Marie Force Winners!

Well, has spoken again, and the winners from Marie Force’s Guest Post are…

JenB, Stacie, Danielle, and Angie

As usual, you have until Tuesday to contact me – and there’s the handy dandy form for you to use. Enjoy!

[For who gets what… we’ll go with first come first served via book choices this time. There are two copies of Everyone Loves a Hero up for grabs courtesy of the publisher, and one copy of Fatal Affair and another of Fatal Justice.]

Stay tuned for future giveaways – as always, the Guest Author & A Giveaway series is the first Tuesday of each month, winners announced Saturday. (Random blog tour/other guests… rules will be stated.)

*ETA: Stacie has emailed me and claimed a copy of Everyone Loves a Hero – three more books to go! :))
**ETA2: Danielle has claimed the second copy of ELaH so now we’ve got the two Fatal books left.

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