Social Good 2011: Are You Ready To Help?

Social Media for Social Good. That’s the idea. Monday, July 18, is International Nelson Mandela Day. On Sunday, I learned just how bad the drought situation in Africa is – specifically the Eastern Horn. Near famine conditions. Tragic when you think about farm subsidies and such, but that’s not the point. The point is, people are suffering. Children especially. In fact, it’s so bad over there, that the militant group controlling Somalia that kicked out all aid and relief organizations ~three years ago has allowed them to come back in. (And this only happened within the past few days.)

I checked out Charity Navigator, as well as the ABC News website/page devoted to this situation and decided to give to Save the Children. Even more incredible, there is a Matching Grant Appeal where USAID grants can potentially quadruple your donation. This page even allows you to opt in or out of future (e)mailings. You can look up their financial information on the site as well.

More tragic, even as people are fleeing to find a better place, they’re being stopped. There are a few articles about it, nearly buried – here’s a Times piece. I do feel bad for Kenya as well – it’s an incredible burden and difficult to take in that many people. Really it’s a horrible situation all around. International news channels have been reporting that UN has raised only half their goal/the amount needed to support the current refugee camps.

If you want you can watch the ABC News clip, you can do that here.

So where do you come in? Comment on my Thursday post. Help raise awareness. Donate. You don’t have to do both – commenting would be awesome. Just like last year – let’s see what the Romance Community can do! And yes, I know there have been a lot of auctions going on this year. I’m… not going to do one. Donate whatever you can. I’ll be starting the drive on Thursday, but I wanted to let you know about it first, to prepare.

If you’d like to donate, please let me know. You can message me, email me – there’s a form at the top of my blog – and send people to comment on Thursday’s post. To avoid confusion, I’m closing comments to this post.

I will say I know the area and possibly situation are fraught with political issues and more, which is why I chose the charity Save the Children – because they, the children, are absolute victims in this, and shouldn’t be dying due to posturing. It’s about an established charity that is already on the ground working to save kids.

Lastly, since I know a number of us are competitive… last year we raised $1,337.00 in less than twelve hours for (RED)/the global fund to fight AIDS and malaria. I think we can do better this year. Even with so many economic difficulties.

Oh! Last last thing – some awesome people have already agreed to give money – Dana/Vitch, as well as Christine Bell, who is also offering up prizes. (You know, if we go the prizes route.) Incredible, right?