Swagbucks: Charity Edition

I’ve talked about Swagbucks before in a post – and I mention it every so often on Twitter as well. What I like about Swagbucks is the variety of things you can get with it (NB I think it’s best to search using Swagbucks only, not any of their “partner sites”… but I digress.) What I also really like about them, is their charitable efforts. Sure, they’re probably making money, and lots of it, but they do give back. Through “Race for the Cure” type donations, and here, Tornado relief. They also have had funds for Haiti, Japan, and so on.

In fact, here’s the current Tornado Relief Fund Donation Page: http://swagbucks.com/p/prize/25155/Tornado-Relief-Fund-Donation. It ends on Tuesday, May 31, so that’s something to consider.

Now if you don’t have swagbucks yet, but would like to donate – here’s an easy way. Sign up. And, with the code provided below, you start out with five bucks. Even if you never want to use Swagbucks ever again, at least through ridiculously minimal effort, you can donate to charity and Tornado relief without spending any of your own money. (I will say, I do recommend using them otherwise. I’ve donated, and entered some sweepstakes, but otherwise I generally cash in my Swagbucks for giftcards, and in ~26 months I’ve gotten $600. Just for doing internet searches I would’ve run anyway, really.)

Swagbucks, the best place to get free stuff from searching and more is celebrating Memorial Day next week with a special Score Four and Twenty Swag Bucks promotion – they’ll have 4 special Limited Edition collector’s bills available, and if you can snag all four by the end of Thursday, you’ll get a bonus 20 Swag Bucks. ALSO, this Thursday they’re have a Swag Code Extravaganza, a day filled with fun, games and the opportunity to snag over 40 Swag Bucks worth of codes throughout the day. Be sure to visit Swagbucks all this week for opportunities to win big!

Not a member yet? Sign up through my referral link (http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/limecello) and enter the code MEMORIALDAY when prompted – it’ll pad your account with an extra 50 Swag Bucks on top of the 30 that everyone starts with. Get started earning your reward points today!

I’d provide actual links/clickable text, but WordPress seems to hate Swagbucks. And obviously Charity. Bastards. :X

0 thoughts on “Swagbucks: Charity Edition

  1. Bella F.

    argh, I hate to open even one more account somewhere but I feel compelled by charity and “minimal effort” lol
    I made one but havent figured out how to donate yet; of course it’s almost 3 am and Im surfing the web in a zombie state of insomnia and my brain aint on so I’ll work on it tomorrow šŸ™‚


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