Random Guest: Cassandra Carr

So Cassandra Carr emailed me asking me to guest, and I was like “when were you thinking?” And she was like “as soon as possible?” And I was like “I have the perfect date for you! … Well, us! Whatever!” Anyway, she was very sweet about it and all enthusiastic, which I appreciated, of course. Also, she’s here sharing the eye candy with you all today. I’ve also got to say this is a unique post. Well done!

Create-Your-Own Hockey Player Hero

In honor of my current release, I thought it would be fun to let you all create your own hero. Drew Milan, the hero in Talk to Me, is Italian-American, with black hair and olive skin, but much like the general population, hockey players come in all sizes and colors. So without further ado, design your own hockey player hero!

First, our hockey hero needs a head, of course. Here are three nice, and yet different, ones to choose from:

Next we need a torso:

Now, I’d give you legs to choose from, but all hockey players’ legs are the same – well-muscled. So what mish-mash of hockey player hotness would you come up with if given the chance?

Comment to enter my giveaway for a set of erotic dice. The first die gives you an action: touch, suck, etc and the second one has body parts: lips, breasts, etc.

Now I could be wrong… but I want to say this post was partially inspired by Jaci Burton’s new cover… see? Taking a Shot isn’t out until March 6, 2012. Maybe they’ll move up the release date… Anyway. Yeah. I’ll give you a minute.


0 thoughts on “Random Guest: Cassandra Carr

  1. Mary Froelich

    this was fun

    A or c for the head can’t decide

    A for the body if we could add the tattoos from C

  2. Heather F

    C for head, A for torso.

    The first two heads just don’t look rough enough. And the torso needs to be thick because it gets rough out on the ice.

  3. Cassandra Carr

    Hey everybody!

    Ruth Thompson won the set of erotic dice. Ruth – send your snail mail addy to [email protected] and I’ll get them in the mail to you!

    For those who didn’t recognize the heads/torsos, here they are:
    Trevor Linden Saku Koivu Brad Richards
    Alexei Kovalev Ryan Kesler Ryan Malone

    Thanks for playing! I had a lot of fun! Thanks to Lime for the opportunity!

    — Cassandra

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