Upcoming + A Number of Winners

So for my #songstalker game… I of course went to randomizer.org, and the author guest spot goes to Jeannie Lin. And for the book winners? Well, anyone who commented on the blog by noon (EDT) today – which is when I wrote this post- if you want one of the “new” LoveSwept books (they’re in electronic format), email me with the address you used to leave a comment at * to claim your prize. You get a code to redeem at RomanceAtRandom.

For the Unlocked by Courtney Milan giveaway… the luck winner is MichelleKCanada! You are to email me at * as well to get your kindle copy. 🙂

All winners need to email me by midnight (EDT), Saturday, July 23, otherwise you forfeit your prize. A quick update on my “Team Lime” SEP group… we didn’t win. We were absolutely blown out of the water, sadly. Alas.

And most importantly, have you seen my post about the famine in Africa? I’ll be starting everything officially on Thursday, but if you’d like to be part of it, please let me know, thank you! (I’ve already got three people, Dana, Christine, and Melissa. I’m really hoping we can make it more!)

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