Yes! Today, it is my birthday! (So all of you who said that before… feel free to carry it over to now ;))

I’m out of town – and writing this post in advance, of course, because I don’t know what net access I’ll on the “actual today.”

My gift to you? … Major hints on the guest post Ali and Joy (and I) wrote. Why? Because I really want you guys to try! Also, it took some effort to coordinate and sort out – and you don’t want me to be sad and give up entirely on giveaways in the future, do you? And on my birthday! I’m allowed to be a whiny pushy bitch about it. Mostly because my birthday generally sucks ass, so I’m hoping this year is an exception.

You’ll notice the list of “facts and fictions” has been repeated below, but color coded. Bonus points to the first person who assigns the correct color to the correct person in the comments!

Ready for the list? (Again?) Here you go!

I don’t know how to drive.

I am prepared for either a zombie apocalypse or in the event that computers take over the world.

I grew up in Switzerland.

I am addicted to video games.

I’ve never been to Europe.

The first RT Convention I went to, I hid for three hours.

I was in a choir that sang for the President.

I took piano lessons for about eight years.

Each car I’ve owned was picked by another person… because I don’t much care what I drive as long as it gets from point A to point B.

I’ve never gone skiing.

I do not pack until the night before a trip… or in a couple instances, an hour before I have to head out the door… makes things interesting, lol.

I was born in Canada.

One of the ladies here once gave me a tequila shot… it was so strong I actually couldn’t breathe for a moment there.

I was treated to a public humiliation & got a spanking one year for my birthday (in a bar in NYC).

Sometimes I will rehearse a whole conversation in my head… even if I don’t end up talking to the other person about it.

I got married and divorced in Vegas… all in the same week.

My middle name is Rose.

I make lemon blueberry gelato every summer.

I could have had a picture taken professionally with Barack Obama.

I go on a cruise every year.

I sang the jingle for a commercial on TV.

I love mowing my lawn.

I’ve burst into spontaneous song in random places, most notably on Capitol Hill. More than once.

I go golfing every week.

I waited in line overnight for Prince Tickets.

I haven’t worn sneakers in five years.

I have had pet cats since I was eight.

I used to call friends at midnight on their birthday.

I am afraid to swim in deep waters.

Nobody in my family (including extended) knows I read romance or go to conventions.

I freeze like a deer caught in the headlights when frightened.

I met Fabio.

I was home schooled.

My birth place is New York.

I met Hugh Jackman.

I wrote a poem that was published.

Ok? Anyway, I hope everyone has an amazingly fantastic Tuesday! Eat some cake and ice cream – have a few drinks. It’s to celebrate me! 😉 That won’t ruin your diet – it’s exempt! 😛 I wanted to post a picture of one of my favorite birthday cards I’ve ever gotten… but I can’t find it. :'(

Hopefully I have awesome stories to share with you once I’m back!

0 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. Rowena

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIMECELLO! I hope your birthday is filled to the brim with goodness because you deserve the best!

    What if I don’t know the others you mentioned?

  2. StacieDM

    I’m going to say Green is Lime, Pink is Joy and Grey is Ali.

    Happy, Happy Birthday Lime! I’m so darn jealous you are in NYC and I’m not. Have a ton of birthday drinks and enjoy the awesome book signing.

    1. StacieDM

      FYI – I sent my first set of guesses. I’m terrible at multiple choice tests. Give me a blue book and an essay question any day. LOL 🙂

  3. Bella F.

    HAPPY BiRthDAY LimE!! 😀
    I promise I’ll take a bash at figuring out who has which once I’m home; right now I’m on my way back from ALA conference which was in New Orleans, so I havent had any time to be online. But I’ll try tomorrow for sure:)
    hope u have a decent (if not all around good) day today 🙂

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