Boundaries? What?

This post isn’t going to be very creative because, well it’s 1:52 AM, but more importantly, the post I’d originally done somehow disappeared. I could cry. Well, probably because I just spent the past two hours trying to figure out how to add a new page to the site (that I know how to do) but with an “interactive calendar.” Or you know, just something I can update and you all can see.

Why? So you know what’s coming up! How does this relate to you and why should you care? I’ve got authors and giveaways lined up through most of next year. (Yup, 2012.) I decided to do a “Guest Author & A Giveaway” the first Tuesday of each month. I also plan on scheduling posts every Tuesday, and Saturday. Ideally that’ll make this blog more manageable for me, and I want this to go the distance.

The purpose of this post then, is for all of you, my lovely friends, to help me out! Not only am I going to have guest authors, I’m going to have readers do guest posts. So please – help me come up with questions!

Many people have opted for the interview. Even though I tried to scare them off by telling them I’ve been known to ask about socks, and/or cheetos. Maybe authors are sick of talking about book stuff in their interviews (heh) – or maybe they’re curious as to how zany I really am. Either way, I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown, and these interview questions have to be good.

Is there something about an author (or reader) that you’ve always wanted to know? I’m obviously willing to ask some out there questions. Or, this could be your chance to slip in that soft ball. What’s a question you’ve always wished someone would ask, but they never have? Or perhaps what’s a staple that should be added to every interview question set?

And on the flip side, is there a question that I absolutely should not ask? (Although, evil me might be tempted to do it anyway, depending. We’ll have to see.)

A quick note here, February is going to be a tiny bit different, I arranged with Alexandra Hawkins to have the Guest Author date, but she’s a bit too bogged down right now – so she’ll be doing a giveaway and I get to say whatever I want. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What a great format, right? As a result, I’m having another guest author in February, on the 15th, and that day we have the very talented Marie Force visiting with us! Yay!

So, ready? Set? GO! I’m not talking about anything else because I want the focus to be on questions, questions, and yet more questions. And, who knows. Maybe to sweeten the pot I’ll throw in a prize for the best question. Or a random one. You never know. (*ETA: So if we hit my goal by Saturday, someone gets a $5 Amazon GC.)

[Oh and for the calendar… I’m tech stupid these days, so I can’t figure it out. If anyone knows how to do this and is willing to help me out I might very well be pathetically grateful for quite some time. And who knows – that might just come in handy for you some day!]

25 thoughts on “Boundaries? What?

  1. Stacie

    I am curious about pen names. How did they come up with them? Have they ever gotten confused as to which name to answer to in public? I would imagine it would be a little like living in the Witness Protection Program LOL! Who am I today?!

    Great blog Limecello!

    GeishasMom73 on twitter

  2. Tumperkin

    I quite like process questions – how writers write. So whether they have a process and if so, how long it took them to settle into that process. That’s what interests me.

  3. Manda

    There’s always ye olde “Who are your biggest influences?” or “When did you know you wanted to be a writer?”

    For the readers, I’d be curious to know how their reading tastes have changed over time.

  4. Julia Broadbooks

    Manda’s line of thought is always great. What’s the last book you read that you loved? That kind of thing.

    For writing questions, I’d be curious to know how their process has changed over the course of their writing career. Or maybe every book is different?

  5. JenB

    1) Do you eat marshmallows straight out of the bag, hold them at the edge of the fire till they’re lightly golden brown, or torch ’em till they’re black and crackly on the outside?

    2) Have you ever owned any crazy pets? What kind(s)?

    3) How do you feel about the Oxford (serial) comma?

    4) What is your favorite brand and/or flavor of lip balm?

    5) What kind of toothbrush and toothpaste is on your bathroom counter right now?

    6) What’s your favorite British miniseries (can be original or literary adaptation)?

    1. Moriah Jovan

      Oh, honey, you so asked for it.

      1) Do you eat marshmallows straight out of the bag, hold them at the edge of the fire till theyโ€™re lightly golden brown, or torch โ€˜em till theyโ€™re black and crackly on the outside?

      Both. I alternate.

      There’s a delicate crispiness when they’re light golden brown on the outside, but not too crispy, and melts right into the slightly warm, yet gooey center.

      The light of a marshmallow being torched is a sight to behold and lends an extra flavor of WILD once you crunch down on the charred sugar, letting the sweet cream ooze down your chin.

      2) Have you ever owned any crazy pets? What kind(s)?

      I had a chinchilla. For two weeks. Until my landlady got wind of it.

      I intended to breed it and have a bunch of them so I could make coats, but she would not accept that it was for a work-at-home business and insisted on calling it a pet.

      3) How do you feel about the Oxford (serial) comma?

      Are you saying there are people who STILL leave out that last comma? Barbarians!!!

      I stopped subscribing to Esquire because they dropped that last comma. I have no reading comprehension without it.

      4) What is your favorite brand and/or flavor of lip balm?

      Um. Can I say that on this blog? Has…protein…

      5) What kind of toothbrush and toothpaste is on your bathroom counter right now?

      Toothbrush: A hard one is good to find. And also, a good one is hard to find.

      Toothpaste: Crest.

      6) Whatโ€™s your favorite British miniseries (can be original or literary adaptation)?

      It would have to be the ONLY one I’ve ever seen, which is Hex.

      There. Nya nya nya.

    2. Limecello Post author

      JenB- LOVE!!! Also, thanks for getting the ball rolling ๐Ÿ˜€

      Heh, Moriah, not quite what I was expecting, but fun. And impromptu interview right here ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks.

  6. gamistress66

    While they’re often asked a favorite character or such, how about which one(s) were hardest to write their story. What items have to be close by when writing & not just the sensible stuff like research notes, but the other perhaps slightly goofy stuff (bowl of m&ms, stuffed animal, stress ball, pot of coffee). What did they do with the first payment from their first book.

  7. Patricia McLinn


    Ooo, I sense a punctuation fight coming! Remember to duck when folks start throwing semi-colons.

    And don’t get me started on why it’s “try to” NOT “try and.” (Taking deep, calming breaths.)

    Limecello, I came here thinking you needed help, but these are GREAT questions.

    Ok, here are a few:

    (For readers & writers) What are your comfort reads?

    Have you ever put a real person into one of your books?

    What should be done to bloggers who cry wolf about not having enough questions?

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  9. Sasha Devlin

    1. Deserted Island reads (aka the 5 bks you’d read over and over)

    2. What hero/heroine from another author’s storyverse would you like to date (if you were single and they were also)?

    3. What part of the process is the easiest? Most difficult? Most rewarding?

    4. What’s the last book/series that blew you away?

    5. Name books that stand up to a reread (we’ve all had those we thought were AWESOME only to read them 5 yrs later and discover that they aren’t that great)

    6. Odd writer moments (fan mail, meet/greet at cons, strange questions you’ve had to have answer)

    7. What’s the craziest/scariest/most bizarre thing you’ve ever researched/done in the name of writing?

    8. For readers, what keeps you coming back to a series and/or author?

    9. The Promo a second time.

    10. Pretend your books/storyverse are now a new FDA approved drug. List the the side effects

  10. Brae

    1. Crayons or colored pencils?
    2. Post it notes all over the house or a designated board?
    3. Do you dream in color or black & white?
    4. Who are you a fangirl for?
    5. Top Chef or Project Runway?

    Okay I might need to use some of these for my blog. lol

    1. Limecello Post author

      Brae (or do you prefer another name? Realized I’d been picking and choosing O_o),

      You know what’s so funny? I have that question! Well in a slightly different iteration… Thanks!

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