Ali’s Lucky Winner

Is… courtesy of… Dee Tenorio! Odds were pretty darn good for everyone who entered as there were only 8 entries for a $20 GC… believe me I was tempted to rig it so I could win 😉 Although, I would’ve had to enter, yes? Ali’s always telling me when I compare my chances of something to the likelihood I’ll win the lottery “you gotta enter to win!”

So not only did we get a great post from Ali with awesome stories (and from all of you too!) … but you get great advice too! 😀

No worries-  there’s will be another giveaway from Jess Dee this coming Tuesday, and another from Nalini Singh on the 31st! And those are only the scheduled ones. You never know – I’m kinda random with everything outside the “main” stuff. Um, if you haven’t noticed already.

Just watch. Soon I’ll be doing stream of consciousness stuff and you’ll all be begging me to shut up :X

0 thoughts on “Ali’s Lucky Winner

  1. Bella F.

    LOL! what’s “stream of consciousness stuff”??
    in any case, I likes random. I havent been online much since early April myself so it works for me:)

    1. Limecello Post author

      Bella – heh, it’s just… whatever comes to mind O_o now just watch – I’m going to post one some day.

      Then you’ll all be sorry! :X


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