Sandi’s Post: On the hunt…How do you find a new release?

Hi everyone! Do you know Sandi Shilhanek of Fresh Fiction fame? Well, she’s a friend and she’ll now be doing a monthly guest spot! The last Saturday of each month? A reader post by Miss Sandi! Yay! (Last week Sandi switched places with Jessica, who had been vacationing in Ireland, that fancy girl.) So everyone, please welcome Sandi now, officially. 😉

Recently I went to the bookstore to see what new titles were out.  I saw two my Lori Foster that I was aware of, but hadn’t yet decided if I was going to buy in print or for my Kindle.  Other than that I didn’t see much that was really calling my name.

Later that same week I had tea with the wonderful ladies of the DFWTeaReaders.  Naturally one would think that because we are tea and readers groups that talk would consist more of the latest greatest books, than anything else.  It should surprise no one that while we do discuss books, life and gossip comes first and foremost.

O.K… I’m getting sidetracked.  When talk eventually turned to books the name Sharon Sala came up.  I can’t even remember when I first discovered Sala, but I was a fan for a long time.  Then for me at least her writing took a turn that I just didn’t care for, and even though I continued to support her by buying books, I just couldn’t make myself read them.

Come 2010 and the release of her Storm Front trilogy, and I was once again   reminded of why I love Sala.  That brings me to 2011 and the release of her new trilogy, The Searchers.  I read the first one Blood Stains, and was eagerly awaiting the next, Blood Ties.

Well, to my surprise I found out that I had my release dates wrong, and Blood Ties was available!  I don’t know how I missed it when I went to the bookstore, but I did.  I was like I have to go home and buy it for my kindle so I can read right away!

So this brings me to my question of the day…how do you find out about new releases?  Do you have a favorite website you stalk?  Do you have friends who have similar tastes and keep you informed?  Do you wander the bookstore aimlessly just hoping that something says buy me and read me?

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  1. Limecello

    I have to say – twitter tells me about a lot of new releases. Um… sometimes I remember to check author websites, or amazon – the “recommended for you” is pretty good. Also my library. <3 Then, there's my "most anticipated books of the year" post… although that's not so comprehensive, of course.

    What sites do *you* stalk, Sandi?

  2. rosemaybud

    I find out about some books (craft or self-improvement books) from ezines and articles. My friends recommend some, and I found a bunch of new authors by reading books on writing–like Donald Maass’ Fire in Fiction, where I discovered Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series. Then I go to the library and check ’em out, if I can. If they’re great, then I’ll buy them.

    I also love just browsing in bookstores and libraries, being an old-school hands-on type of reader. Covers are very important when it comes to impulse buys. Both the cover image and the blurb give me good clues as to whether it’s my kind of story.

  3. sandi

    I stalk the columns at fresh fiction, and as was stated when I find a book I go to Amazon put it on my wishlist and then see what recommendations they put with it.

  4. Ray G

    I usually find books in newsletters from online booksellers, newsletters from authors I’ve read before and Yahoo Groups. Before I bought my Kindle I spent a lot of time browsing Barnes & Noble. Before Borders sucked up Waldenbooks there was a store close enough for me to go every. It was only a mile from home. I was so familiar with what was stocked that I could pick out a new book as soon as I approached the section. Now my searches are strictly online.


  5. Merri

    I get emails and print catalogues from publishers mostly. Sometimes a friend tells me or an author group gets to talking about what they are reading. Sometimes from review programs, etc. Sometimes from Facebook. Except for a few authors, I am relying on author info less and less and genre info more and more. There are just too many good books out there and I like to explore new authors too. Only so many books I can read in a month.

  6. shauna

    I generally check book review sites and the publishers websites. Also on many mailing lists for my favorite authors so I’m constantly getting newsletters emailed from them…. I generally spend a day going through all of these and making up a list for the upcoming months new releases. I’m very anal about making monthly lists of new releases! LOL

  7. sandi

    Thanks to all for the comments! Do you have something special you like about the publisher website or the author site? Is there something that you don’t like about those sites? Is that a topic for a different blog?


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