Help Japan… Using Swagbucks?

I’ve talked about Swagbucks before in a previous post – but one cool thing Swagbucks does that I really appreciate on a humanitarian/charitable level is… you can donate to various… well things. One being the Japan relief effort, and what with the continued aftershocks (and really, a 7+ point earthquake in most other places would be a huge one on its own) – so they’ve set up a place where you can donate all the swagbucks you’ve acquired, if you so choose. Or, some. Whatever you feel like doing.

Swagbucks is also doing a cool thing where if you sign up now, and use the code “HelpJapan” (you’ll see where to enter it on the sign up page) – you start out with an extra 50 swagbucks. Not bad. If you want to sign up, you can do that here: – sorry, you’ll have to do a copy and paste job – WordPress just hates Swagbucks. :

In other news, I’m still sick. Bleh – but! Finally getting a bit better. Swamped with just everything, surprising considering well, everything. And… I watched the film Peacock. And indie ish straight to video one? Anyone ever see it?

It’s got some rather big names – Susan Sarandon, Josh Lucas, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, and I’m sure many others who are just as famous that I simply don’t recognize. I’d love to discuss it with someone. I have the horrible talent of finding psychological thrillers that mess with my head. Can’t seem to quit them either.

Also I’m babbling so that’ll be enough for now. Cillian Murphy is ridiculously talented. I’d share the movie poster but I think it’s a bit too freaky/misleading… and anyway Cillian here is much better. Isn’t he coy, glancing at us like that?

I plan on doing a huge comments blitz and responding to everything once I’ve got this brief written. *crosses fingers* Um… I “just remembered” I’m headed to DC on Thursday… and in the meantime, this coming Tuesday is Maisey Yates’s Teaser Tuesday spot… one of my most favorite people ever, Ali F is guesting next Saturday… and then two weeks later, we have the awesome Roxanne St. Claire providing an exclusive excerpt to one of her books for the last Teaser Tuesday of the month.

And giveaway winners will be posted later (or were already listed in the comments) – as usual, up to you to check 😀

In summary: Swagbucks! Donate! Sick! Gone! Exciting posts! Movies! Discuss!

And since it’s 2:22 AM I’m so done.



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