Getting to Know Y̶o̶u̶ M̶e̶ Us?

Of course what came to mind first (and inspired the title) was:

Granted there have got to be so many things wrong with that but… let’s not get into them here.

I would like to get to know all of you. Some I know in passing, some I recognize by name, and some I’ve had the luck to meet in person. 🙂 However, my original intent for this post was… about me. That sounds so selfish and aggrandizing, doesn’t it :X so I didn’t really like that. But I also realized, I have no idea how some people found this blog, and my assumption that most if not everyone clicks through from twitter shouldn’t be. Additionally, my “About” page is rather pathetic.

So here goes. Is there anything you’d like to know about me? What do you think should go on my “about” page?

And just for kicks… I’ll list five “quirky” things about me.

1. I hate butterflies. All insects, really. But yes, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies… hate. Sadly butterflies love me.

2. I melted many a night light (or other similar item) while hiding under my comforter reading instead of sleeping as a child.

3. Up through high school I made sure my closet doors were shut each night before I went to sleep.

4. I took piano lessons for a number of years but it never really worked out because I can’t quite reach an octave >.<

5. My family (well, dad) has banned me from the use of blow torches.

Now it’s your turn! Got questions? Or any fun quirk or personality trait you’d like to share? Please do! As I said – I want to get to know you too, so please think of something 🙂

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  1. Brandy

    I have a thing about closet doors to this day. I remember the incident that started it all. I was 5 (32 years ago) and there was a sound outside my bedroom window. I happened to look at my closet and saw something moving. Man I was scared out of my life. From that day forward I HAVE to have the closet door closed. I close my kids closets too.

    A quirky thing about me, beside the closet door thing, I love pin-ups like there’s no tomorrow. If I could be one I totally would.

    1. Limecello Post author

      I so heart you, Brandy! Also, my closet thing was similar. Saw something moving, and it REALLY started with going to a friend’s after school while my mom was out of town – and friend’s mom was watching this Cantonese horror? And there were like blue vampires and they busted through closets and drawers etc and you had to bathe in this milky liquid using snakes as loofahs… anyway to a six year old it was pretty traumatizing. Especially since I don’t understand Cantonese so it was just my imagination explaining WTF was going on. >.<

      And so agree on the pin-ups! Would love to have a pin-up body…

  2. Barbara Monajem

    I love insects. All sorts. I do kill mosquitoes and cockroaches, but only because I have no choice.

    In high school, I didn’t close my closet doors, but I checked inside the closet before going to sleep.

    I never melted any nightlights. I read in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep, and used my bedside lamp. I will reluctantly hold a lit blow torch for a second or two. I taught myself piano (sort of) because I was scared that if I took lessons, I would be forced to play at recitals. (Shudder!)

    Apart from that, I wish I had time to learn Anglo-Saxon.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Barbara – we’d get along in that you could have allllllllll the bugs that come to me. I’m generous like that 😉 [Seriously – I often get swarmed by butterflies. No idea why. People have told me they’ve never seen anyone react so violently to butterflies.]
      Lucky girl! My parents had this uncanny ability to wake up from a dead sleep and catch me reading at night, so hiding under the covers was a must. I didn’t think recitals were that bad… unless there was some kid who was younger playing the same thing. Or a friend whose mom forced him/her to be there. *dies of mortification* I grew up with a bunch of near prodigies. They all played in Carnegie Hall. … I did not.

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  4. StacieDM

    I like closet doors closed too.

    I am afraid of spiders but not other bugs.

    I was born without a sense of direction – literally. I need a GPS hanging around my neck. I get lost every time if I don’t drive the exact same way home.

    I hate talking on the phone. I prefer texts or emails. I know why but it’s a long story!

    I’ve studied 5 languages, one of them is a dead language. I’m not fluent in any of them but I can make my way around a foreign city.

    This was fun! Great post.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hi Stacie!
      I’m actually afraid of like the centipede millipede types. All those legs I think – I can handle spiders but I don’t like them.
      As for the direction – that’s so so cute! And going along with the languages – at least if you get lost in the foreign cities you can ask!
      Also I have to know, is the dead language Latin? Sadly I’ve forgotten all of my Latin : And… here’s a “secret” – English is actually (technically) my third language!

      1. StacieDM

        Yes, Latin is the dead language and the easiest of all that I have studied. Here is the list: Spanish, French, Italian, Latin & Catalan. I learned the last to go on a trip to Barcelona. Catalan is the main language there. It is a combination of Spanish & French.

      2. Limecello Post author

        Hee I figured the dead language was Latin – the other ones really aren’t dealt with. Britannia est insula! Estne Brittania parva insula? Non! Britannia est magna! 😛
        Oooo Barcelona! So much good food there! Jealous! And I know about Catalan – used to know a lot more about Spain et al due to a “democracies of Southern Europe undergrad[grad] class I took – all about Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Italy. The Prof focused on Spain the most.
        … is it sad/scary I almost kinda miss school?

    1. Limecello Post author

      Carolyn, isn’t that a great movie/musical? Yay D Kerr and Y Brynner! <3 As for kicking snow clumps – I don't know if I love it, but there’s something innately satisfying about the act, yes?
      That and it’s necessary because if enough builds up your tires can’t move. Blargh. YAY WINTER. >.<

  5. Julia Broadbooks

    I like butterflies. All the other bugs can go hang with Barbara. It’s FL, so there’s lots of them.

    I found a flashlight under the covers to be most stealthy.

    I have a tutu hanging in the closet. No, it wasn’t mine.

    1. Limecello Post author

      lol Julia – you can have all the butterflies. Promise.
      Flashlights under the covers is the most stealthy, but for some reason I never had them. Well, that and/or my dad kept very careful track of them as a kid. And it’s not like I could get away with buying one as like a 7 year old. Sadly.

      Hmm… am very curious about this tutu. O_o your kid’s tutu?

      1. Limecello Post author

        O_o she sounds like Rocki (St. Claire’s daughter.) FYI I’d very happily give both your daughters 15 lbs each. Cuz I’m so generous. *angelface*

  6. Joy

    1 – I hate bugs of any kind.
    2 – I freeze like a deer caught in the headlights when in fear
    3 – I still love/wear pink
    4 – I have Twilight Posters on my bedroom wall
    5 – I will never live without a cat or two

    1. Limecello Post author

      1. YES YES YES
      2. Hah – I’ll remember that! Don’t think I won’t! 😉
      3. I like pink and wear it too 😀 But not baby pink… more like magenta ish… Although if I had a really cute baby pink top I would…
      4. Nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
      5. Awe, I like cats, but I like dogs even more 😀

      1. Limecello Post author

        3. it depends on what the baby pink is. Although I do like pink – heh as is obvious by all the pink flowers all over my blog. (I took those pictures!)
        4. You make me sad, Joy. … ON THE INSIDE! T_T

  7. Maisey Yates

    Hi there, Limey one. 🙂


    1. I eat french fries as though they were shrimp (I leave the tails)
    2. I pass out at the sight of my own blood, or my kids’ blood. Everyone else’s is fine.
    3. Spiders are evil. This isn’t a quirk, it’s a public service announcement. They exist to sneak into your home and suck the fluids from your body, leaving you a dry husk of spent humanity.
    4. I like cottage cheese and saltine crackers in my salads.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hhhiiiiiiii Maisey 😛
      1. I never knew fries had “tails” -also you know this makes me want to go eat fries with you. Hopefully I can go to NYC and we’ll hang out! And eat fries! <3 <3 <3
      2. Hm. Horrible inappropriate thought. Will not share. As for blood… I'm enh about it. My own blood I'm more ok with, especially since I seem to be the walking wounded sometimes. But if it's a LOT of blood… no. I cut myself really badly once in college and bled all over the place and had to go lie down. Thought I'd need stitches… and had to clean my coagulated blood off the sink/kitchen. *shudders*
      3. I… don't like that whole "dry…" can't even type it. 😛 You freakazoid! 😉
      4. Saltines would be like croutons. Cottage cheese I've seen and had, but prefer feta. Although I often eat salad plain :X

  8. Maisey Yates

    Yep. I leave the ends of the fries.

    To answer your hideously inappropriate thought…No. When it’s injured blood my body has a fright response. It’s like ‘well, you’re gonna die, may as well knock yourself out so you can sleep through it’.

    Also…Spiders. O_O

    1. Limecello Post author

      I’m so transparent! 😛 But honestly – it was your fault! >.<

      As for spiders… yeah for sure not my favorite. I've finally grown out of screaming when I see insects though. But I definitely almost got trapped/stranded in the ocean once b/c there were little cockroach sea bug things EVERYWHERE. And my dad was like "you won't step on them!!!!" And he abandoned me. But I SAW SQUISHED BUG BODIES. So I knew he was wrong! I almost cried. I was also sixteen :X Not a proud moment, but it was almost a carpet of bugs. Horrifying.

  9. gamistress66

    pretty bugs (butterflies, lady bug, dragonfly) are ok, but not annoying, pesky, bothersome ones (ants, flies, etc). However, any bug in the house (which includes the enclosed porch & garage) as forfieted all rights and is subject to immediate execution by what ever method I choose.

    closet doors don’t bother me, but I like the bedroom door closed at night. Always have since I was old enough to be allowed to close it completely (before that I’d want it shut almost all the way). Even living alone, I wanted the bedroom door shut.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Gamistress – I’m an equal opportunity bug hater :X Heehehhee also, love your “execution method” heh. I approve!
      And I agree- bedroom door shut is a must. A must!

  10. Booklover1335

    LOL It’s been amusing going through everyone’s comments 🙂

    Here are a few things about me:

    1. I have fear that is more than a phobia of snakes. I once went on a date with a guy who I told this too, and unbeknown to me his roommate had a python. He thought it would be FUNNY to take it out of it’s cage (or whatever you call it) and let it slither on the floor. I carefully made it out of the house and never looked back. As a child I couldn’t even touch a page in those nature magazines that had a snake on it *shudder*. I hate to even think about it.

    2. I hate tomatoes. Will not eat them including things like ketchup. Makes me gag just thinking about it. Its both a texture and a taste thing.

    3. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who a) back into a parking space, because it takes 3x as long for them to back into the space then it would be to go in reverse when they leave. b) I hate it when people pull through parking spaces. c) I hate it when people cut through parking lots and don’t pay attention

    4. My comfort movies are You’ve Got Mail, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Mansfield Park. Love them!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Carrie – OH. EM. GEE. about the snake. Not cool. Personally I’m much more ok with snakes than say, frogs or bugs. I remember in elementary school some little boys ran up and stuck like a garter snake in my face and I was like “yeah? so?” and they immediately went to bother someone else 😛
      The tomatoes part makes me sad cuz you’re missing out on so many good pastas!
      As for Mansfield Park… the one with Alessandro Nivola and Johnny Lee Miller?! Oh no? :X

  11. Angie T

    Hello Lime! I used to see you on several blogs I followed. Most notibly, Jill Shalvis’. I used to follow several authors up until about two years ago. In August 2008, I lost my 16 yr old son in a car crash. Up until the last couple of months I had lost interest in most everything I enjoyed before. I am slowly regaining interest in what I used to enjoy so much.
    And I don’t say this to garner sympathy or anything, but to explain my absence from the blogging/romance/author scence for so long! 🙂 I find that I have missed quite a lot while MIA.

    On some blogs, I am Angie T and some; Angie-la.
    Just a few of my quirks…

    I will not eat from a yellow plate unless I have to. It’s a pregnancy thing that stems from something that made me really ill. I don’t know what the food was, but it was on a yellow Fiesta plate!

    I don’t like the word hate, but I strongly dislike rude, condescending people. It’s all about mutual respect!

    If I leave home without my phone, I feel like I have lost a bodypart. And I have been known to text people sitting next to me!

    I am a dog and cat person and have 3 of each! I also share a lot of animal rescue information on my FB site.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Angie – I am so so sorry for your lost. Even just explaining must have been tough for you. I can’t even imagine. *big hugs* :X My reason (read: excuse) is not at all as noble. I just… got overwhelmed and slapped with… ennui I guess. I only check like 3 blogs now, as opposed to the 200 I used to visit daily.
      SO glad to see you’re around again!
      As for the yellow plate. Ack! How traumatizing :X Yellow is one of my “do not like so much” colors anyway, so… bleh.
      I agree with you on the word hate, but I have a bad habit of using it flippantly. Although, I really do truly hate bugs. I used to say they were the “one thing” in God’s creation I just couldn’t live with. Am 100% with you on how to treat people though. Even if you can’t stand someone, there’s no reason to be polite or courteous. (Unless something else happens I suppose.)
      LOL I’ve texted people sitting next to me too!
      And oh my gosh – your house is almost a zoo! 😉 (So teasing.) That must be so fun and busy! The house just seems much more friendly when my sister and her dog are visiting. Sadly I’m terribly allergic to animals so have no pet of my own…

  12. Julia Broadbooks

    @Angie T: I’m so sorry for your loss. But welcome back to the romance scene. I’m sure you’ll be glad that you returned.

    Rudeness is one of the least forgivable faults. It really takes very little effort to be not rude. I don’t need to be friends with everyone I’ve ever met, but a little respect seems the minimum I should expect.

  13. c2

    Your butterfly hate makes me sad. :*(

    Quirks? I must have a nightlight and ALL of me must be on the bed – no dangling parts for the Underbed Monster to grab.

    Also, I agree with your dad about the blowtorch ban. O_o

    1. Limecello Post author

      c2 – you and Dee, on the butterflies 😛 Oh well. Suggesting I go to a butterfly conservatory is NEVER a good thing for a friend to do. 😛
      Hee! I never sleep with a dangling leg or arm. O_o isn’t that uncomfortable? In fact I’ve never met anyone who has!

      As for the blowtorch… your lack of faith in me wounds me! T_T Just because one time while home alone I used a blow torch as a poker for the fireplace while delirious and suffering from a really high fever… And yes. That’s why the ban was established. Hmph.

      1. c2

        I know people who, like, have to have a hand or foot extending over the edge of the bed – not, like, super dangling…just not all ON the bed. Eeeep! Do. Not. WANT!

        Also, still agreeing with your dad on the blowtorch.

      2. Limecello Post author

        Ah. I see re: hand off bed etc. Definitely agree with you on that. Not ok.

        As for the blow torch, I do NOT agree with you. You iz mean girl! Hmph. I’m very good around fire etc and safe!

  14. Bella F.

    Hi Lime:)
    Technically I found my way here through twitter. But really, it’s a *long* story lol. One of my favorite sites to hang out on is BBB which I found in ’08 and your name was one of several I recognized there often. I also saw it while hanging out on Plotmonkeys and The Oddshots too so I started following ya on twitter. It took me a long time to tweet anyone though because I’m a horribly shy person, even on the internetz. Proof is All that pretty much happened in 08 or 09 and I only started interacting more recently! LOL
    um…I have many O_o but here are 5
    1. I have the nose of a bloodhound and can smell even the faintest odors. It’s a real curse; I smell when someone’s getting sick before they’re even remotely aware, know everyone’s distinct smell and can usually identify them with it, and once even accurately smelled something wrong with the car before any real problems began and saved my then boyfriend money for catching it early. The mechanics were very impressed lol
    2. I ramble, can u tell??
    3. Insects are a phobia and anyone who uses that phobia against me is instantly and irrevocably ousted, regardless of malicious or non malicious intent :-/
    4. However I love animals. Especially in the mammalian family. Especially dogs and horses 😀
    5. I didn’t read fiction for a long time after childhood and the book(s) that brought me back (though I’m realizing it might make your eyes bleed to read this!) was Twilight series. Obviously I’m teased over this a lot but I’m not at all ashamed–it’s a damn good story! 😛

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hi Bella! So glad you did find me – however it was though! 😀 Hm… my memory fails me :X The only thing I can think of for BBB is… the Bradford Bunch? It’s probably a site I’ve forgotten and am a big jerk, huh :
      And aaawwweeeee that’s so cute about the shy-ness. Obviously you’re one of the nice ones then, cuz otherwise you’d have been snarking and/or trolling much earlier! And we loves you for it. Also it’s nice to have a “what you see is what you get” ally 😀 I’m like that too. (For better or for worse… :X)
      As for #1 O_o that’s kinda super cool, though I guess not fun always… heh (teasing!) Have you ever considered you’re some sort of latent paranormal being? 😉 And the “trick” with the car is SO COOL! … Wanna come visit me? 😛
      2. I’m a rambler too. I think most people wish I’d STFU :X
      LOL on #5… admittedly the snob in my cringed a little bit… but I’ve had in depth conversation about it with a friend who teaches English at Stuyvesant (which at least in my head for some reason legitimizes it…) I couldn’t get into it at all, but I hear the stories are engaging, though technically… less. (As in craft-wise.) But – I’m not going to knock anything that brought someone back to reading! So glad you dove back into books! Heh I’d almost consider those books to end my book slump but… …. … :X

      1. Bella F.

        Woops! Sorry for taking so long to come back; I’m a random visitor at best when I get overwhelmed in the real world:-/
        -BBB is
        #1 I wish it were a paranormal feature but think its probably more of an aspergers quirk lol
        #2 HAHAHA! u make me laugh!! thats it, I’m declaring myself a bonafide follower of yours lol
        #5 yep, I freely admit the series has issues, one of which is definitely cheesy lines that made even me cringe ( which is saying a lot considering I like some pretty cheesy crap in my lifetime lol) and now that its been legitimized by English teacher at Stuyvesant I’d say it’s become a must-read for ya:P

      2. Limecello Post author

        Harr on the twilight 😛 Unlikely. Also O_o hunh. I don’t remember going to BBB often – but um, yay you recognize me from there? lol. Guess what I said was memorable :X

  15. Lynn Raye Harris

    Quirks, not necessarily fun. 🙂

    1. I am extremely tender-hearted. I cry easily. Commercials can do it. Those damn sappy American Idol segments where they detail all their woes — makes me bawl every time.

    2. Hubby says it’s quirky that I talk baby talk to my cats. I don’t think so, but he insists.

    3. I have to make the bed before I shower. Can’t shower with an unmade bed. (This is a trait I acquired. Never used to care until about 10 yrs ago.)

    4. I despise centipedes. Not your average run of the mill centipedes, but the giant version found in Hawaii. When I lived in HI, I insisted on stripping the covers from the bed every night to make sure there were no centipedes in it.

    5. I can take or leave dessert. Not much of a dessert person really. I go days — weeks sometimes — without touching chocolate, cakes, pies, etc.

    1. Limecello Post author

      I’m hit or miss on the tender-hearted. Sometimes commercials make me tear up, but sometimes I get the opposite reaction :X
      As for the baby talk – I disagree with your husband! I think almost everyone baby talks/speaks differently to pets. Especially love it when it’s the big burly guys that do it.
      On #5. What are you?! 😛 Actually, I go for days or weeks sometimes without chocolate, cake, pies, etc, but it makes me SAD!

      1. Lynn Raye Harris

        I know. The dessert thing is freaky, huh? I *like* dessert just fine. But I don’t usually feel a need to have it. Now when you see me at a conference or something, and they set dessert in front of me at those dinners, I will most likely eat it. I may be crazy, but I’m not stupid. *g*

        Oh, and the hubby does talk baby talk to one of our cats. Not often, but he does. He still thought I was quirky because I do it all the time. 😉

      2. Limecello Post author

        Lynn – Ah. I see. Now, I’m different. I almost always feel the need to have dessert… but just rarely do. We almost never have cake/pie/cookies in the house. Sad, but true. Probably for the best though.
        I’d consider trying to eat myself “sick” on it to get over the craving, but don’t think it’d work. I’d just want cake in a few days instead of one 😛

  16. Noel V.

    Hello Lime 🙂

    I found my way to you through my daughter Brandy (and by the way, I did not remember that story about her closet when she was 5 years old).

    Anyway, a few quirky things about myself:

    1) I have a thing about getting into bed each night and KNOWING something is going to grab my foot/leg. I have no idea why ~ perhaps some move I accidentally saw.

    2) I said ‘accidentally’ above because I cannot watch scary movies ~ even at my age I am impressionable.

    3) I have to put my left sock/shoe on first.

    4) I love butterflies/fairies. In fact, I have two tattoos of fairies with butterfly wings. Outside of butterflies I cannot stand bugs, spiders, snakes, etc.

    5) In my teenage years I read myself to sleep every night and my mother always came to put my book away and turn off my lamp.

    6) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas.

    Okay ~ that is me.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Noel -eek! The leg grabbing thing is freaky! I can’t watch scary movies either. In college two friends who LOOOOOOVE horrors made me watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose… and I stayed up past 3 AM for the next 2+ weeks. You know, just in case demons wanted to come torment me? O_o
      On the reading yourself to sleep, that is *so* cute! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

      1. Lynn Raye Harris

        Actually, I’m with y’all on the scary movies. Should have included that in my quirks. Because I will not watch scary movies at all! Even at my age, I get skeered. Though I don’t truly believe anything is coming after me. *g*

      2. Limecello Post author

        Lynn, I don’t really think anything is going to come get me either, but the head games I play with myself are torturous. Like I was fine when I watched the Blair Witch Project – almost thought it was kinda ridiculous/annoying. But then when I had to drive around alone at night… through heavily wooded areas… I admit I made sure all my doors were locked. :X I know there wasn’t some witch after me, but it made me feel better 😛

  17. Kelly C.

    1 – I am terrified of heights. I get dizzy and nauseated.

    2 – I cry at everything. Books, movies, tv shows, sports, etc. 😉

    3 – I don’t eat cereal (hot or cold)

    4 – I don’t drink coffee and/or tea

    5 – For some odd reason if someone tells me their birthday (month and day) I tend to remember it. Forever.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kelly – Oh no! I’m bad with heights too, but okay with flying actually, I think being in an enclosed large structure helps. Otherwise, staircases etc and balconies? I practically have heart palpitations. My heart beat skyrockets, I can’t breathe, I sweat, and my vision grays. It’s awesome. [not.]
      Why the cereal hate? Well, not hate, but avoidance? Don’t you ever just… want a nice bowl?
      I don’t often drink coffee or tea (literally on coffee maybe like once a year, and tea maybe 6 times a year). I’ve never gotten the addition aspect.
      And you know I can’t resist now – my birthday is June 28th – I love presents 😉 [Teasing!]

  18. aliciaeflores1

    Quirks? I got plenty of those, lol

    I close my eyes during takeoff in a plane… If I’m going to die, I don’t want to see. I blame Final Destination.

    I fall asleep during any trip… Planes, trains, and automobiles… I can knock out and not wake up even during the worst turbulence.

    I sometimes get back into my childhood habit of not stepping on lines or cracks… And not because I think I’ll break my mother’s spine or father’s back, heh.

    I must read the end of a book first… I help it.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Lol you, Ali? Quirks? Nooooo 😉
      As for the flights – that’s kinda cute :X I’d be more scared of landings, personally, or bad turbulence.
      As for falling asleep – woman, you do that like normally anyway 😛 Joy and I should start calling you the nap monster @ Conferences…
      So cute re: sidewalk cracks! Gotta say sometimes I do that too… but I’m not an end peeker. I just can’t, because I have no attention span and I know I won’t follow through. I can skim later parts, but not the very end. Not if I want to read/finish the book.

  19. Kim in Hawaii

    I found you through Jessica’s Read React Review.

    Unlike Lynn, I don’t have to strip my sheets … yet. I live a new townhouse with two cats who keep the geckos out.

    Having lived in Europe twice, I’m a bit fanatical about recycling. Bothers me when others don’t take the time to do it.

    I volunteer at the base library and base Thrift Shop, sorting book donations. I’m obsessed with finding the right home for all books – public schools, family readiness centers, USO airport lounges, Tripler Hospital and even the Navy brig.

    I am curious to read other readers’ perspectives to break out of my comfort zone. But I am a Regency reader through and through (probably because I lived across from a castle in the Netherlands).

    Thank you for hosting this fun interchange!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hi Kim,
      That’s so great your cats are companions, and “working” pets 😉 Cute!
      I don’t think living in Europe is the “catalyst” as it were for caring about recycling, but that’s great it’s where you picked up the habit. I definitely recycle as much as possible, and when in school and my apartment[s] didn’t recycle, I’d save up huge bags of stuff and take them to the school to recycle.
      Am curious – do you mean breaking out of your comfort zone, or others breaking out of theirs? Like… you reading a book outside your comfort zone because someone suggested it? Or, what others are willing to “step out” for?

      Glad you enjoyed it – and thanks for commenting! Isn’t it fun “getting to know” everyone? 🙂

      1. Kim in Hawaii

        Re recycling, Europe is years ahead of the US in this effort simply because they do not have the landfills like the US. It is manadatory to recycle in the villages, on the bases, and in the offices. In fact, my NATO office had a set of real dishes for special occassions. They were used instead of disposable plates.

        Re comfort zone, I was referring to mine. I find that my world as a military veteran and spouse is a bit bucolic (which I like) but at some point hubby will retire and we enter the real world that is not confined to DOD.

        I enjoyed meeting you last year at RomCon and look forward to reading your blog.

  20. Liza

    So glad I’m not the only one who must sleep with the closet door shut. I blame the movie Poltergeist to this day.

    I have a huge fear of bugs. Spiders are the worst for me and I tend to wake up from dreams thinking spiders are crawling across my ceiling.

    I have one tattoo I got in college and would really like to get another one.

    I read with a flashlight under the covers every night as a child. My parents just turned off the flashlight each night when I finally fell asleep. Of course, this was after my dad read to us each night before bedtime.

    I only make my bed when I change my sheets. My step-mother was crazy about making beds at her house. I haven’t made my bed(unless my nieces are visiting) since she and my dad divorced.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Liza – I totally didn’t think the closet door thing would resonate with so many people! Love the internet 😀 When I’ve mentioned it in the past to friends they were like “you psycho.” 😛
      Also… wow. I… yeah I definitely hate you for that image on the spiders. If I have nightmares about that I’m coming after you! >:-O
      You know, I don’t think I could ever commit to a tattoo – but more power to you 🙂 If you don’t mind me asking/are willing to answer… what’d ya get?
      And for the flashlight, that is so cute! My parents were… heh. No. Quite strict, and felt I read enough, thankyouverymuch. In fact instead of being grounded my parents would take my books/reading away for punishment…
      And I don’t make my bed either! I just… don’t. I did for a while as a kid – and my parents were all “YOU MUST!” But.. I dunno. I only really ever do if I’m making the bed for someone else, or like crashing at a friend’s place/visiting. :X I guess it doesn’t bother me. Yay for finding a kindred spirit! 😛

  21. Liza

    I have my sorority letters on my right ankle. Not sure what I would get if I got another tattoo. My parents never took books away from any of us. My mom read all the time and on every Walmart trip, I got a new book and my brother got a new Star Wars action figure. My parents always fed my love of books, kind of like to do now with my 3 nieces.

    Love I’m not the only one who doesn’t make my bed. I do pull the blanket up over the sheets each day, but that is about it. 🙂 Love finding another kindred spirit too. 🙂


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