Special Guest: Sandi S!

Sandi is one of my online buddies, and I :X actually don’t even know when I “met” her… but we – along with others- chat about twice a week, and have for some time now. (I wanna say at least two years?) She’s also a blogger a Fresh Fiction, and I imagine many people – or authors at least, as you’ll see – know her, or at least of her. She also attends a number of events, as she’s one of those lucky readers that lives in Texas, where they have events galore. 😛 Anyway, I approached Sandi about doing a guest spot here, and she kindly agreed, and is here to talk… well, what else but books with us all!

I’m truly fortunate to live in a large metropolitan area.  At any given time I have my choice to attend a sporting event, a foreign film, a concert, a theatrical production, or perhaps a show at a local museum.  How do I choose to spend my spare time, with my book friends of course!

My book friends are not just the paper or electronic variety, but a very eclectic group of readers who make up the wonderful DFWTeaReaders.  The group has been meeting for more than 10 years, and I’m really not sure how long I’ve been a member.

The best thing about being a member of this group is the wonderful author signings that we get to attend, and the number of times that we get to do special events with the authors.  I’ve had the opportunity to be up close and personal with so many authors, and from a variety of genres that I wouldn’t normally read, but after talking with the author I get inspired to branch out.

It was after hearing Sherrilyn Kenyon talk and her story having me in tears that had me picking up my first Dark Hunter novel.  It was meeting Lauren Willig and seeing what a fun bundle of energy she is that had me picking up The Secret History of the Pink Carnation and getting hooked on the Napoleonic Era.

I’d been a huge fan of Robyn Carr for a long time, and am a friendly stalker of hers.  (Yes, she knows, and thankfully can even joke about it.) [Really. Sandi straight up loves Robyn. We all tease her about restraining orders ;).] If you haven’t yet made a journey to Virgin River I think you need to.  It was due to my association with DFWTeaReaders and Fresh Fiction that I got to meet her in person.  What a dream come true!

It’s that same association that has allowed me to have dinner with Carolyn Brown, not once but twice! [Oh and heads up – the kindle version of Love Drunk Cowboy, which is a book cover Sandi asked me to use, is only 99 cents  right now!]  I got to meet and talk with Mary Alice Monroe twice as well.  As I sat to write this post I was getting ready to help host a dinner for Karen White.

So yes, where I live makes a difference in the activities I can enjoy.  What about where you live?  Does it allow you a vast variety of activities? If not what is special about where you live?  If you could live anywhere where would it be?  See I’m full of questions, and quite hopeful you respond.

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  1. Limecello Post author

    Hi Sandi! Where I live… not so much. But I do like to travel… when I can. It’s the whole lack of funds holding me back. If I could live anywhere… I’d go with DC or NYC. Apparently I like cities with “C” in them. Or… I guess Chicago or Seattle. Maybe it’s the sound 😉
    I’m more of a east coast girl though.
    Also – so jealous of your events! Have fun at the… :X boas, tiaras, something like that event? (Sorry I’m zonked. Also have to drive like an entire day to attend a crazy FML wedding tomorrow/today. YAY!)

  2. Fedora

    I don’t exactly live in a hotbed of excitement, but it’s close enough to big cities so I can get that if I want, Sandi! I haven’t really had a chance to meet many authors in person yet, but I’m hoping that will be easier as my kids get older and I can leave them for longer 🙂 I do like where we live; DH and I have joked about moving to Asia temporarily so our kids can learn to speak Mandarin more easily, but we haven’t actually done anything about making that a reality 🙂 We’re quite comfortable where we are, which makes the leaving more difficult!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Fedora – you mean you don’t ship ’em off to Chinese school? 😉 Heh. I remember in college having/meeting a lot of friends with “Saturday school” horror stories.

      1. Fedora

        Indeed we do, despite loud and furious protests. Believe me when I say that it is every bit as painful for us as it is for them, and I’ve already been through Chinese school myself!! (I went for YEARS as a kid…) You managed to escape? 😉

  3. StacieDM

    I live in the suburbs of Chicago so I am only a train ride away from museums, sports events, concerts and clubs. If I want to splurge I will stay in a hotel downtown and make a weekend of it. I like living in the suburbs because it is quieter but I like having access to so much great entertainment. I will be moving to Seattle at the end of the summer so I’m looking forward to the activities there.

    I just won Love Drunk Cowboy on a blog contest. I grew up in Oklahoma so you know I love me some cowboys! LOL

    Great post Sandi!

  4. Sandi

    Stacie, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and moved away when I went to college. How long have you lived there? Do you have have to move a lot?

    Fedora, my boss is Chinese and she teaches mandarin at our school.

    Today I got to not only attend Boas and Tiaras sponsored by so many great sources, Avon, Fresh Fiction, and I’m not even sure who all else…but I got to be the private chauffeur for Julia Quinn and Rachel Gibson. What great conversations I got to listen to and sometimes partake in.

    Lori Wilde was in attendance, and when I told her I was disappointed that I couldn’t buy her First Love Cookie Club at the book sale today she gave me a copy! How awesome was that?

    I didn’t win the color nook that Rachel Caine donated, but a good friend’s sister did so that’s almost as good!

    Hope I get to guest here again!

    1. Fedora

      Wow, that is so cool, Sandi–what an awesome day you had!!! I would be speechless to be in such close proximity to such amazing authors!

    2. StacieDM

      I’ve lived in the far west suburbs since 1998. Luckily I don’t have to move very often. I’m looking forward to the change of scenery in the Pacific Northwest though.

  5. Ray G

    I live in Virginia Beach, but I never go to the beach. I have seen better. My favorites are in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera in the Balearic Islands of Spain. I would love to in Mallorca. There are some beautiful homes on a cliff above my favorite beach, Playa El Mago. To pick a city it would be Barcelona or Dublin. Chile has several places I would love to live. The only thing keeping me from living in Europe or South America is that my family is here and of course money is tight. I loved my job before I retired. I have been entirely around the world and have been in over eighty countries. I miss the sea.

    Sandi, you sure know how to interest people in your blogs.


  6. Bella F.

    Hi Sandi!
    I’m so glad I’m not the only person that’s a (non-crazy of course) “friendly neighborhood” stalker of an author lol. I pretty much feel the same way about Nalini Singh (who I haven’t met but hope to at ALA!) as you do about Ms. Carr:D
    F’real, I just can’t get enough of her stories:) I havent read anything by Robyn though; what’s the best book to start with? I’d love to try out her series!
    As for living someplace cool, I’m torn: I’d love to live in NYC because of all the cool activities, not to mention BEA, Comicons, etc. But I love the look and feel of the weather and rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest, so Oregon or Washington call my name too:)
    Nice to meet ya,
    Bella 🙂

  7. Sandi

    Bella, I got to meet Nalini yesterday at Boas and Tiaras! Then later I got to sit across from her at an after tea dinner. She was so much fun! It was really cool to see her amazement at the chocolate nachos that she and some others shared for dessert!

    I hope you get to meet her some day, she’s fascinating to listen to.

  8. Joy

    Sandi, always does such great blog posts! Love her vivid imagination and her great sense of humor. Reading one of the Virgin R. books on my Nook right now 😉

  9. Julia Broadbooks

    I live in Central Florida. That means that theme parks and tourist attractions are everywhere. There is everything here from ice skating to indoor sky diving, fine dining to counter service. Fireworks are a daily thing.

    Where would I choose to live? If money weren’t an issue, Manhattan. Mostly because then I could still leave when the cold winters were too long.


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