Teaser “Tuesday”: Conned by Chloe Cole (Undercover Lovers)

Continuing on from last week, we’ve got the second novella in Undercover Lovers being featured with an exclusive excerpt today. No need for me to babble more, right? The book blurb is:

Who’s undercover?

Saffron Burton – Sensual food critic posing as just another customer
Tucker Lamb – Smooth as butter former conman posing as nerdy professor
Shane Madison – Dead sexy private eye posing as a Strippendale’s dancer
Katrina Killian – Brazenly sexual cop posing as a gang member

Four ultra-sexy stories by four great authors, with one theme!

Conned by Chloe Cole — Human sexuality Professor Cricket Malloy likes bad boys, but when buttoned-up Science Professor Tucker Lamb needs help with an experiment on aphrodisiacs, she goes the extra mile to help him out. After all, he’s harmless…

Tucker Lamb was born into a life of a grifter. He’s always prided himself on his fast fingers and quicksilver tongue. Ever since being placed in the witness protection program, he’s been on the up and up, but something about Cricket Malloy makes him ache to see if his tongue is as fast as it used to be.

“Okay, so we’re going to measure the results three different ways, depending on the test. Pupil dilation, heart rate and electrodermal response. I’m going to ask you to wear this galvactivator on your hand.”“Amazing little thing, isn’t it?”

He nodded his agreement. She’d gotten it on loan from a university in Philadelphia. Tuck had been blown away when she’d told him about it. Apparently, the skin became a better conductor of electricity during arousal. The glove stretched, fitting tightly to any hand. It could measure even the slightest increase of skin conductance. This blip in the body’s normal behavior would be picked up by the sensors and the light embedded in the glove would glow. It was a painless and easily measurable way to gather data. And it was a foolproof desire detector.

He couldn’t wait to see it in action, but not because of its research potential. All he cared about was how they affected this particular subject. He tried not to think of what would happen when they switched roles.

Because if Cricket Malloy was within fifty feet of him, his glove was going to be glowing like a motherfucker.


It took a few seconds to adjust to the total darkness. Cricket took a steadying breath. Being blindfolded was out of the ordinary in itself, but being blindfolded and hooked up to a bunch of sensors while rocking the Michael Jackson look was downright nerve racking. She was like a turtle on its back.

Vulnerable with a capital V.

Tuck’s silence wore on her already stretched nerves and she cleared her throat, just to make some sound. “Well, if you’re going to reveal your true identity as the Westfield Slasher and serial-kill me, do it now and end the suspense.” Her voice came out sounding tinny. She tried for a laugh so he’d know she was kidding.


“My true identity? Nope, you get what you see. Well, you get what you hear, in this case I guess. Good old Tucker Lamb.”

He sounded nervous as well and that was strangely comforting.

“You’re going to hear a click. That’s just me turning on the video camera.”

That had been her own suggestion and it made sense. Having a record of the experiments made it possible to go back and review the material again in the event that any data was missed in real time.

“The first item is something you listed as a food you like but that isn’t considered an aphrodisiac. I just want to get a baseline response so I can differentiate between food you enjoy and foods that elicit a sexual response.”

She nodded. The sound of foil crumpling was followed by a scrape.

“Open,” he instructed. The huskiness of his voice gave her pause, but she parted her lips a moment later.

She closed her mouth over the cool tines of a fork and encountered something cold and creamy. The fork slid from between her lips and she chewed. Crunchy too. Coconut cream pie with graham cracker crust.

“Mmm…” she mumbled, savoring the flavors. Eating with a blindfold on was liberating.

She could focus all her energy on the taste. “Please, sir, I wont some more,” she said, laying on a thick Cockney accent.

He let out a crack of laughter that warmed her to the bone.

“I don’t want you full before we get through the rest of the stuff, but I’ll put it in the fridge so you can eat the rest later.”

“Brilliant. Okay, I’m ready, what’s next?”

“Open wide then bite down.”

She parted her lips and in came something sweet, no fork. She closed her teeth over the object and bit down. Cool, sweet-tart juice spurted onto her tongue and she groaned.

Chocolate covered strawberry.

She chewed slowly, letting the fine, dark chocolate melt in her mouth before she swallowed.

“Oh man, you sure know how to treat a girl.”

A few seconds went by with no response.


Had he left her alone? Suddenly nervous, she reached a hand to the blindfold.

“Sorry, I—uh, I had to record the data.” His voice was so thick her nipples tightened in response. She longed to tear the covering away from her eyes so she could see his expression. See if it was desire behind that dark, silky tone. The not-knowing was at once frustrating and thrilling.

She wondered whether the glove was lit up, then shoved the thought aside and cleared her throat. “Next.”

She opened her mouth without prompting this time and waited. Again, the feeling of being totally vulnerable overtook her, but she kept her lips parted.

The room was so quiet, she could hear his breathing. And her own. What if, instead of feeding her, he leaned forward and kissed her? What if he ran his tongue over her bottom lip, then nipped her lightly before sinking into her completely?

She sensed his body moving nearer, the heat of him tempting her to press close. His scent washed over her, sandalwood and vanilla, the minty bite of mouthwash—

The cool steel of a spoon almost made her jerk back. Instead, she closed her mouth as silky, smooth honey glided over her tongue and slid down her throat. Delicious.

She licked her lips to pick up any errant drops and the air in the room shifted. Tuck’s breathing quickened and her stomach fluttered in response.

“Again,” he murmured.

She froze, unsure of his meaning. Lick her lips again? Or?

“Open again.”

Ah, the experiment. She needed to get her head out of the gutter. Obviously Tuck was just in the zone, focused on task and distracted as he recorded the results.

She opened again and waited. And again, the forbidden thrill of being at his mercy rippled through her.

If he wanted to, he could wrap a fist in her hair and guide her waiting mouth over his thick cock, over and over.

A rush of warmth pooled between her thighs and she shifted in her chair.


Her nipples grew even tighter as she obeyed his command. He ran the pad of a finger over her lips and her pulse pounded in response.


She nodded but didn’t reply as she anticipated his next move. God, what if he did it? She could almost feel his smooth length butting against her lips, demanding entry.

Whoo! That’s some teaser, yes? Now who’s ready for a snack? 😉 What’d you think? Did last week’s teaser make you go buy the book? Will you after this one? Are you into sexy food scenes, or is that not your cup of tea? I’m sooo full of clever puns today, aren’t I. 😀 Oh and silly me  – did I forget to mention that Chloe is giving away a copy of any book from her back list? That’s incentive to talk right? Which book looked appealing to you? Did you read any excerpts?

0 thoughts on “Teaser “Tuesday”: Conned by Chloe Cole (Undercover Lovers)

  1. Fedora

    Ah… that is a fun premise! I love the guy posing as a geeky professor 🙂 As for food scenes, mmm… food AND romance? A combination I can endorse!

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  3. StacieDM

    Hello Chloe! Great excerpt. I have to say that I LOVE coconut cream pie. As a matter of fact my favorite frozen custard place will have that as their flavor of the day on Saturday. I’ve got it circled on my calendar. LOL. I take my dessert seriously.

    The more I read about this anthology the more I want to get my hands on it. Good luck with the new release Chloe!

  4. Sasha Devlin

    I actually bought this antho a couple of weeks ago but my schedule hasn’t allowed me to read for fun yet 🙁 It’s waiting on the Kindle as soon as I get a breath.

    Foody sex scenes don’t have a middle ground IMO. They are either done right (see the above) or go horribly awry in execution.

  5. Christine Bell

    Fedora- the alpha male posing as beta male is one of my favorite themes because you get the best of boths worlds in your hero! I did that theme in Naughty Godmother as well (but that’s a paranormal) and had so much fun with it, I wanted to do it again. It’s such a broad theme, it gives you lots of room to play.

    Marika- I’m so glad you liked Tuck (and his ice trick)! My CP Murph came up with that idea, and I’m so glad she did. It was a home run.

    Stacie- We have a yogurt place near me that has ridiculously awesome flavors like that too. My fave is New York Cheesecake (but the Red Velvet is a close second).

    Hey Sasha! Thanks for stopping by. I hope when you get to it, you like it! I had a blast with the food play.


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