Christmas in July!

As June turned into July all of my friends were either on vacation or planning vacations.  This year there will be no vacation for me.  I’ve spent my wad making improvements to my house, so I’ll have to look at my reflection in the shiny new stainless appliances and imagine it’s my reflection in a pool of clear cool water.

However, the talk of vacations always has me wondering what people do when they are in transit (provided they’re not doing the driving) or at the hotel room either before beginning the day or ending it.

I read of course.  In the olden days…like maybe 5 years ago (how long has Kindle been around anyway?) I packed a slew of books.  Now I pack my Kindle.  I used to teach and would save the summer for reading a hardback book because they were harder to lug everywhere.  Now with the wonders of modern technology I can read on my Kindle and the print version of the book doesn’t matter.

What vacation book are you planning on reading?  How many can you read while on vacation?  Several years ago I was on a trip with just my oldest and I managed a book a day…haven’t quite managed that again!   Since as I typed this it was the beginning of the 4th of July weekend I plan on starting my summer vacation reading with Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr.  (Yes, I was lucky enough to get an ARC!)

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  1. Aemelia

    I never get much reading done when I’m on vacation. Usually only have time to read in the morning! If I’m lucky I will have a low-key day on the beach or some such thing, but even then I’m usually to busy playing. 🙂 Mostly I will read as we travel to the destination.

    I did read Lisa Renee Jones’s THE LEGEND OF MICHAEL and Elizabeth Boyle’s LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN over the 4th, both were enjoyable.

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  3. Limecello

    Sandi – I haven’t done much reading at all lately, sadly. I use the kindle app and read on my phone. Love it! I too miss the “book a day” days.

    Got any suggestions? I recently read a few books for a judging thing… looking for good recs though!

  4. Mary G

    A book a day sounds great for vacation time. Been awhile since I’ve done that. Lucky you reading new Robyn Carr. I glommed her whole collection this year & it was awesome. Just got With No Remorse by Cindy Gerard, Darkness At Dawn by Elizabeth Jennings & Playing Dirty by Susan Andersoe which I’m enjoying right now. Enjoyed Can’t Hurry Love by Christie Ridgway.

  5. shauna

    I’m on a “enforced” vacation this summer so I’m trying to get caught up on alot of new books. One I’ve been dying to read is Grace Burrowes sequel to her wonderful debut THE HEIR, picked up the sequel today at grocery store THE SOLDIER, cannot wait to jump into it……though I may need to reread THE HEIR since it was so wonderful!

  6. Barbs

    we don’t do vacation much anymore plus we watch our grandson 4 days a week so our vacation is when he takes vacation with mom & dad but I do read and listen to books all the time now. I’m reading Andrew Gross’s EYES WIDE OPEN I’m enjoying, read on the Kindle J.A.Jance’s BETRAYAL OF TRUST, a J.P. Beaumont novel and listened to NO REST FOR THE DEAD, mystery written by 26 authors. Now I’m reading Christine Rimmer’s ebook NEVER KISS ME AGAIN. I guess reading is my vacation while I watch/listen to a baseball game.

  7. sandi

    Thanks to all who responded! Mary, Did you read all of Robyn Carr? I sitll have a few I haven’t read yet. I also am lucky and have a friend who travels and has an online bookstore. She managed to track down all of Robyn’s really old her historical old, and I have those on my shelf waiting for the ever elusive someday.

  8. Mary G

    Hi Sandi
    Yes I read the whole series. I’m only missing a novella. I thought I would get sick of them but I just wantedd more LOL

  9. Fedora

    Haven’t had time in more recent vacations to actually get much reading done–that’s reserved for “staycations”… Whenever we travel, it’s usually to places where we need/want to sightsee and take the kids places, and that really cuts into time to read! I tend to bring whatever’s been sitting around on my TBR for a while that I don’t think will end up being a keeper–I don’t want to feel bad if I lose a book or it gets ruined while we away. I know, it sounds completely psychotic… ;p

  10. Marika Weber

    Actually just got back from a mini vacation, took the Nook and never opened it. I know, bad. I got my reviews done before I left. Too busy to read and when it came to bedtime, way too tired to even think about reading.


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