Very Special Guest: Ali!

Miss Ali, who is one of my most favorite people ever, was supposed to guest last week. I think we can all agree that it was fortunate she didn’t because we wouldn’t have heard the following story otherwise. And yes, this is the story/post I was hoping she’d share/text me. 😀 Isn’t Ali the best?

So many things went through my head as I wondered what my topic for this guest post would be. Shall I share about my frustration over planning an upcoming surprise birthday party on my own… or my latest obsession with Doctor Who… or maybe how my co-worker was convinced that this guy, who had spent about twenty minutes talking to her, was going kill us (um, yeah, she had a few drinks)… better yet, I could whine about all my unfinished home improvement projects.

Which one am I going to write about today? I’ll go with the crazy episode I had with my co-worker, lol.

The day started out normal enough, I had lunch planned with my co-worker (we’ll call her T) and her friend, since we both had the day off from work. After lunch we decided to go to a bar for drinks. That was my first mistake. My second was not stopping her after her first drink, heh.

After a few minutes, this man approached us and tried to talk to T. Things were going fine for about ten minutes or so, until… T quickly goes through her purse and hands me her keys. She the looks at me and whispers, ‘Run to the car.’ 0_o

I tried to tell her I wasn’t leaving without her, but then she gets this desperate look and proceeds to tell me that this guy is going to kill us. Wowzers. That was definitely not something I expected to hear. I had been there for the whole conversation, and unless she could read minds, there was no mention of killing anybody.

Her conversation with the guy was getting louder. Uh-oh. She got upset with me and asked why I hadn’t left yet. For five minutes she tried to convince me to go, telling me we would both die if I didn’t. I guess it was a nice gesture that she wanted me out of harms way, but I didn’t know whether to laugh or call the men in white jackets, lol.

This was definitely surreal for me. I asked the gentleman to leave and told her we were leaving the bar. She informed me that he would follow us and we needed to hurry.  I told her that I would make sure we weren’t followed and get us out of there quickly… I’ve learned that it’s best to go along with things when necessary.

We finally made it back to her place, and after making sure she was okay, I high-tailed it out of there. For a day that started out normal enough, it sure did take a strange turn for the crazy.

One thing’s for sure, I’ve never been one to say my life is boring. Have you ever had a day that went from good to omg-this-can’t-be-happening?

And Ali chose to be my special guest in April, because it’s her birthday month! (Her birthday was on the first. Fitting, right? 😉 Heh.) But! Ali is awesome and generous – and she’s giving away a $20 Amazon giftcard to someone today! Or… for international readers, a $20 giftcard to the Book Depository. It’s pretty clear why everyone loves her, yes?

You can find Ali at her blog or on twitter. Twitter is actually how I “met” Ali, and when we found out we were both going to RT in 2010 …  we of course had to meet in person. Ali was rooming with Joy and Maya (who couldn’t go). So that’s where the Ali/Joy/Lime everything-ness began.

So come on – make it good, and tell us about one of your crazy day life stories! And remember – you’ll have to come back to see if you’ve won. 🙂

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  1. StacieDM

    Um…wow. That is a weird story. Mine is just as crazy, if not crazier.

    My story happened my freshman year in college. I went on a first date with a guy and we double dated with my dorm roommate and her boyfriend. We went to see Candyman (I’m dating myself *g*) and then went back to my roommate’s boyfriend’s house. After much drinking (not by me) two guys showed up outside with shotguns and started yelling at the guys we were with. Well this was Oklahoma so our guys grabbed their shotguns and started yelling back. My roommate was laughing her drunk ass off the entire time. After some trash talk and a mention of calling the cops the two guys left. I soon followed. This was a terrible first date. As you might guess I never went out with him again. I never went out socially with my roommate again either. LOL

  2. Kimberly F

    OMG!!! Ali, Lime, That’s a story that was worth waiting for! The only story I have the remotely even comes close is having a friend that I had to “babysit” every time we went out. Alcohol was like poison to her — well, an aphrodesiac really. OMG! If I didn’t stay sober she would be with every person in the bar and on her way home. It was crazy! I loved her to death. She is a lot of fun sober. I just know not to go out with her when she’s going to be drinking. I remember one night actually having to pick her up (don’t ask me how I did it) and throw her into my car and take off. The girl was going to “jump” out of the car because “she loved him!!!” She had only met him 30 minutes before — uuggghh….

    Ali — you’re story is crazy! It’s one you’ll be telling forever!

    Ali/Joy/Lime — sounds like an interesting combination — ya’ll should get together and concoct a drink and call it the “Limon Joi Ali” or — Jalart (Joy, Ali & Lime At RT) — Could be kind of a jellow shot or Gelato kind of drink…..FUN!

    Great story Ali — I always enjoy Lime’s guest bloggers!

  3. Raonaid Luckwell

    For some reason the only story that comes to mind is my Senior Prom night. I had absolutely no desire to go to my prom. Most of my class mates I really could not stand.

    My friend wanted me to ask this guy I had been sort of seeing, but well he was seeing another woman. My mother was disappointed since I did not go to either Junior or Senior prom.

    My father decided to “take me out on the town” for my prom. My younger brother joined us. We started the fun down at a local bar/carry out to play pool and listen to music. Since the people there knew my age, there was no drinking for me or my brother.

    Then at a certain time, dad called a cab and we went to a biker bar. We were enroute to the bar when a fight broke out infront of our cab. Two chicks were duking it out. The cabby looked at us and went “Going to be a while. Mind if we wait and watch?”

    My father’s like “Nope not at all.”

    “Let’s turn off the meter as we wait.” Then we went to one biker bar. It was too packed, so we went to another. One guy asked my brother if I was his girlfriend. It was all really funny since both bars were near the same block as the hotel hosting my school’s prom.

  4. katirod

    Wow! That is crazy! I’ve had a few days where customers have threatened to kill me because I wouldn’t take back their half eaten products. (Really? You realized it was the wrong kind of frosting AFTER polishing off the WHOLE CAKE?!) And I fully approve of your obsession with Doctor Who. 🙂

    Here’s my story. Don’t know if I’d call it crazy or not or just plain dumb.So this is after my ex and I had been broken up for a while.
    He was in the Marines for 4 years after high school. When he got out, he moved back to our hometown. Anyway, this girl (who we knew back in high school and had dated one of our friend’s for like EVER) decides to join the Navy. So they got married (so she could get more money since I guess you get paid more if you have a spouse) and here’s the kicker: she’s a lesbian, he’s dating some girl who’s okay with the arrangement, and the girl and my ex are still married. Then the girl he was dating decided she wasn’t okay with it (um, does this make her a homewrecker?) and now he’s with another girl who is totally okay with this situation. This makes me glad I got out of that relationship waayyy before all this WTF*ckery started.

    P.S. My best friend told me this during one of our girls night out when I went back to my hometown.

  5. Shell Bryce

    Crazy… how about being 18 and ready to move out of the house. My parents, well Mom was driving me crazy. At the same time an older co-worker that I was good friends with was preparing to leave her verbally and emotionally abusive husband. She bought a townhouse and it was sitting empty until she could move out the following month. (the man was a trucker and she wanted to do it without him to interfere)
    So I moved into the townhouse a month before she and the kids came to live there. On the day she prepared to move out, the neighbor, a cop, decided to call and tell him that there was something going on at his house instead of getting the details from my friend about what was happening and why. (he later appologized for interfering) Anyway…. I had left to take the kids to new place, and a load of clothing…. she was bringing the kids beds etc. He stopped her, would not allow her the childrens beds, bedding, blankets etc.

    That night I went to work in the department store we both worked at. Her husband, thinking it was my townhouse and my idea, threatened me with shooting my brains out with his shotgun, and other threats while over the company phone at work. This man was scary…. I was scared shitless. Needless to say it took a while but he finally calmed down, layed low and left me and her alone.

    Now the man is still around town and he smiles and says hi like I should be his BFF…. sorry, he may be the father to 3 kids that I love like my own but he still gives me the heeby jeebies

  6. manda903

    I am not at all sure I can top any of these stories, but here goes: I worked for a company temporarily doing their trade shows. As I watched the first trade show display be assembled I thought it was ridiculous how much time and how many people it took to get this booth up.

    I investigated and found out that the woman whose job I was doing while she was on disability was secretly married to the foreman of the company that was used to build the booth. They were filching my company for around a million dollars a year in booth set-up costs. (Yes, it’s very expensive – a great racket, really). Anyway, I turned them in and both of them got fired.

    When I went to the next trade show, though, the guy was there putting up another company’s booth and threatened me. I was alone, because besides the booth set-up people I was the only person around (besides people I didn’t know from other set-up companies and people like me who ran the trade shows). I really thought he was going to follow me back to my hotel room or something. The new foreman ended up walking me to and from my hotel room & sticking by me until more of my co-workers arrived for the show.

    The guy got fired from the new company he was setting up for and I didn’t see him again after that…

  7. Dee Tenorio

    Well, I don’t know if this one applies, but…

    Well, my teenagerhood was like one long I Love Lucy episode, with my Mom as Lucy and my sister and I taking turns as Ethel, lol.

    So, thanksgiving came along and we didn’t have a car, but hey, groceries had to be got, right? So, we climbed up the tallllllllllll hill because it was the best shortcut to the grocery store. The baby was in the stroller and it was a nice day, so why not, right?

    Well, as we do, we got all the things we needed for the holiday. And realized, holy crap…how were we getting it all home?

    Well, we sent my older sister on the bus with the bulk of the stuff–she could carry it up the hill, throw it in the house and come meet us on the hill and help us push up the rest. Since it was the heaviest, we put the turkey in the bottom of the stroller and headed off. Well, we pushed and pushed up the backside of the hill and faced the deep downhill slope to get back to the side where we lived. Only now, the stroller had about 40 extra pounds, at least. It took both my Mom and myself to keep the stroller from falling out of our hands and racing down the hill. Biggest problem is that the turkey had been kinda dragging down the bottom, and the scraping was getting bad. So, we’d solve the weight problem and the scraping if I just carried the big boy the rest of the way, right?


    Not quite.

    I got about four steps before Ol’ Turkey’s bag split. I kid you not, the turkey–here you should note he’s as frozen as an ice rink–raced down the hill like a greased puck. TWO blocks downhill, it barreled and flew until it finally crashed into a wall of hydrangeas at the bottom.

    I’m pretty sure the two of us almost lost consciousness from laughing.

    Especially when my sister turned the corner and found a turkey just waiting for her while we howled from the top of the hill.

    (Don’t worry, his outer plastic packet didn’t even get scuffed, he was delicious later!)

    And if that doesn’t tickle you, I could always tell you about the time Mom and I went to the eye doctor & BOTH got dilated, thinking the other was guiding us home. Blind leading the blind at dusk with car lights coming at us, lol. Ahhh, thems was the days, lol!


  8. ClaudiaGC

    Well, I’m not sure if this episode counts but nevertheless I will tell it to you! 😉
    Some years ago, I had to go to the registration office in our town. My mom drove me there and she was waiting in the car while I got in there. Now, it’s a huge house with a wide staircase outside and I don’t like these staircases. When I walk down in the middle of them I feel really dizzy, so I always have to walk down at the side near the bannister. (Does this make sense?lol) My mom was parking right in front of the staircase and when I came out of the building I didn’t want to walk a detour, so I “braved” my fear and walked down in the center. While I was walking down and really concentrating on the steps, a car drove up behind ours with the same colour. (Can you see where his one leads?) At the end of the staircase, I was still looking down, just saw the silver of the car and got in. Guess in which car I got in? Yep, the wrong one! Let me tell you the driver was as dumbfounded as me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on his face! lol I humbly apologized and got in our car where my mom was laughing her head off because she had seen it all in the rear mirror. It’s a running joke now in our family that I go easily with strangers!

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