Or, that’s the idea anyway. Actually, it’s really all about SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS!

Have you ever read a book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips? If you have, you know why I’m excited. If you haven’t… well you’re missing out. I’ve even written a post for Heroes & Heartbreakers about “Rockstar Authors” and why I love so many of her books. (I’ll of course link you when it goes live. Ironically, it was the first post I ever wrote for H&H.)

So… BookPerk which is like the Groupon of book things, is having a “tell your friends about Susan Elizabeth Phillips.” The winners – which would be largest team get books. Each member gets a SEP book. And… the winner gets a $500 shopping spree. I’m thinking… If I win it, I’ll split it up – give my mom a GC (my mom constantly needs buttering up…) and I’ll have giveaways for the remainder amounts. Sound good? And since it’s now in print you have to hold me to it! Well, if you want to.

Please join my team here! Oh and if you wanna check the status of our team? I’ve got the link right here! So far, we’re number one!

In summary- join the team! Spread the word! Get a free SEP book if we win! Along with extra prizes! Whee!

0 thoughts on “TEAM LIME FTW!

      1. Marika Weber

        I already joined and I worship SEP! Match Me If You Can is my all time favorite of hers.

        Mine is at the end when he shows up at the lake house, mismatched, in love and won’t take no for an answer. Also, when he gets jealous at the party at her house! Priceless! All the football guys and she is in control. Laugh out loud funny!

  1. Keri

    Guess who gets to intro/moderate for SEP during one of her workshops at RWA national this year?
    That’s right.
    I’m on team Lime. HTBLJS = Help The Babe Love Joyfully Susan.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Keri! What? WHAT?! … Can you sneak me into that workshop?! 😉 Puh-leeeezzzzeeee?
      Also – woman. When are we hanging out? Why have we not coordinated yet? Email!

      Hehehe and I love the … whatever the word is. >.< My brain has melted and all I can hear is crazy dog barking. Gah.

  2. StacieDM

    I joined the team. I’ve never read SEP so this would be a great way to introduce her work to me. Good Luck!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Yay, thanks so much, Stacie! I hope we win – I think you’ll really like her, and a lot of her books are set in Chi-town! 😀

  3. Mary G

    I joined!!! You know who got me hooked on SEP? Shiloh Walker! Went to SEP’s site and started reading Dream a Little Dream & got toatlly addicted. Had to go out & get all the books.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Fantastic, Mary! You know, Dream a Little Dream actually is one of the books by SEP I like less – I don’t really care for the story, but the secondary romances is one of my favorite [romances] ever! Ah! It’s sooo cute! <3

  4. Caffey

    Joined your team! Cool, Can you believe I haven’t read the famous Chicago books?!? I did read one of hers, I think it was probably a single title, AIN’T SHE SWEET. It was a sweet read. I think I had gotten it from the library to try. I do need to read those famous Chicago ones that many rave about!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Cathie – you haven’t?!?! You MUST! :X I liked Ain’t She Sweet – but it’s … not a favorite. I think because the heroine had been such a jerk as a kid everyone is a bit *too* mean to her throughout the course of the book? I dunno. I love the other ones so much more. You must read them! Breathing Room and Kiss an Angel might be favorites, and those aren’t even Chicago Stars books!

  5. Amy P.

    Joined the team!! What a great “game” – love love love SEP! Met her at RWA in SF years ago. She is really nice and funny, a great lady.

    My all time favorites are the Chicago Stars series **swoon** . . . . IT HAD TO BE YOU . . . the best!

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