Guest Author & A Giveaway: Melissa Schroeder (Birthday Edition!)

I don’t know if she knows this… but Melissa Schroeder is one of the very first e-published authors I’ve ever read. Back when I was in college. Which was oh-so-long ago. 😉 I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her at RomCon – and she’s a lot of fun. Irreverent, but really nice too. I enjoy her wicked sense of humor, and she lets me bother her even when her status says “DO NOT DISTURB!” Which… frankly is why I do it. I just can’t resist. :X Anyway- her post!

Hey, everyone! If you don’t know me, my name is Melissa Schroeder, known to one and all as Mel. I write sensual to erotic romances. I want to thank Lime for allowing me to be here on the best of all days, HER BIRTHDAY. I would have recorded me signing to happy birthday, but well, I like Lime. If you heard me sing, you would understand this is the bestest kind of gift to give. But, today is about birthdays and being an author, I am a little self-centered. So, I will talk about my birthday.

Why you ask? My birth date sucks. See, I’d like to actually GO somewhere on my birthday but it is on January 4th. It was horrible growing up that way. Both my sister, who has a late December birthday, suffered this as a child. Yes, I did end up sticking my oldest with one in January, but it is later in January. And, it is her cross to bear. And let’s remember, this IS about me. So, back to me. As a child, being so close to Christmas and the time when all the kids go back to school, your birthday is forgotten. You get things wrapped in Christmas paper, and yeah, it irritated not only my sister and I, but also our mom. It was hard to have birthday parties. Being military, a lot of people went out of town for the holidays. Now, as an adult, I have kids to get to school that day. Actually, I call that a wonderful birthday present when they go back ON my birthday.

But, as usual, I digressed bitching about things that are kind of boring. I mean, not to me because of that whole being self-centered. I really do love to talk about myself.

Anyway, I have always wanted to do a birthday trip. It is impossible because of the timing. Kids have to be in school and hubby has a job, blah blah.

So, I would like to go somewhere cool like Tahiti or Greece…something exotic. Part of me would love to go with my husband. But, I am taking him to Italy next year for our 20th so I think it would be fun to do a girl trip. First, I would say Vegas. Of course, it might end up like The Hangover and we would end searching for someone. And one of us would be married to a stripper. Actually there is a very good chance that would happen. So, a resort for the rich and famous where we could be pampered and cared for and just relax. I don’t often do girl things. So, this would be a huge treat for me. And, of course, we would go first class all the way.

So, if you could do one trip, where would you go and who would you go with? And, you have all the money you need so there are no worries in that corner. Everyone who tells me what they would like to do will have a chance at a $25 GC from your choice of online bookstore!

And, again a BIG OLD HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lime. I would send you hugs and kisses, but…well…I know your preferences. So, I am waving…and not singing.

Melissa Schroeder is the author of close to thirty novels, novellas and short stories including her bestselling Harmless series. Her latest digital release is A Little Harmless Addiction from Samhain publishing. She is married with children, both natural and the adopted four legged variety. If you want to know about her and her books be sure to check out her website, follow her on Twitter or stalk her on Facebook. Oh, and if you are addicted to her Harmless series, she has a facebook group just for you.

Erm, and if anyone feels compelled to send me on a luxury trip on my special day… well you know. It’d be rude not to accept, right? 😉 I’m not even picky – I’ll go on any fancy trip you pick for me! 😛

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  1. wyndwhisper

    there is a luxury train that leaves from Vladvostock Russia(Siberia) and goes across to Moscow and then you can switch train and drop down thru Mongolia to China and into Thailand and points beyond. My mother and i have wanted to do this trip for a long time now but because of the price (9,000 pp for 1st part of trip)and the health issues i have now we are not able to go just yet. someday but not just yet.

    Happy Birthday!
    [email protected]

  2. Limecello Post author

    Also – there were supposed to be pictures >.< I'm in NYC and have wifi for a night. [WHOOOO!] 🙁 I couldn't get a way to host/upload them, they kept crashing my computer and I somehow couldn't get communication to Mel… anyway, imagine fitting blog pictures please for this post.
    Also it's 2:31 in the morning. AWESOME.

  3. Marika Weber

    Money no object…I would go to Scotland, Ireland and Wales with my hubby and my hubby’s best friend and his wife. I know boring but while the guys were golfing, Ashley and I could get into alot of trouble shopping and flirting. At night, the four of us would invade the pubs and literally crawl out of them at night. We’d leave our kids at home, too.

    Happy Birthday Lime! And Mel, I feel your pain on the birthday. Mines’ February 10th and I always get screwed because its 4 days before Valentine’s day. Also, son’s birthday is in the summer.

  4. ClaudiaGC

    Melissa, I feel for you! I’m a January child myself and I always had fairly small parties because we had not a lot of room in our house. And we had to stay indoors because of all the snow we get here.My brother always had a big party outside in the garden because his birthday is in September.
    I would love to visit Ireland again. I spent a wonderful time there some years ago and would so love to show my boyfriend all the places I’ve seen.
    Happy Birthday, Lime! 🙂

  5. StacieDM

    If I didn’t have to worry about money, I would do a cruise around the world on Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth II. I think the Queen Mary has replaced the QE2 for the most part but I always thought it was prettier than the QM. I have always wanted to go on a cruise but I’ve never had the chance. The QE2 would be like travelling in the lap of luxury. Great question!

  6. Cathy M

    You know what sounds fun to me is a cruise through the Greek islands with my sisters. Eat fabulous food, no dishes to wash, no bed to make, just get spoiled for a bit and maybe have some sexy Greek gods to admire. I always have the most fun with my sister’s, lots of laughter, and we pretty much like the same things, so it’s easy to plan a fun day, or just a day to hang out and bask.

    Happy Birthday Lime!

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  7. Chelsea B.

    I would take my nana and go to Scotland– because no one loves those accents like me and my nana! 🙂

  8. Fedora

    Hey, if it’s money-is-no-object, then I’d love to take a leisurely world-trip with DH, meeting up with the kids part of the time. So many parts of the world I have yet to see, including most continents! I’d like a mix of land and sea touring, so we could enjoy the best of all worlds, so to speak! But in reality, we’re hard pressed to coordinate even a couple days some times, so this is quite a fantasy!

    Happy birthday, Limecello!

  9. Jeslin

    Dream trip? A tour of all the major historical sights, and definitely the locations of the wonders of the world. And if we stopped at places in between and took a while… well money’s no object, right?

    Very belated happy birthday to you, Lime!

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