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While it’s not any “official” Social Good day… I figure, why wait when there’s a crisis now? I’m thinking about doing something similar for the situation in Africa, specifically the Somali people and refugees. Thoughts? Interest? (I’ll link to articles in the next post – so far I’m only finding… “follow up”/non generalized things, and I want something basic/explanatory. And it’s 1:33 AM.)

I’m also putting this post here, so I can easily link to it – and I’ll be giving more information soon. I’m picking charities now – likely Save the Children, which has a great Charity Navigator score, and Aid grants that will match donations! And, the site says they’re already on the ground helping. I know UNICEF is too – which is slightly lower in rating – and I want to confirm at other sources. I’m being extremely thorough here because I’m going to be asking you to pitch in as well.

If you didn’t see this last year… you might want to start reading after the graphic, and then go back up.

Oh and also? Our final total last year was $1,337.00, because one of the awesome contributors added the number of comments to her donation amount. See? Comments matter.

Do Some Good

Thursday, September 23, 2010 12:52

Final Update: If I have this right… ONE. THOUSAND. ONE. HUNDRED. FIFTY. DOLLARS!


Our current goal is 260 comments… but I’m holding on hope that more people will step in with donations (of any amount) if we hit higher numbers! <3

Keep it coming! And to think, this started as a ten dollar drive. Rock on, Lovelies!

From $10 to $1,100!!! Incredible!!! (Also, shout out to Mara who already donated $50. As did I – you get this nice email from the UN Foundation, signed by Ted Turner. Which the wonderful Shiloh has gotten to, as well as Liza. :D And an amazingly beautiful other contributor.) Now please comment to make sure Ali, Courtney, Bree, Vivian, Stacy, Tigris, Carly,  HelenKay, Lauren, Donna, and Jennifer have to step up as well! Well, Ali, Courtney, Bree, and Vivian are done for. Cheers, everyone!) Likari, Ann Marie, and our very on C2 stepped in as well! And the very kind and generous Magdalen. And Shelli – and so many more.

Today is Social Good Day. You can see hashtags on twitter with #SocialGood

YOU have the power in your hands to make sure a minimum of $975 on my/our part gets donated to (RED). Please make it happen.

Most of you know about Mashable, which is actually a company/something I know less about. Social media opinions are for another post. (RED) is an organization I’ve kept on my radar for a while, because of my interest in ONE.

(RED) Video

The Global Fund (where all (RED) money goes) invests 100% of (RED) funds into HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. I’m totally cool with giving them my money.

Need or want more reasons to feel good about this?

Why you should feel good about supporting the (RED) cause today:

  • Thirty-three million people in the world have AIDS. Twenty-two million live in Africa.
  • Every day 3,800 people die in sub-Saharan Africa from AIDS.
  • It costs just 40 cents per day for the life-saving medicine someone living with HIV/AIDS in Africa needs to help them live a healthy and productive life.

I’m poor- I have no job and have law school loans, but this is important to me. I wish I could give more… but here’s what I’m going to do. If 10 people comment on this post today, I’ll donate $10 to the (RED) fund. [And let’s hear it for optimism, because if there are a whole slew of comments, I’ll re-assess that amount.]

I included a [multiple links] of the (RED) video too, as WordPress hates me and strips my video code. Anyway – come on Romance Community, I know we can do something awesome. Help me give away my money – and now I challenge you. What are you going to do?

Oh – and here’s something else totally easy for you to do – and where I got/ganked the idea – comment on these blogs, and they’ll donate too! *I copied this list from My Aim is True – wanted to give credit.

  • Bake It PrettyAmanda is one of my favorite clients and best friends! Get inspired to bake some yummy treats.
  • Yuping Liu-ThompkinsYuping, a super smart friend of mine who’s an expert in internet marketing and customer loyalty
  • Reina Communications – my good friend Michelle (this meetup was her idea!) and one of my awesome clients, we are going to Blogworld together in a few weeks! Vegas baby! Look for some videos from that adventure.
  • Greater Good LifeMichelle’s personal blog about how easy it is to live well, be generous, and do social good
  • Powerful Learning Practice – social media enhances education; over 4,000 teachers have been impacted by their brand of professional development. My mom runs this company, I am so proud to be a part of what they’re doing. They’re up for an Open Leadership award too! They’re donating $5 per comment, so please leave one and make a difference.
  • OBX Design WorksWilliam Dodson, a talented Web designer and blogger in the Outer Banks of North Carolina
  • JASE Digital Media – a local digital media design consultancy that employs some of the area’s best designers (hi, Keith!); their blog offers up lots of good tips and resources on social media
  • My Aim Is True – [This is Bake It Pretty’s personal blog] *ETA 12/31/18 – it’s some commercial/spammy blog now so I disabled the link

Really – all you need to do is comment. And you’re doing something awesome. Now get chatty. [*ETA here is “edited to add.”]

*ETA!!! You guys!!! The most awesome Shiloh Walker told me if I get 50 comments, she’ll donate $50. Please! Take our money!!!

**ETA #2: O.M.F.G.! I said to a friend earlier today (when there were only 7 comments for like the longest time, it seemed) that I’d cry if we didn’t hit 50 today. Well I just got a message from Ali, one of my favorite people, who told me that if we get 75 comments, she’ll donate $50 as well. Now I might cry because this is getting to be more awesome than I thought.

And – since we’re nearing 50, which is way more than I thought, I am for sure committing myself to a $25 donation… and we’ll see if my guilt complex pushes me to $50 as well. (I mean, I’ve got to match these incredible ladies, right? So please- spread the word!)

**So to recap: I pledged $10 if I could get 10 comments today. Shiloh messaged to tell me if we hit 50, she’d donate $50. How amazing is that? And I just got word from Ali that if we get 75 comments, she’s donating $50 as well.

At this point, I’ve changed my commitment to $25, and am contemplating $50. How about, if we hit 100 comments, I’ll do $50 as well, so there you go. Simple – 100 comments, and a minimum of $150 gets donated!

***ETA 3: You guys. I might cry. I’m sniffly right now, with good reason. Courtney Milan, who is all around incredible, told me if we hit 100 comments, she’ll throw in $50 as well. That’s $2 per comment that  someone else will be donating!!!

I have no words. And won’t be using asterisks anymore. If you see in the comments, Mara said [she? they?] would donate $50 as well if we hit the 100 comments today goal. Honestly – this is for an amazing cause. And it takes so little effort!

WOW! And the hilarious and great Bree, half of the much loved writing team that forms Moira Rogers told me to put her down for $50 as well if I wanted. And I do. So I did.

! Vivian Arend asked if I wanted to put another $50 down for her. Of course I  have no problem spending other people’s money, so now she’s listed too. ;) This makes me so happy.

Stacy is also getting in on this – come on, if we hit 150 comments, she’ll donate $50! Talk!

And now Tigris Eden has promised to contribute as well if we make it to 150 comments!!! Whee!!!

YES!!! The great Carly Phillips is joining this fabulous cause! She’s also setting the goal at 150 comments!

I have no words, really. HelenKay Dimon is a fabulous author, a fabulous person, and well, pretty much all around is fabulousity. And as incentive to make you comment and spread the word, she’ll go in $50 too if we hit 150. Not a bad deal, right?

Awesome! Liza has said she’ll contribute $10 to the cause as well. <3 Every little bit helps!

More more more!!! Lauren Dane, who is all kinds of fantabulous and awesome as well, is going in with $50 if we meet the next comment goal!

Whee! We haz VOLTRON! Heh – Donna stepped in as well, the other writing half of Moira Rogers – see? I told you that Moira Rogers is awesome! She’s in for another $50!!! <3

I LOVE THIS WOMAN! I think all? Most of you know Jennifer Haymore has been dealing with cancer. She just finished her radiation today. And she just told me if we hit the next level, she’s in for $50 – come on! Help this woman meet her goal!!!

Yes!!! And the duckies have stepped up! The most lovely, kind, and generous c2 has pledged $75. I wheedled her into it. She’s so beyond awesome.

Then, Likari stepped in with $50.

And Mean Marie, Ann Marie, who obviously isn’t that mean, is coming in with another $50 if we meet our goal.

As is Magdalen, with another $50 – BUT only if we hit 256 comments (or more) – how fun, right?

And  – Jackie is now issuing the challenge of 260 comments. For $25.

Shelli Stevens is in with another $50.

And and and!!! You guys are so awesome! Will have a complete list later!

Result? 260 comments = $975 donated to (RED) – come on romance community! Show me you care! (For those of you keeping track, Mara, Shiloh, Liza, and a beautiful silent contributor and I have donated already so that is $225 – and we’re depending on your comments to bring in the rest!)

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