Olivia Waite’s Winners!

So, you all remember when Olivia guested here, and shared stories about gardening/her yard, right? I really liked that post. It was heartfelt and sweet. Anyway, she also hosted a giveaway, and her lucky winners (courtesy of randomizer.org) are…

Barbara Monajem and Amy P.!

Ladies – please use the contact form, and let me know which book of Olivia’s you’d like – and which format as well. (We’ll do it first come first served…) Your choices are Generous Fire, or Hearts and Harbingers. Please get back to me by next Thursday, June 9th, otherwise new winners will be drawn. Thanks!

Now – I’ve been in a major reading slump, but while trying to organize books (it’s where I always start in my attempts to clean…) I decided to do a re-read of The Playboy & Plain Jane by Leanne Banks. I absolutely adore Leanne Banks’s stories (and she the author seems incredibly nice as well). I’d forgotten how much I’d enjoyed it the first few times I read it. (It’s out of print now, but I picked up an e-copy. Have I mentioned how much I love the fact that Harlequin is digitizing old titles?!)

So my question to you is – do you re-read books? And if so, have you ever rediscovered a [nearly] forgotten gem? But if no… why not?

0 thoughts on “Olivia Waite’s Winners!

  1. Fedora

    I DO reread books, occasionally because I’ve forgotten that I read it in the first place (less good) and more often because they are books that I love… they’re comfort reads, the ones I KNOW will pick me up.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Fedora- hahahah for the first reason you re-read, that’s so cute! And for the second, yes. Yes, yes yes, I love the comfort reads. I’ve done what you said before :X but generally unless I want to, I just put the book down.
      I’m always glad to find fellow re-readers… even though I think the majority of people do?


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