What’s Your Vice? (A Giveaway)

I’m kinda geekily excited to be doing my very first “all on my own” giveaway – as in, my own page, and everything. What’s up for grabs? A kindle copy of ….

Why? Because I’ve been experiencing the most terrible reading slump, and this was the first book I read in 2010, and I liked it and went and bought the second book, Till Dawn with the Devil, a few days later. And finished it. So, I’m looking forward to the third book, After Dark with a Scoundrel. Ms. Hawkins is too busy to visit with us now because… she just got a four book contract for the rest of the Lords of Vice! Yay! Hopefully she’ll stop by some other time.

Which, speaking of, starting in February, the first Tuesday of each month I’m going to do a “Guest Author & A Giveaway” type deal. Most of 2011 is booked now, which thrills me to no end. I’m going to try to figure out a calendar and add it as a page so you can check and see what’s on board.

Many of you know that I am really over series. So many of them are just… too much of a marketing gimmick to me. The books now don’t stand alone, and often I feel that some characters get short changed because what is supposed to be his/her romance is really just a set up for the next book. Blech.

However, thus far the Lords of Vice stories have been able to stand alone. And I’m liking them because of the heroines. They’re just so smart and sensible. A rare commodity in a historical romance heroine. They’re also rather realistic, at least in my humble opinion. A friend mentioned the first book was “too much” for the heroine – and just one bad thing after another. While, yes, it was a tiny bit frustrating at times, I actually liked it because it flowed naturally. I could totally see the events happening as they did for the period. (A bit extreme, but not unheard of.)

I also have to say/admit… I bought All Night with a Rogue because of the price. And the cover. It was eye catching. I then went to Ms. Hawkins’s webpage, and liked the excerpt. The story starts with out heroine stuck in a tree, fleeing the attentions of a horrid dinner companion.

As someone who goes for retail therapy constantly… this was a perfect and gratifying purchase. I found an agency ebook for less than the print price! Less! Unheard of! It’s probably a little sad how accomplished that made me feel. But whatever. Stupid agency pricing. I hate it.

SO! The reward for those of you who have stuck with me through this post? You have a chance to get your very own shiny kindle copy of book one in the series. What do you have to do? Comment and tell me what your biggest vice is. Or, you know, at least one of them. Or if you don’t want to do that – what would you choose as nicknames for a group of men known as the Lords of Vice?

*The contest is open until Saturday the 15th, which is when I’ll announce the winner, and s/he will have three days to contact me. If this does not happen, I’ll choose a new winner. Why the “short” time line? Because Ms. Hawkins will be giving away books here on February 1st. Yup, she’s the first ish guest author! Yay! (Only she’s not guesting, I get to say something awesome/hilarious/bad/wrong… and she’ll give away a book. I like this set up 😉 )

0 thoughts on “What’s Your Vice? (A Giveaway)

  1. Stacie

    My vices, in no particular order: chocolate, Ebay, shoes, books. I would say that books are my biggest vice right now. My TBR pile is huge and I have a full Kindle with more TBR books. If I hear good reviews I have to buy the book right then and there!

  2. Brandy W

    I don’t think I have a vice but I totally could if I allowed myself. Purses! I was hunting around on HSN after I got an email with this fantastic purse and got sucked in by the pretty.

    I refuse to call books a vice. Those fall into the hobby category.

  3. hachigatsu8

    My vices are pretty much chocolate anything and books! Lol. I stay in between both because when I’m reading I always tend to find myself eating a piece of chocolate along the way. One of my biggest vices is going to bookstores and purchasing ten books at once to read. @_@!

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  5. Christine

    My biggest vice is either Old Dutch Potato Chips and Dip (which is what I asked Santa for and got ) or swearing infront of my children. I tend to try and pretend the word is different but some days I just explain that I am not perfect.

  6. Babs

    Hmmm…my vice has to be beads & jewelry making stuff. I am compulsive about it. This is why it pays to be my friend because I love to make jewelry but don’t usually wear it. And yes, other people actually do wear it happily so I guess it isn’t awful!

  7. Miranda Baker

    My vice is definitely coffee. Totally addicted. Can’t wake up without it. Just not healthy.
    I love the titles of these books! “All Night With a Rogue”
    Right up my alley!

  8. Hockeyvampiress

    Books, books and more books…. totally my vice. I am not usually found without some form of reading material in hand but I love the prints best…. always will.

  9. Carolyn Tucker

    Coffee, books and peanut butter cups…coffee every morning, iced coffee in the afternoon. Books everyday and any time I go the line at the store and they have all the candies sitting there I have a really hard time walking away from the peanut butter cups.

  10. Lanae T.

    Vices….hmmm, well I end up in a not so nice mood if I don’t get my coffee in the morning, so that’s a big one. Otherwise, my worst vice is books. I can read a book a day and nothing else will get done til I finish. lol

  11. aliciaeflores1

    Not entering the giveaway… It sounded so good so I went ahead and downloaded to my kindle, lol

    So, definitely, a vice of mine would be books, lol
    Also, chocolate *yummy*, shoes, and eating out.

  12. Caffey

    Obviously, my first vice would be books! Crystal Light Wild Strawberry, and Scrabble!

    Yeah on being out of your slump! I so know that feeling! I do have this book waiting for me on my reader already, so don’t put me in for this book. So maybe this will be a read coming up soon for me. I want to finish up some historical series/or catch up (Like the last Governess book of Christina Dodd, Last Boscastle book of Jillian Hunter, recent 7 Deadly Sins book of Caskie, and last two of the Balogh’s recent series). I do feel good tho that there’s been some great series I kept up with. But many of these above are older books since the authors have had other new books and series out that I haven’t even started, LOL. Along with so many new ones I’d love to get and read too! So glad you found this new series! I’ve been eying them since months before they came out!

  13. Kelly Mueller

    I would love a chance to in this book… my biggest vice….. well it would have to be books.. I can’t read a series with out owning the whole series.. so I if I pick up book 6 (for example) I will go and track down books 1-5 before I read book 6……. Other then books…. running would be one and then food… love food…

    Thanks for a chance to win this book…
    Looking forward to adding to my list of books to read…

  14. Cindy McCune

    My worse vice is BOOKS…must have more books…grrrrr! & then their’s chocolate, I don’t mean milk chocolate I mean rich DARK chocolate…OOOOOH. I gotta go get some RIGHT NOW! LOL

  15. Kathy Webb

    My vice is probably beading…I love to bead and I have beads all over my house…LOL Anyway, I would love to win this book..and btw, Igot your post from a twitter from Larissa Ione, one of my fave authors!!!

  16. Casey

    My biggest vice is reading paranormal romance books! If I have a good book I can’t go to sleep until it’s finished. I absolutely LOVE your Demonica series. I couldn’t put the books down. Ecstasy Unveiled is probably my favorite but it’s a tough decision. I love them all! My husband gets angry because when I have a good book, I pay no attention to him. He doesn’t understand because he doesn’t like to read. He says “Why don’t you just watch T.V.?” I disagree I can put down a book to do the dishes and feel like I’m missing my favorite show! I just can’t help it! The reading doesn’t go well with my other vice…MEXICAN FOOD! I love it! If I didn’t have 3 young children to keep me on my toes, I’d be on the couch with a book, shoveling chicken fajitas into my mouth! My husband got me a Kindle for my birthday in November and I love it! I still love books though. I will ALWAYS buy print copies of my favorites. I would be happy to win a book that you have the thumbs up to. Thank you for the opportunity! PICK ME! PICK ME! lol

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hey there Casey, sorry to disappoint, but I’m not Larissa Ione, and I actually have no idea how she feels about the book All Night with a Rogue. I’m pretty sure you followed a link she tweeted here… and she was just nice enough to re-tweet and spread the word for me.

      However, I’m really glad you stopped by, and good luck! (Just wanted to clear up any confusion. I only wish I was Larissa Ione! 😉 )

  17. Jamie

    My vice is books. I just wish there wre more hours in the day so I could read more. My addiction is over thirty years oldand I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. I have not read this series but it looks interesting. I will definitely have to check it out.

  18. Dawn Meador

    Vice – Hands down, purses and shoes!! I love them is all colors and styles. You can never have too many of them and they drastically change a boring outfit to something special!

  19. Snowi Brune

    My vice is Regency Romance books!! I find myself drifting back into the days of aristocracy, and I imagine myself falling for one of the roguish fellows!

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