“RWA Write Up”

So… you all know I was in NYC last week+ – it happened to be over my birthday, RWA, and the fourth. I suppose I ought to do the obligatory write up, but so many others have done it and with more content and substance. I really just wanted to have a not shitty birthday, and to get away. I had a packed schedule – three pages print – and it was fun, but a little insane. I also unfortunately didn’t get to do everything on it, and my Friday was totally shot. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know I spent about two hours at the NYPD First Precinct. There’s something about it being the oldest police location… the very nice clerk(?) I dealt with first mentioned it, but I was a bit too distraught to really pay attention. Also she hated it – it was old and not air conditioned and I got a mosquito bite. (This is notable because I’m generally allergic to mosquito bites, and am now suffering for it and have seriously contemplated cutting off my arm a few times.)

Anyway, I had to miss a few meetings and the RITAs because of it. At least I got to go to Avon’s reader tea.

I’d list my schedule but it would seem like a lot of name dropping… so instead I’ll go with some highlights. I’ll also limit myself to nine people. Or try to. I got to meet Shannon McKenna – and I got as fan-girly as I ever do, by telling her I love her books. I also gave her a few author recommendations, and maybe she’ll look into them! How cool, right? (And see how it pays to be nice to me? ;))

And of course it goes without saying I was extremely happy to see Joy and Ali. Despite the fact that I have less than no association with the site Joyfully Reviewed, I’m friends with Joy. I will not, however, ever wear bunny ears… unless I become a playboy bunny. Which is about as likely as me becoming a teen pop sensation. (I may have gotten some rather rude and awkward questions about it. Or more than some. Not that it annoyed me, she lied.)

In no particular order…
Shannon McKenna
Olivia Gates
Meljean Brook
Larissa Ione
Amy Knupp
Jax Cassidy
Nalini Singh
Jennifer Haymore
Courtney Milan

Of course, Beth Williamson deserves a shout out, because I met with her, and she’s the only person who gave me a book! Oh, and other than the people I drove down with (Jess and Stacey), the first person I saw was SB Sarah – we never really got to chat though. I also had an absolutely fabulous time talking and gossiping with Rosie, and finally got to meet Wendy the Super Librarian. I’m also super jealous of all the So-Cal bloggers, even more so, because I adored Rosie. And of course Lisa too – I pair the two of them together in my mind, because I’m insane.
I didn’t get an ARC of Shannon McKenna’s upcoming book… even though Joy and Ali did. (There’s something obviously wrong with that picture.) … I should have had Shannon sign something random like… a … bookmark. I don’t even know. I loved her McCloud books.

Olivia Gates was lovely to talk to, and so so nice. There’s this underlying trend, that the authors who are “big names” are popular… tend to be really nice, good, decent people. Although Larissa is obviously the exception to that rule… πŸ˜‰ I love teasing her, and she makes fun of me too. Apparently we needle each other so much others notice-Β  some person even came up to me and asked if I actually know/have met Larissa. Which, yes, I have. I only wish we got to hang out more, but Larissa of course is super popular and had quite the schedule herself. I got to hang out a bit near the end of one of her signings, and harassed her… I’m surprised one of her rabid fan girls didn’t take me down.

I also have a terrible memory, and absolutely no mind for names and faces, so for the fear of mistaking any person for any other one, I’m just going to call everyone a “random person.” Courtney Milan also deserves a major shout out, because we were supposed to hang out on Tuesday… just chat or whatever. I was very excited. But on my way to the conference hotel my shoe broke – so Courtney gamely followed me around Times Square, as I carried the remains of my heel and walked on my toe, unbalanced, and sweating like a pig. It was also my birthday. Poor Courtney. And of course the day after she hits the NYT list… I of course always manage to show people my best. *blink* She was very patient and sweet while I tried to find a cute pair of comfortable shoes at payless. (I know, I can’t believe I just typed that sentence either…) *I’d also like to point out the “caption” for this picture. Hover your mouse over the image. You’ll see.

I dragged Nalini (and the girls) to Joe Shanghai’s, where I finally got to introduce someone to soup dumplings. The waiter also made fun of me because I forgot how to say “mini-clams in black bean sauce” in Chinese. Insert much shame. It’s good to be able to laugh at yourself, yes? Yet another faux pas, I didn’t know about dietary restrictions. Alas. I also learned that Nalini has a slightly darker side, as she was very easily able to sacrifice a child to an oncoming zombie horde. We had very interesting, and entertaining dinner conversation, as you can see.

I’m was also thrilled I finally got to meet Jennifer Haymore, and we had a lovely chat at lunch. She is one busy girl, and I’m very interested in her upcoming series! I got to see the elusive Meljean Brook, who if I didn’t already like her before, I totally would now because she happily took the train and we went to Sprinkles, because the Cupcake Stop truck moved around… anyway, I won her cupcake giveaway as part of her DABWAHA Team Dorkpower… and I gave away cupcakes too. It was fun. I was a total shit and forgot about the time and Meljean was also very gracious and understanding. (Sorry sorry sorry!) So I made us late. Being late seems to have been a common trend of the week. I also probably shouldn’t be as thrilled/excited as I am that Meljean took the subway around, but just… wow there are a lot of peopleΒ at conferences not okay with public transportation!

Amy Knupp is someone I’ve met before, and I knew I wanted to, if not had to, hang out with her. She’s got a wicked sense of humor and – at least in my mind – we have similar personalities. Or at least the same dry sense of humor. It was lovely chatting with her, and along the same lines, I met Jax Cassidy, and we definitely clicked. She and Joy are both absolutely insane, and I laughed so hard I hurt.

Of course there were some shit times, and I thought Joy was going to poison my water a few times… and of course a few times she probably was sure I was going to smother her to death in her sleep with a pillow, but of course none of that happened. And we’re all glad. Obviously Ali is there as the chill person and to balance out the crazy – although she’s nuts in her own right, which is why we love her. And lest you think she’s always sunshine and light… she ran around the whole week saying “I’ll cut you” and “I’ll cut your face off.” So. We got to see the fireworks on the fourth from the rooftop of the hotel, which actually let us see them from three different places.

Other than some disappointing Indian food – which did make sense for us to go to because it was on the way to the Met and actually open – and drama –Β  it was a lovely trip. I’m sad we didn’t get to go to more at the Met, but I’m definitely glad we went to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Even if you don’t like his fashion, it was one of the best special exhibits I’ve seen in my life. The set up, detailing, music, atmosphere, everything. If you didn’t see it – you missed out, and really should head into/back to the city.

I do also have to say, even though the mean streets of Brooklyn bit me and made me bleed… I’m glad we headed there and have a lovely champagne brunch. Unlimited champagne, mimosas, and/or coffee, with an entree of your choice, for $18. (Well of course and tax and tip. Still.) If you were at RWA and only stayed around Times Square, you missed out. If you’re planning on going to NYC in the future, know that you really really should head into the boroughs.

And back to the conference, of course there are many other people I saw, and met, and I hope to see and chat with them again, and in the near future! I’m just not going to talk about them here and now. πŸ˜›

*NB You’ll have to excuse the poor picture quality – all of those were taken with my phone. The last is the best swag ever- and it’s currently living on my laptop, ready to clean the screen any time. <3 I also depended on Ali for pictures… and will do the other swag stuff later.

0 thoughts on ““RWA Write Up”

  1. Beth Williamson

    Hey Lime! It was really good to see you. What an up and down time you had. So glad your luggage was found too.
    PS shoot me your addy and I’ll send you the ARC from Shannon. I’ve got a copy. πŸ™‚

    1. Limecello Post author

      Beth – Yes!!! So glad we got to sit and chat. Definitely look forward to the next time we can do that again!

      Also, you’re too too sweet! <3 Thanks, but you keep your copy – the Kensington… somebody :X told me to email her if I want it. But since it wouldn't be signed… I think I'll just wait for the ebook to come out. πŸ™‚

  2. Larissa Ione

    Eek – I missed the police thing! What happened????

    It was AWESOME hanging with you! Ooh, and thanks again for the cupcake — it was freaking yummy. One of your cupcakes even got in a picture I have! Heh.

    1. Limecello Post author

      OMFG, Larissa- this… is a story for more than a comment. Ugh what a nightmare.

      Also, yes!!! Loved playing – if only we had more time! Glad we got to go to the Greek food truck too! So delicious! I’m so jealous I’m not going to Philly – although who knows if you’d have more time as Ms. Supah Stah Emcee!

  3. Amy Knupp

    I didn’t get a cupcake! :(( Had a great time with you, Lime, but you do realize by saying we have similar senses of humor that you’re owning your twistedness? Oh wait…I know. That doesn’t bother you. Me neither! *G*

    1. Limecello Post author

      Amy – I’m so sad about that – I wish I’d seen you the day before! I totally would’ve given you a cupcake! Also… twisted can be good, like things with a twist of citrus, etc, yes? πŸ˜€
      Anyway, we’re both awesome with wicked lovely senses of humor πŸ˜€

    1. Limecello Post author

      Inorite? Also – you never tweeted me at RWA… did you? :X Not that I was really coherent or anything…
      What’d you think? You’ve been to it before… right?

  4. Fedora

    I am SO filled with envy, Lime! Aside from your shoe mishap, I’m glad you had such a fabulous time and got to hang out with such cool peeps in person!!!

    1. Limecello Post author

      I can’t remember – you’ve been to conferences too before, haven’t you? Although I know location is usually the deal breaker for you.

      It’s definitely fun having the few “must see” people, and they’re you know, people! ;D … I’m also not making sense because it’s nearly midnight. And I’m an old lady now you know. πŸ˜‰


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