“News” + Winners

First, what you all care about… (I know!) is the winner of Bethany Kane’s giveaway! By the way? I’m insanely jealous. I wanted to rig it so I could win. One of these days… I need someone to take over this blog so I can win something sometime… 😉 Ah well, it’s all about sharing the book love, right?

So hoping I dragged that out sufficiently… the winner is… Susan R! Susan, you have until Saturday to send me your info, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. And I’ll do it because I want someone to have this book!

Is it really sad if I’ve forgotten my news? 😛 So, I finally wrote another Heroes & Heartbreakers post… and I’d really like it if you’d read it please. In it I share some of my most favorite quotes/books ever. Especially the first. Seriously. It’ll enrich your life. And I can talk up the post, because most of it is quotes, and not “me.” I’ll even do full text of the link! http://www.heroesandheartbreakers.com/blogs/2011/06/i-never-asked-you-to-give-me-your-heart-the-quotes-that-slay-me#

Oh and “Smart Bitch” Sarah of SBTB, and Jane from DA have chosen another book in their “Save the Contemporary” campaign… and… it’s Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey! Sound familiar? Yeah because she just guested here. TODAY!

Otherwise… I’m going to be gone from June 26/27 until July 6/7. I’ll have posts scheduled *crosses fingers* but just, expect me to be pretty quiet. That’s all, for now!

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