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Special Guest: Mary F!

Hi Everyone! I’m sneaking this one in on the “proper day” going by West Coast Time. Cuz there’s where I am. Totally. >.> Anyway it’s the third Saturday of the month! Which means we have a guest post from a member of the romance community who is a reader! 99.99% of the guests are solely readers – and they’re all here in that capacity only on the special guest post days. Isn’t that fun? (It was the balance me originally only having one guest author a month. … Any more readers wanna volunteer? ;-))

MORE IMPORTANTLY! This is Mary’s first time ever writing any sort of blog post. YAY!!!

I’d like to thank Lime for the opportunity…. THANKS LIME (I’m actually suspicious of this here, because I had to hound Mary for this post. So everyone be nice to her!)

I’m a married mother of two girls. Both are out of school now. My husband likes the books I own only in the respect that it could be used for kindling in a fire! I don’t blame him for that though – at last count my collection was over 2000. And we live with books in every room in the house….LOL

Now is the time of year when I go over what I’ve read. It was a hard decision to decide what my faves were this year. So this leads me to the questions of:

What makes a keeper for you? How easy is it for you to give up books you own? Do  you keep a log of what you’ve read? At what point do you decide to quit reading a book when it doesn’t keep holding your interest? How often do you give a book a second chance? If you had a chance to meet your favorite author what would you ask them?

Mary Froelich

Thaaaaaaaaaank you Mary!!! I really appreciate you writing this post for me. 🙂 So we both wanna know – books! You! Talk!