Winner of Jess Dee’s Giveaway

Courtesy of (oh how I love that site… though I’m trying to figure out if I can get the plug in so I’ll have to do even less work… laziness thy name is Lime…) – Kim! And if you’re not sure you’re Kim [or any of the other winners] I always link to the comment – makes it easier for all of us.

Since the wonderful Jess Dee has her email on her website and this is for an ebook, we can cut out the middle man – me – and Kim, just email Jess with your book and format choice: [email protected]. Of course, if you would like to talk to me as well, there’s that handy dandy contact form.

Notice how I’m trying to make an effort and actually write and post reviews, y’all?! Cookies all around!

Oh, and since I’ve taken to doing this… Joy’s guest post is next week (watch out! Joy of Joyfully Reviewed is crazy! ;)), Shiloh Walker share a teaser with us on the 24th (her’s is a tease. more a blip…), and then on the 26th Olivia Waite has a guest post and giveaway scheduled, and finally, on the 31st… a Nalini Singh giveaway!

Come on – how excited are you?

0 thoughts on “Winner of Jess Dee’s Giveaway

      1. Limecello Post author

        Hee – you’ve got that whole geographic location thing in your favor, Jess! Jealous!
        I’ve met Nalini too, and she’s super sweet -but I didn’t get much face time with her. Also, I met her in a group setting, and not only do I think, I know Joy (from Joyfully Reviewed) scared her :X So we weren’t getting Nalini at her best. More like Nalini wondering if she’d have to get a restraining order and how to get that done in the states 😉

        [Luvs ya Joyyyy <3]


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