Invisible Special Guest Ali?

So… if you’ve been following the patterns, you’d know that this is the third Saturday of the month, and I should have a special guest. Well, I do. It’s Ali F.

But she’s been out and about and super busy … (as in I think she should tell her boss what’s up and get a few personal days…) so there’s no post yet. No worries-  it’ll happen eventually 🙂

Me-wise, I’m also still sick. [Yes – still T_T going on two months now…] And I had been recovering my sense of smell this past week! But… relapsed when I traveled and some other stuff 🙁 Sad.

Um, I’m in DC now for a few days, so if any of you are in the area we should meet up! Cuz Joy also abandoned me. *sobs* (She had an understandable reason though.)

And winners for some of the guest posts? Well, you should check the comments 😉 And of course the Swag one from the most awesome Stacie is still open! Happy weekend!

0 thoughts on “Invisible Special Guest Ali?

  1. Kimberly F

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Remember, if you need someone to fall back on (and you have an idea of a post — or not), I’m here for ya girl — if ya want me!

    Take care of yourself


    blazesandbubbles AT gmail DOT com

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kim – nice! I can schedule you for a guest post 😀 [I think the “official” ones I’m scheduled into mid 2012?]

      And… if I ever need a random one, just please keep an eye out for a desperate cry of help 😉

  2. donna ann

    weather sucks today here in the DC area, but should pick up again tomorrow. since it’s rainy, gray & icky stay inside resting, reading (as that often helps one 😉 feel better) and continuing to get better. Hopefully the weather folks are right and the sun will shine again tomorrow (which could also help you feel better) 🙂


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