Another post and BLOGIVERSARY!!! Well, as part of my social media call, Deelylah Mullin responded too! And she was all “hell yeah!” And I was like “*dudebro* YEAH!” So here we are! More festivities after Festivus! 😉 You know how it goes.

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Blogiversary Guest: Sasha White

Friends I cannot believe that it’s 2015!!! In fact just writing that I first typed 2014! Meep! Goodbye ’14 and good riddance! But beyond the new year, the more important thing is that … ALBTALBS TURNS FOUR!!!! WHEE!! I just… things were crazy and I thought whatever and put out a call on social media, and Sasha White was totally awesome and all “hey I’ll play!” and I was like YAY! And this is what happened!

Its ALBTALBS ANNIVERSARY!!! Continue reading

Guest: Debra Mullins

Hello my dears! I’ve missed you! Although I’ve been a terribly absent and neglectful blogger, I have been thinking about all of you. And most likely, if you know me at all, you know that I’ve been feeling guilty as well. (Sadly for you I’m used to guilt so it wasn’t bad enough for me to be arsed to do anything. >.>) As you see we have Debra Mullins visiting with us! And … talking about 3 – because it’s the 3rd blogiversary and I’m all about my favorite number. I asked generally who wanted to help me celebrate ALBTALBS turning 3, and Debra said she wanted to. 😀 WHOO!

All About Three
By Debra Mullins

Congratulations to Limecello on ALBTALBS’s third anniversary! Per her request, my guest post today will focus on the number three.

I wasn’t certain where to start on this topic, so I researched the meaning of the number three on the internet. One thing that stuck in my mind is that the number three is the first time we actually can create a geometric shape. I mean, One is just a line. Two is a set of parallel lines. But Three lines, and we get a triangle.

Maybe this is why we tend to do things in sets of three? That sense of balance? Three little pigs, three blind mice, three times the charm, three strikes and you’re out. The number three is everywhere.

There is three act structure in storytelling, and often three books in a romance series. We measure things in threes. Beginning, middle and end. Past, present and future.

Three is all over TV and the movies. My Three Sons, about a widower with three boys. Charmed, which features three witches whose power is strengthened when they come together with ‘the power of three.’ Each of the Brady parents in The Brady Bunch has three children. (I personally think this was required so you could have some ‘middle child’ syndrome going on.) The Star Wars trilogy, where all three movies together tell a larger story.

In Star Trek, when the starship Enterprise has to activate the self-destruct sequence, it requires three officers to do so. There are Three Musketeers. The most common chord in Western music is the Triad (1,3,5). In Greek mythology, the three-headed dog Cerberus guards the entrance to the underworld. There are three branches of government in the United States. There are Three Stoodges. There are three ghosts that come to visit Ebenezer Scrooge.

Three is everywhere. It gives a sense of balance, of completeness.

I even use three a lot in my new paranormal series, the Truth Seers. I have three books in the series, featuring three siblings descended from the survivors of Atlantis. The Atlantean culture in my world has three types of “super-humans” with three types of other-worldly abilities. Everyone is chasing three special crystals that will bring back the power of Atlantis. (Or at least, the bad guys hope so.) Even the symbol of Atlantis in my book is three triangles linked together with a circle. Three is all over the place in my fictional world, and in the world around us.

Happy 3rd anniversary, Limecello! May there be many more!

So yeah. Three. Maybe by the end of January we can scare up three prizes. XD I’m working on it! What “things of three” can you think of? Inspire us! I’m sure Ms. Mullins would love for you to add to her list!

And cuz we all love the book talk… here’s the cover and back cover copy of the aforementioned book! 😀

Prodigal Son Bounty hunter Rafe Montana is a Seer, descended from the fabled Atlanteans. He uses his inherited power to “see” criminals across the globe and track them down, and he’s just started on a new case. Danny Cangialosi is accused of disappearing with a stolen car…but for the first time in his life, when Rafe goes looking, he is unable to “see” him. Instead, his search leads him to Danny’s stubborn, meddling, and very cute stepsister, Cara McGaffigan.

Cara is looking for Danny, too, but not to turn him in. He is her brother, after all, and she’s convinced he has a good heart. If she can just find him before the cops do, she’ll figure out a way to get him out of this. But Cara didn’t count on a scorching-hot bounty hunter getting in her way.

Despite instant chemistry, Rafe and Cara know they’re never going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to Danny. What they don’t know is that Danny didn’t just steal a car—he stole a precious stone, a stone right out of the legends of Atlantis. It holds powers they can only dream of…and its owner wants it back.

Blogiversary Guest: Alexia Adams

Hello my doves! … Ok I can’t keep up analogies or anything, but here I am dive bombing you with posts! >.> But in a good way! We have new friend Alexia Adams visiting with us, and I hope you enjoy the post – I think it’s quite clever and fun. 😀

3 Free Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Singapore FlingJanuary is not my favorite month of the year.  I’m cold, broke, and spring seems an eternity away. It’s dark when I wake up and dark by the time I start dinner. If you’re anything like me, and are not so fond of January, I have three suggestions to help beat the winter blues. And in keeping with Limecello’s tag line, they’re a little bit tart, a little bit sweet.

•    Escape in a book. I’m a writer, what did you expect me to suggest? Read a book. Reread your favorite book if that’s what makes you happy. Borrow a book from the library. Grab a free read from your preferred e-retailer. Or win one (see below).  A word of caution, select a book with a happy ending or you’re likely to wind up even more depressed. I don’t suggest you read Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky or anything by Thomas Hardy, even though they’re great books. Try a romance novel, because then you’re guaranteed a happy ending. Want to escape to the tropics but don’t have the funds? Read a romance set someplace warm. Grab a blanket and your preferred hot beverage and give yourself a mini vacation for a few hours. Enjoy.

•    Be Sweet. Compliment someone, preferably a random person you don’t know. This may seem hard, especially if you’re rather shy, like me. Consider it your brave quest for the day. Please be genuine. Find something you can honestly say and go ahead and do it. “That scarf looks wonderful on you.” “I really love your boots.” “Have you just had your hair done? It looks fabulous.” Try to choose someone over the age of 30 who may not get regular compliments. Harassed mothers or the elderly would be prime “targets”. Don’t be creepy, pass on your compliment and leave. You can stay around long enough to hear the startled, “Thank you,” but don’t linger. I challenge everyone who reads this post to randomly compliment one person in the next three days. For maximum benefit, try complimenting three people. You’ll probably make their day and I bet you’ll feel better at the end of yours as well.

•    Be Tart. Have you picked up your mail today? How many credit card applications did you get? Look inside. Does it have one of those postage prepaid envelopes? Have other junk mail you want rid of? Send it off to the credit card company. I bet the person who opens the mail would love some coupons for leg waxing or fast food or new vinyl windows. Imagine their joy as they munch on a half price triple cheeseburger, thanks to your generosity. And think of all the postal jobs you’re saving by using the mail. Plus you’ll have less to put in the recycling. Win, win, win.

So, there you have it – my three, free ways to beat the winter blues. I’d love to hear how you get on with these suggestions, especially the second one. I’ll be checking back for comments over the next few days. And further, to celebrate ALBTALBS 3rd Blogiversary, I’m offering three electronic copies of my debut novel, Singapore Fling. By the way, Lime, did I tell you how great your shoes are today?

And you know cuz I love the book info … 😀

Singapore FlingLalita Evans has always instinctively sensed that she is not the biological child of John and Julia Evans. So she has done everything she can to be the perfect daughter, the perfect future CEO of the family business. Her focus only slipped once in the past five years, when she met Jeremy Lakewood. Now her father has appointed Jeremy as Director of Marketing, and the one man who can melt her mind with a single kiss is to accompany her on a tour of the Asian offices. But before she can listen to her heart, Lalita needs to discover her true identity and learn to put personal desires ahead of corporate profits.

Jeremy Lakewood is not afraid of a challenge. Rising from an impoverished childhood to the upper echelons of the corporate world has allowed him to live up to his vow to support his widowed mother and disabled sister. The one crater in his road to success is Lalita Evans, the one that got away and the only woman who has ever turned his blood to molten lava. She’s not only the woman he can’t forget, but also his boss’s daughter. Sent to Asia with her on business, her father’s warning echoes in his ears – seduce Lalita and his career is over. Will he risk his livelihood and all the success he’s achieved to win the woman who haunts his dreams?

Eight countries in three weeks, a quest to find a birth mother, and a mutual attraction as intense as it is inconvenient leaves both Lalita and Jeremy questioning what they really want in life – love or their careers?

Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

Good times, yes? You know you want it! 😉

Blogiversary Guest Jackie Uhrmacher: The Power of a Three Star Review

We’re playing flexible time again, at ALBTALBS, and I hope you enjoy the ride. Because I’m doing it and you will like it. … Anyway somehow I messed up (beyond the obvious) and this blogiversary isn’t much of a blogiversary because there aren’t any prizes being offered but fuck it because that’s how I’m feeling. Well, I’ll be offering some prizes… but I’m rambling and I shouldn’t be doing that during Jackie Uhrmacher‘s post.

The Power of a Three Star Review

Love You To DeathFirst of all, I wanted to thank you for having me on ALBTALBS and wish you a very happy anniversary! It took me a while to come up with The Right Post and received divine inspiration over the weekend.

To give a little background, I’ve been a book reviewer for over five years, and I recently made the transition into published author in September. It’s always been my dream to see one of my books on a bookshelf somewhere. Anywhere. Even in my own home. My mom badgered me on a daily basis as to WHY I hadn’t done it yet so I finally pulled up my big girl panties and published Love You to Death on the one-year anniversary of her death. I had no grand plan as to what I was going to do after the fact. My website, if you’d call it that, was a mess. I didn’t even formally announce I was publishing Love You to Death until it was done. As far as Marketing went, I was an example of how not to self-publish a book, but I was okay with that. It was out there. Mom could stop dropping by in my dreams asking why it wasn’t done. If I sold one copy so be it! If it turned into something bigger…well, shit.

And, of course, it turned into something bigger. If I’d developed a well-thought out Marketing plan and hired someone to build a kickass website, it wouldn’t have sold a single copy. So here I am with a crappy website, decent sales, and surprisingly wonderful reviews.

What does this have to do with anything? Like I said, I was a reviewer for many years so, for the past four months, I’ve waited for the other shoe to drop. Consistent four and five star reviews?? That didn’t happen. I waited…watching…knowing, at some point, someone wasn’t going to like Love You to Death.* Then it happened. A beautiful one star review floated its way onto Amazon for one and all to see. It was a simple two-sentence review and explained quite well why the reader didn’t like the book. I’d prepared myself for what I would do when this happened – would I cringe internally? Get pissed and chuck the keyboard? Vow to never write again?

Nope. Crazy person that I am, I smiled. THIS is what I needed to feel like a real author.** It’s not the praise, the profit, or the rush in knowing that people you’ve never met are laughing at something you wrote – it’s realizing you can take the criticism and not want to give up.

I’m glad I received that one star review because it prepared me for the most crushing and most inspiring review I’ve yet to receive. It’s a simple three star review. That’s right – not a one or two star, a three star. It’s not harsh. It doesn’t personally attack me. In fact, it’s an excellent review. I say it’s crushing not because I feel like the reviewer was trying to hurt me or demean Love You to Death in any way – I say that because she pointed out something that I *know* I could have done better.

This is where the inspirational part comes in and if there are any new/soon-to-be/want-to-be authors out there, pay attention because this is something you can claim to be prepared for but you never are: your book will never be perfect. I know, this seems obvious, but hear me out. You can read it over and over and over, checking for grammatical mistakes, misspellings, inconsistencies. You can have beta reader after beta reader give you feedback. Your editor can have it in the best shape he/she can hope for. But you know what? It still won’t be perfect. There will be some mundane fact or some plot point that someone brings up in a review or conversation that makes you stand there and think, “DUH! I KNOW better!”

Don’t beat yourself up. In fact, absorb the information and move on. Next time, you’ll know better. Your book still won’t be perfect but it will be better because of the previous book’s imperfections.

And to the person who left that three star review: Thank you.

*Please note: There has never been a book in the history of the world that EVERYONE liked especially a dark romantic comedy about female serial killers who like to drink, smoke, and kill their husbands. A less than stellar review is expected and, honestly, welcome.

**Again: I’m not saying authors who don’t receive low-rated reviews aren’t real authors.

So you know (or actually you probably don’t since I haven’t mentioned it yet? But … this is the third blogiversary of ALBTALBS), that’s why Jackie wrote about the number 3. That’s the general theme. What do you think of her post? And come on – that cover? Pretty great, yeah? 😀

Blogiversary Guest: Lucy Woodhull

My friends, I hope you carefully read this post and strike up some conversations. Lucy Woodhull is new to ALBTALBS, and I’m afraid she’s gotten a bad impression. :X This post has given me absolute fits, from the formatting to it going live. It’s a wily one, so I hope you’re entertained. And Ms. Woodhull also sent pictures to attach, and we all know how everyone loves bright colorful things, yes? ;D

Hi there, I’m romantic comedy author Lucy Woodhull, and I feel honored to be a part of ALBTALBS’ third anniversary!  In honor of that number, I’m going to tell you about the three locales in my new book The Dimple Strikes Back, sequel to The Dimple of Doom.  Here’s a blurb for the series:

The Dimple of DoomThe Samantha Lytton Series: Obviously, the solution to a failed acting career and depressing dating desert is to take up with a dimpled art thief, get chased by thugs, lie to the police and almost die.

That’s not what Samantha Lytton thought would happen when she kissed the guy who said he was an accountant at the office Christmas party. But in her defense — it was an amazing freaking kiss. The kind of lip-lock that frustrates you in the wee hours.

Turns out, thinking with your nether regions can lead to poor decisions. Or perhaps…fantastic ones. Samantha and her burglar travel from Los Angeles to Vegas to Paris to London on adventures that bring Samantha’s wildest dreams of stardom to fruition. After spending years falling on her face, she learns to fight for herself and her heart’s desire. You can’t choose who to love, but you can try to keep his cute butt out of jail and in your bed.

No matter where in the world you go, or how many hot movie stars you kiss (um, professionally), you never forget your first criminal. Hopefully, only criminal. Although bad boys with dangerous dimples are nothing but trouble, a relationship can still work as long as the goons don’t get you. And if they do, well, at least an actress is good at improvisation.

* * *
In The Dimple Strikes Back, actress Samantha films a movie in London, England; takes a rather kidnappey side-trip to Bruges, Belgium; and unwinds from chasing/being chased by criminals by jetting to Maui, Hawaii.  Why did I pick these amazing settings for the novel?  Well, because they’re drool-worthy, and because I’ve been blessed enough to travel to all three, and on anniversaries, no less!  (There’s a theme in here somewhere…)  I thought I’d share some of my pictures with you, and then we can all sigh and wish we were on vacation.  Sigh.


My husband is a bit of a photography buff, and we stood overlooking the Thames for a long while to capture the sun going down over Big Ben.  Worth it, right?  I adored London, and would move there tomorrow if I got the chance.  It was definitely wishful thinking that made me send Samantha there to shoot a heist caper, and inside the British Museum no less!  You’ll have to read the book of you want to know what she and her sexy co-star Daniel Zhang are directed to do on the Rosetta Stone.  (Hey, I didn’t say it was a classy film.)



Poor Samantha gets her heart broken by an art thief in Bruges, but my husband delighted me there.  We travelled to Europe for our tenth wedding anniversary, and he planned the night we spent in Bruges by himself and surprised me with the stop as we drove from Amsterdam to Paris.  Bruges is a magical place — all cobblestone streets and centuries-old facades.  And, for some reason, it has a huge number of lingerie and chocolate shops.  The chocolate is pretty understandable, but the plethora of lingerie storefronts were a bit more surprising.  (The chocolate boobs we bought were both delicious and dirty — an excellent combination, especially for a lady smut writer!)  This is a picture of the Rosary of the Quay, which I feature in the book.  Some call it the most photographed place in Europe.  It’s terribly ugly, as you can see, and you should never go there.


We spent our honeymoon as well as our twelfth wedding anniversary in Maui.  The people are kind, and the weather is so perfect it gets tiresome.  Ha ha!  Just kidding — Maui is literally where angels live.  Our number twelve happened just this last October, and I wish I were there now instead of talking to you people.  But how can you blame me?  I sent Samantha to Maui with her beau for a little R&R after all the hell I put them through in the book.  And then, naturally, I put them through more hell.  Sure, I write comedies, but laughter for the reader comes at a terrible price, and my heroine has to endure more than any short lady should for your amusement.  Good thing I gave her a happy ending, or else she might declare herself on strike during book three!
* * *
You can read about both books in more detail, and read excerpts here.  However, below is an exclusive excerpt just for Limecello’s readers!  I wish all of you wonderful anniversaries (no matter what you’re celebrating), and much travel around this gorgeous world of ours.
Thank you for reading, and for Limecello for having me!
XOXO, Lucy — Website Goodreads Twitter Blog Facebook

The Dimple Strikes BackExcerpt:  The Dimple Strikes Back by Lucy Woodhull
The deets:  In keeping with the idea of “three,” I present you with a love triangle.  (In the book, it turns into the dreaded love parallelogram, which is extremely complex — I do not recommend.)  Here’s the setup:  Samantha and Danny Zhang (insanely hot British movie star) are in London to film a heist caper called What Could Go Wrong?  After a long night of shooting, they go out to breakfast to the Princess Margaret.  Samantha’s ex, Sam (be-dimpled art thief), invites himself along.  He’s in town posing as Samantha’s assistant named Zach. (Got it?  There’s a quiz after.)
* * *
We three grabbed a booth in the back. Through some sort of dark wizardry, Sam arranged it so that he sat between me and Danny in the curved seat. As he bumped my hip to scoot in next to me, he smiled, grim satisfaction in his tightly-set mouth. I remembered I’d told him that me and Danny were doing the hump-de-hump. I smirked at him with a challenge of my own. He thought he would separate me from my international movie star, whom I enjoyed for good reasons and not because it irritated him?

Oh, was he wrong.

So, so wrong.

We settled in, dispensing awkward, pleasant smiles all round. A middle-aged, cheery waitress took our orders of three full English breakfasts, with mimosas to start. I wasn’t sure those things went together, but when in the Princess Margaret…

And when you’re sitting at one point of an actual, physical love triangle…

Never in history had three people reached for champagne glasses with such speed. Danny bounced the ball and launched the first volley. “So, Zack—how long have you been Samantha’s assistant? Are you enjoying London?”

Sam settled back and spread out his arms. His fingers crept toward my shoulder, but I leaned sideways to search for something pretend in my purse. “I’ve worked closely with Samantha for a little over a year now. I like to stay on top of her.” He chuckled, and I snapped my head up. “You’ve got to ride these artist-types, or else they go off, half-cocked. Know what I mean?”

Danny played with his napkin, clearly having no idea what Sam meant.

“He’s been to London before,” I added to shut Sam the hell up. “I thought today went really well. We made up for some of the scenes we got behind on last night.”

My adorable co-star winked at me adorably. “It helped that no one tried to destroy the museum tonight.”

“I did so try! I may be clumsy, but I’m not a quitter.” I’d had a bit of an ‘oops’ encounter with a Plexiglas box containing Roman coins while suspended above it by a crane. There’s a steep learning curve to high-wire flying. Could happen to anyone.

Leaning forward on the table, Danny said, “They really ought to find a way to secure your zipper. If it continues sliding downward when you run, we’ll be making soft-core porn.”

I giggled and tossed my hair. “It’s so gentlemanly of you to avert your eyes, the way you do sometimes.”

His chuckle curled around us, warm and soft, and caused Sam to utter a sound like that of a wounded moose. Sam tried to cover by draining his drink.

“Did you hear about that fifty-car pileup in Edinburgh?” Actual crickets chirped after Sam said this.

“I’m going to visit the ladies’ room,” I announced, as thoughts of peeing were preferable to giant car accidents. I scooched out of the booth and gave Danny a cheery, obvious shoulder squeeze on the way. The moose-gurgling noise haunted me all the way to the toilet.

Upon my return, I enacted my plan. I headed straight for Danny and sat on the few inches of booth on the end beside him. “Care for some company?” Quick as a horny bunny, he moved to let me in. Now the three of us jammed together in one-half of the booth, for Sam refused to move. Since we were so close, I put my arm around Danny’s shoulders and began recounting a funny thing our director had said today. Sam’s eyes glowed like molten darkness, and he inched away from us without breaking his hostile regard.


A fresh round of mimosas arrived, thank goodness. Danny didn’t even seem to think that me being so cold to Sam was weird, for he stared at my ex as if he were leprous, or perhaps suffering from a disease of the brain. I’d never seen Sam so awkward—he could normally win a charm competition from two counties away with one dimple tied behind his back.

Sam took a deep breath, drained half of his fresh glass and said to Danny, “What’s next for you, Daniel? After What Could Go Wrong?”

Ah, an actual thing a human being might say! He was fighting dirty now.

“I’ll shoot a film adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream next year, but I think I might take some time off the latter half of this year. Reconnect with real life.” Danny glanced at me ever so briefly. “Remember what’s it like to see friends, relatives. Maybe even date a little.”

“That’s just crazy enough to work,” I said.

“I hope so.”

A whole mess of subtext rippled beneath those three words, and a wave of guilt washed over me. I had exactly no reason to feel guilty, but the raw, pained lines on Sam’s face and the tense cords of his neck made my innards recoil. A full minute of silence descended. Danny bit his lip and shot me a warm look, which I returned. It wasn’t his fault that Sam and I had enough history to fill a college textbook.

The food arrived, smelling wonderful and large enough to feed, well, a ploughman. Holy crap, these English could embarrass even an American breakfast—there was sausage, ham, hash browns, eggs, tomato, mushrooms, beans and something black and circular. “What is that?” I asked Danny.

“Black pudding. It’s good—try it.”

“What’s it made of?”

Sam cracked his first real smile of the day. “Don’t tell her until she tries it.”

I froze. “Now I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be.” He leaned in and locked onto my eyes. “You’ll like it. You like anything having to do with meat.” The way he imbued meaning into ‘meat’ made me straight-up blush. My entire face heated, and the fire spread south until I tingled in a way that no lady should at breakfast.

To conceal my overheated everything, I was forced to try the mystery meat. He’d practically dared me, anyhow. It tasted salty, crumbly—a richness on my tongue that lingered. “Mmmmmm,” I offered to all and sundry. This pleased both men greatly.

“It’s congealed blood,” Sam said.

I stopped a fresh bite halfway to my mouth. But then I thought…is blood any different from meat? The second bite tasted better than the first. I fancied I could detect the tang of blood. It made me feel…metal. Powerful. As if I were a queen who devoured my enemies’ hearts and washed them down with champagne. And then went home to her castle to find her two husbands awaiting her. One with a dimple, and the other with an honest smile that warmed the heart…

Perhaps I read too much into pudding.

I couldn’t help my laugh at Sam getting my goat, and he cocked one eyebrow at his win before he tucked into his own food. When I turned to Danny, I found him watching me hazily. I blushed anew.

Why couldn’t I just have both? I decided I needed to find myself a romance novel that ended with a duchess and her two stable boys living happily ever after. Perhaps I’d produce the movie based on the book…

My breakfast grew cold while I was woolgathering dirty thoughts. Not the first time that had happened.
* * *
I’m giving away both books (pdf or ePub) to one lucky winner!

Sounds fun doesn’t it? What do you think about foreign foods and places? And all such things?

Quick Update to say What’s Going On

I’m starting a number of new features at ALBTALBS. 😀 Some will be happening this year, and some next. Originally, when I started this blog, as far as I (and all google searches I and the lovely individuals I roped into doing the same) knew, I was the only person doing the zany author interviews, and the “Teaser Tuesday” feature (being unique to Tuesdays with that name).

I hope you’ll be excited about the new stuff that I’m pretty much going to be surprising you with. 😉

Also, my apologies in advance that you’ll likely experience a deluge of new posts today. But guess what?! ALL THE WINNERS will be announced if possible.

Which comes to this – my internet? Still being a bitch. (Yeah, considering how long it’s been, I’m swearing about it.) I don’t even know everything I’ve done. Numerous techs out, new equiptment ~four times, me buying wires on my own, another coming out today (so you know, as I wrote this the day before still no reliable connection.)

So my apologies.

And I know it was pretty weak, but … today concludes my second “blogiversary” (I can’t even call it a bash.)

Someone who comments on this post though can win a print copy of either Hot and Haunted, Virtue and Vice, or No Greater Pleasure by Megan Hart. Winner’s choice of which book.

Then also, if any of you have ideas of what you’d like to see here, or would like to be a guest, I’d love to have you! Just let me know. Seriously! 😀