A Winner, A Boycott, and Other Assorted News

I’m not doing this in order. Because I don’t have to. A number of you have heard of Dorchestor hijinks and insolvency issues. Well… it gets worse. I’ve been a bit leery for a while now… and/so keep an eye out/be reminded – there’s a lot going on. Authors aren’t being paid, books Dorchestor doesn’t have the rights to are still being sold under their name… you can read about it here. There are numerous other links and places detailing it, but – you know. Be aware of the boycott, and think about how you’re going to continue on, etc, if you’ve developed a relationship with Dorchestor – authors, readers, and bloggers.

Next, I think everyone knows who Sue Grimshaw is… well she’s moved on from being one of the buyers for Borders to … an editor-at-large with a pub. It sounds very exciting, though nobody’s quite detailed what it means. Any takers?

For this blog… Jill Sorenson will be guesting next week, and Jackie Barbosa two days after. (Saturday.) The following Tuesday, you lucky duckies get Susan Lyons! All three will be generously hosting giveaways. You’ll notice that Teaser Tuesday has started, with Lisa Hendrix being my first guest… more to come – with Maisey Yates and Roxanne St. Claire as my “April Authors.” There may or may not be giveaways – you’ll have to stop by and see 😉

I’m also still super sick – have decided I’ve got a form of the plague. Anyone know where I can go and purchase a new set of lungs? Nothing fancy, just you know, ones that work. Which is also why I’m too lazy to try to hunt down pictures, stock photos, etc.

And… finally the reason you’re all here… 😛 Cuz these days I’m not that interesting… randomizer.org says that Kimberley is our winner! If you’d email me [there’s the handy contact form] – by Tuesday 3/29, please – I’ll get Love at First Flight right out to you 😀

0 thoughts on “A Winner, A Boycott, and Other Assorted News

  1. Kimberly

    Hey Miss Lime!!
    I may be completely not with the living today becauae I’m not sure if this is where I should send you a message or not…..

    I’m so thankful & excited I won!

    If you will let me know how, I will send you my mailing address.

    Thank you!

  2. Kimberly

    Oh yes!!! Thank you. I can go find the link. I’m on my cell bc my computer finally crapped out. That may be why I didn’t see it…..or I’m just…well….. not that observant today…..lol

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kimberly – lol, guess I sent my comment too late? O_o Anyway – hope the kindle copy was okay since you didn’t say anything about it – it’s sent! Please let me know when you get it 🙂 Thanks – and enjoy!

      1. Kimberly F

        Hi Lime,
        I did get the copy of the book. I’m sorry it took so long to say Thank You!!! I seem to have come down with the crud that is going around and am just now surfacing enough to make any sense.

        Thank you so much. I am looking forward to reading the book since you all gave it such great reviews.

        Again, sorry for the delay and I hope you’re feeling better soon.


  3. Booklover1335

    Sorry to hear that you are still sick. If it is anything like what I had I was sick almost an entire month before it started to go away. I would start to feel better, than it would rear it’s ugly head once again. A month! I never thought I would get better. Even now a couple weeks later I cough occasionally but nothing like what I had before. I’m actually looking forward to spring allergies this year because then flu and other germ season will be coming to an end. I can handle taking allergy pills because they actually work, whereas whatever I took for what I had this winter….nothing seemed to cure it but time.

    Dorchester. I feel very bad for any author contracted with them. I had an author many weeks ago for the “release” of her new book, but when the release date that they gave her came and went the book wasn’t even available for purchase until a month later…technical glitches they said. But if you are going to be a digital publisher first don’t you think you would be able to actually do that. They can’t make money if they don’t put there books up for sale until 4 weeks after the release date. I can kind of understand if it wasn’t available at some online retailers like Amazon, BN (which is still inexcusable) , but you would think they would have it ready to go on their own website!

    Sorry for the rant, but Dorchester has become even more unreliable than before, and that was a hard thing to do.

    Super excited for Sue Grimshaw! And looking forward to all of your upcoming guests!

    Take Care

    1. Limecello Post author

      Carrie – thanks. I’m ALMOST close to being ish healthy again! (As in, normal level cold for someone else. Which frankly, is thrilling, because I’ve been down for the count for over a month. Literally – I was already sick when I went out with my parents for my dad’s birthday dinner on March 3…)

      That really stinks about the author with Dorchestor. I remember you said you got ARCs or something – had some sort of conversation with Dorchestor? Have they given you any sort of word or updates?

  4. Bella F.

    Congratz Kimberly!
    and Lime I loved reading Love at First Flight! Since I havent read many contemporary romances it was a real treat to fall in to this one. Hope you feel better soon.


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