Who won Cari Quinn’s giveaway when she contributed an exclusive excerpt from Conquered, her novella in Undercover Lovers?

You mean you don’t want to?

Well. Cuz you know I’ll tell you. Cari chose… Ms. StacieDM! You lucky bird. [I seem to be going with this whole bird thing. It’s 1:03 AM. You’ll have to forgive me.] Anyway, Stacie, you are to email Cari at [email protected].

Let’s also pretend I posted this at the real time on Tuesday, shall we? And… NB from the end of June until mid July… winners will be posted later. No worries, we’ll still have them. I’ll just… you know. Be gone. Now, they might be posted on time. I might have internet access! Which would be amazingly and lovely and wonderful, because I’m something of an addict. But… sadly I’m not anticipating that. So, you know. Ali and Joy will have to hold my hand through the detox. Only not, because I feel pretty safe in saying they’re just as addicted to the net as I am, if not more. WHEEEEEEEEE.

Don’t y’all wish I wrote more crazy ass posts in the wee hours? I can’t tell if it makes me swear more or less…

p.s. – Stacie, is it Geisha that makes you so lucky? Would you consider lending her to me for a bit? … Wait – you mean I can’t win the contests on my own blog?

Whhhhhyyyyy. Why am I even doing this? Oh right. Birthdaypalooza. So all of you will celebrate with me. That’s right. I didn’t buy friends in college, but I’ll do it now. And no, I will not explain that statement because I’m certain it’d offend many someones and get me in big trouble. So being vague and crazy and manic it works. Right? Right!?

[Be honest. You’re all now laughing at me, not with me, huh.] :

0 thoughts on “Guess…

  1. StacieDM

    Thank you so much!

    If it helps, I’m totally jealous of your upcoming birthday palooza in NYC. I’ve never been to New York! Are you going to the book signing? I think it will be even bigger than the one at RT. Have fun!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Stacie, I think this MIGHT be the one year I go to NYC and entirely avoid family! I did tell one cousin I’d be there… but we’ll see. I actually have nothing planned, and very well may be eating lunch by myself! *cue tiny violin*
      I will be going to the book signing 😀 And… I expect to breeze through, then hide in a corner somewhere until the organizers kick Joy out. I’m pretty sure it’ll be bigger than the one at RT… and the year I went I literally sat along the wall next to a plant. Until I found a great spot hiding behind Sabrina Jeffries at a table. She had no idea who I am – and still has no idea.
      Anyway, I still think you should come! 😉 If only for a day or two… Yeah?!


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