Bottoms Up!

In which I share some of my random drink concoctions. I never really follow recipes nor do I have a wide selection. (Believe it or not, I don’t drink that much. At all. But at any given time there’s tequila in the house (we cook with it), and generally… rum of some sort. Of course, I have nothing against drinking. After all, I went to The Ohio State University for undergrad, and then law school… well you know those lawyer jokes and their liquid lunches. Plus an internship with the Senate, where I learned what “appropriations” really means in some DC offices… 😉
Still, it’s a fun time to add this song, and fitting, yes?

Also, yes, I took all the pictures in this post. See? Even a total amateur can make drinks that look pretty! Even with a “bad” camera! [I used my phone and you know, winter “light”… not exactly ideal…]

So, here we have three drinks. I don’t know that they’ll appeal to everyone – I’m more of a fruity drinks type of girl, as you can see. First up, we have a drink that I’ve mentioned a few times before – it seems really odd, though many say it’d be a great sangria base. I like it as is. Crushed pineapple and red wine. Obviously you don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) go for the really pricey stuff – but you want something palatable. However, if you don’t care, of course you can go for the swill. Especially if you do make it into a sangria. I like taking fresh pineapple and crushing it… if your pineapple is just about to go, you can cook it then crush it… or used canned – the latter I’d be most okay with pairing with the cheapest red wine. A suggestion, if I may – would be a Bota box. Pretty sure my family goes for the Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel. You should be able to find it at grocery stores or Target (if they sell liquor), and likely your local liquor store as well.

Second drink I give you today… something that uses:


Can you tell what that is? 😀 Just to be cheeky, I won’t tell you. You’ve got to guess. Anyway, you take that, and ice, and gin, and… water, actually. You could use seltzer or tonic if you prefer (we just didn’t have any). Although, I’d actually suggest seltzer instead of tonic because you don’t want it too sweet… and the lovely result is…

It is quite pretty, isn’t it? We had a type of gin I’d never tried or heard of before – Smooth Ambler, which I really liked. It’s quite floral and… there’s almost this hint of… banana O_o actually. Which is especially interesting because I do not like banana. But I loved that drink. So so good.

And lastly… just something cobbled together, because I had tequila, and grenadine. I bought a huge bottle of it, and I really need to start adding it to more things. So… it’s kinda a tequila sunrise, as you can tell there’s orange juice in it as well. Two finger tequila is a staple, and usually 1800 gold as well. Always nice to have a variety, right? Two finger for the mixing… 1800 for the sipping. If you’re going to do shots, I’d say go with Patron. And stay away from Joy (of Joyfully Reviewed) cuz… she might try to kill you 😉

Then… there’s always the nice Irish coffee variations… coffee, Baileys and/or Kahlua, whipped cream if you have it, and if you want to make it even more dessert like, add hot chocolate/cocoa mix, and top it with whipped cream. For the extra kick, there’s that alcoholic whipped cream. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but a number of people recommend it.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite drink? Do you cobble things together from what you have? As a PSA of sorts, avoid cheap tequila. It seems most everyone who has a bad drinking story was felled by bad tequila. What’s your favorite alcohol? I’m quite partial to sparkling wines, myself. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hmmm don’t think I’ve ever had the latter. One day, we need to get together- you me and Ali, and try drinks. But… not swill. Granted that could get pricey too, even making them ourselves…

  1. Slush (Landra Graf)

    Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum! I am a huge fan of Captian Morgan’s Private Stock. Delicious and smooth.

    Mix it, shoot it, cook with it… jello shots! You name it.

    Jello shots with rum are by far my favorite. I have a special recipe I developed. Watermelon, Strawberry Daquiri and Melon are the best flavors.

    In fact Jello shot Friday is coming ’round the bend.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Oooo I’m a big fan of rum cuz it goes so well in the fruity drinks 😀 Wanna share the special jello shot recipe?

      LOL and I didn’t know there was a designated day for jello shots! 😉

      1. Slush (Landra Graf)

        Yes there is a designated day! Friday! In fact it is humbly called Jello Shot Fridays.

        I even came up with a poem, then forget to write it down after texting it to all my friends… it got deleted.

        Maybe I should try once more to remember.

        If you would like the recipe I will gladly share… just remember TOP SECRET: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

        Will send a message soon 😉

  2. JenB

    That crunchy stuff is lime sugar! I know you well enough to know that for a fact. Mmmm…makes me want some lime cookies!

    Now what do I win? 😀


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