Lynn Raye Harris’s Winner

Is… Liza! Lynn posted instructions in the comments 🙂

Also – since random/different people are visiting… what do you think? A “how contests work” post, and linking it to every post with a giveaway (that I remember)?

I try to create new posts that announce the winners so those of you who have subscribed see that… do you like these posts or should I just update the giveaway posts instead?

0 thoughts on “Lynn Raye Harris’s Winner

  1. Barbara Monajem

    Definitely create a new post.

    I’ve offered prizes that were never claimed, and I may have won some I never knew about, too, because I don’t go back and check blogs I commented on days before.

  2. Kimberly F

    I’m the same as Barbara! Even thogh I put it on my calendar, I sometimes forget to check the calendar — ditzy sometimes. I know it’s extra work for us but I like to e-mail/tweet my winners personally!

    Thanks for asking, Lime!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kimberly – I’m not going to do the email/tweet thing because… well I have enough to do with posts etc, and picking winners – checking for socks if I can do it an so on. :X So… I’ve never been one to notify winners. I know many who started out doing that gave up.

      I guess we’re [the people who don’t track down winners] are just mean ;X

  3. Liza

    Thanks Lime! I’m with everyone else. A new post helps. I checked when I saw you posted the winner on twitter.


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