A *Signed* Copy of Slave to Sensation?! What?

That’s right. Someone’s winning a copy today. Slave to Sensation. By Nalini Singh. Signed. Remember when I mentioned it earlier this week?

Our very lucky winner is…

StacieDM! Please email me with your info – address, etc. so we can get your prize out to you.

You have until Tuesday to contact me, so if I don’t hear from you by then I’ll draw another name. Of course, courtesy of randomizer.org as usual. Although I’m still willing to take bribes for the sake of randomness. πŸ˜‰

And if you weren’t lucky this time, remember, there are still two other giveaways going on! Dee Carney is giving away three books, and Mary G’s post (where she asks Bethany Kane a question) has a book up for grabs as well!

… For the sake of conversation since there seems to be little – would a “comment for a chance to be a random monthly winner” have any affect on your commenting or willingness to do so? πŸ˜› I’m starting to wonder if anyone even reads what I say. :X Cuz I’m starting to feel lonely here. And I’d like to actually, you know, have conversations and such with people!

0 thoughts on “A *Signed* Copy of Slave to Sensation?! What?

  1. StacieDM

    I think a random monthly winner is a fun idea. It would probably get people to comment more often.

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!!


    1. Limecello Post author

      True, Stacie – but I’m wondering if it’ll just be a lot of like “hahaha that’s funny!” comments. Which someone could post without even reading. Or just “ENTER ME!” which happens a lot too, with people ignoring the author’s question.

      πŸ˜› I’m debating. Although I don’t think this place will ever be the setting for in depth industry/what have you discussions. :X I just can’t take myself that seriously… It’s my fatal flaw.

  2. Susan R

    LOL – don’t feel lonely! I read everything you write. I just don’t always comment if its not something I’m interested in winning, or if it is something I already have (like Nalini’s book).

  3. Raonaid Luckwell

    I “try” not to use “Nice post” or “enter me” or the like. I do like Stacie’s idea, just make the stipulation that the post MUST be meaningful “enter me” or “haha that’s funny” or “nice post” does not count.

    On Bittenbybooks, for their contests, you “must” answer the question or ask a question. Since I suck at asking questions of authors, I answer the question the best I could.

    There are days when words seem to elude me.

  4. Rinib

    Don’t worry, I read! But I don’t always comment, sometimes because of time, sometimes because I don’t have anything meaningful to add (although I do the “ha ha that’s funny” comment sometimes).

  5. Bella f.

    w00t! congratz Stacie:D

    hey Lime, sawry I dont comment all too often. I try and stop by weekly and read posts I missed (I really do like your author posts and reading ur book recs) but I troll through randomly, aka whenever I’m not at work or asleep lol
    contests are always cool cuz frankly who doesnt like free books?! but you have a point about possibly having lots of light-worded comments from peeps not really even stopping to actually read what the author or you posted/talked about.
    But I can only really speak to my own tendencies when commenting or reading here which are:
    A lot of times I don’t comment on a post if I’m not already a little familiar with the author because I havent read their books and so don’t have questions yet, or feel comfortable chatting to them if they don’t already have a question for me cuz that’s the ice-breaker…I’m shy even on the internet lol. But when the author asks a question then I’m more likely to comment, and if they reply, I then reply and it feels easier to “talk” to ’em even if I haven’t read their work yet.
    but I *do* read what u say:)

  6. Mary f

    Awe Lime

    Don’t feel that way. I read it since I’ve decided to follow your blog. Sometimes I feel the only thing I’m capable of posting is “lol good one” if that’s the case then I don’t bother posting……

    If an author asks a Q. Sometimes it’s a case of the author having asked a question I’ve never thought of before. So I don’t have a ready answer. πŸ™‚ Also there are a bunch of authors you’ve interviewed that I haven’t read before so I’m searching websites instead to see if I’m interested in reading them. πŸ™‚

  7. Limecello Post author

    Thanks everyone for your response! Hmmm I guess this means I shall (must?) endeavor to be more witty and engaging. Or controversial? πŸ˜› No not that. I like being liked :X Or… perhaps more I don’t like being disliked. O_o
    I also know better – or should – than to comment at 4:22 AM… but here I am anyway!

    Also I think the thing is… I’m getting too much in my own head because I never wanted this to be a promo only blog, or contest blog. It just seems life is running me over, and anything “industry” or reading related that’s meaningful, I feel like I should to heroes and heartbreakers first.

    To Julia, Rinib, and Mary <3 thanks! Heh – I guess I'll just have to think everyone is agreeing with me, or thinks every joke I write is funny. πŸ˜‰ Then we'll all be covered, right? I can feel my ego growing already… πŸ˜› Anyway, I think it was just I've finally started checking numbers, and low number and low comments got me a bit down.

    Susan – I can see how the contest posts are the draw. And how recently it seems like that's all there's been. Life has been kicking my butt and/but… I love summer, so I want only good things associated with it. And you know, birthday month and all – on birthdays people are supposed to get presents… So I'm trying to work that out so all of you get presents! Or at least the opportunity…

    Raonaid, true. I tried to hint at the monthly contest before – like when I bought Stacie… oh whatever kindle book because I checked who was a regular commenter at the blog and used randomizer.org. It’s a lot of work though… maybe I’ll just throw in a random giveaway post with out “announcing” it so the contest whores don’t come out of the woodwork. (Let it be noted that my definition of “contest whore” is much more narrow than many other people’s.) Also, I shy away from *MUST* things in contests… it’d make me feel a bit hypocritical I think, since personally I’m rather critical of contests with requirements. Granted the BBB thing is a bit different than the “you must follow me” etc hoops.

    Bella – that is so cute you’re shy online too! My online personality is actually very much … well, it is how I am in real life. What you see is what you get. So I like that yours carries through as well. πŸ™‚

    … also everyone please disregard like 70% of this comment. I’m on like lackofsleephangover. But I’m going to hit “send” anyway so it looks like I’m all pensive and thoughtful.

  8. Fedora

    LOL, Lime! You’re doing an awesome job with this; blogging is a ton of work! As for getting your readers to comment, I think that just comes and goes as readers “connect” with different books/authors/topics and as they have more/less time to chat. I know that when life gets busy, I’ll often “drive by” and read, but not have a chance to respond as I’d like. And your current wave of contests is likely helping to build up a steadier readership.


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