Security Blankets, The Shred, and Sadness

So I’ve taken to watching Michael Fassbender movies while doing  mundane tasks that require me to be stationary. Generally, I watch Centurion. I’ve seen it maybe five times now. I think we can all say MF is my current celebrity crush. I  think there’s comfort in  routine, and the added bonus of me not having to pay close attention to the screen. That, and Centurion is one of the few movies MF stars in pre-Jane Eyre where he doesn’t die. >.<

Now the shred, is Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It’s an intense circuit work out, and a bunch of us are doing it together. I’ll update later with the twitter group (is it sad I only know like twitter names?) – and we started today. I’ve done it before… but couldn’t complete it because I’m not allowed to do anything high impact, so I do a modified version of the modified version :X

Near the end Jillian says, “If you feel like you’re going to die, stick with Anita – she’ll carry you through.” But at that point you’re half dead so it seems like Jillian is telling you “if you can’t handle it, follow Anita.” And I’m always like “I am following Anita!!!” (Jillian has two assistants helping out/doing different levels/versions of the same work out.)

Feel free to join in, and we can commiserate together!

As for the sadness… my computer, my beloved macbookpro is on the fritz. There was water/liquid damage and I’m going to have to send it in to be repaired/gutted although the guy thinks only two components will be replaced, which… I guess is okay only not really because what about anything and everything else that is damaged? So… that’s probably going to happen next week because now Apple knows and nothing is covered under warranty until they fix it. Believe me, my wallet and bank account are weeping. Blood.

So that’s me! What about you?

ETA: The group is Liz Maverick (@lizmaverick), Megan Frampton (@meganf), Kwana Jackson (@kwanawrites), Jen Hill (@greybon), Heather Waters (@redline_), and Regina Thorne (@reginathorn). It was April 14 – I remember because I was sitting at a gate in MKE – and Liz said she was looking for a Bridal Bootcamp. I told her she should do the shred – and that I’d join her. And she pulled a group together so we can all suffer together… and shame each other if we miss a day ;). Everyone’s welcome!

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