Guest Author & A Giveaway: HelenKay Dimon

Today, we have one of my most favorite authors visiting with us! HelenKay Dimon! Whee! Not only does she write fantastic stories – novella, short, single title, etc – but she’s also a great person. And very smart and witty. If you can’t tell, I’m totally excited that she’s here. Ms. Dimon is also super busy, and asked for an interview. I think authors are also doing that to torment me. So, I return the favor with outrageous questions. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Remember – you can always leave more comments with questions you’d like me to ask future authors!

So without further ado… the questions and her answers.

1. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? And fruit-wise- what’s your favorite fruit? What’s the most unusual fruit you’ve ever had? Okay, here is my big admission: I have extreme gagaphobia when it comes to food. I watch the Amazing Race and have to look away when they have the food challenges. My gag reflex goes off the charts if I don’t. So, I don’t eat strange things – ever. But I do love fruit. Mango is my favorite, but I am just as happy with a regular ‘ole bananas. As for weirdest fruit? I’ve eaten some strange fruit while in Hawaii, where my hubby grew up. Sure, the fruit is generally mashed up in a drink, but that counts, right?

2. What was your favorite class in high school? What’s the best book you read as a school assignment? (Any level of education on the latter.) Being the geek I am, I actually liked most of my classes…except physics. Yowsa, that was a bad semester. I’ve always loved to read, so any class where I could do that was a favorite. The reading class assignment book that stuck with me is an odd one. It’s Common Ground by J. Anthony Lukas. It’s non-fiction and deals with race relations and integrating schools in Boston. It’s not my usual reading choice by any stretch, but the intersecting stories moved me and taught me something. I’ve read it more than once over the years and remember most of it. Of course, I don’t think I was alone in liking it since it won the Pulitzer Prize.

3. Which do you prefer – the Winter Olympics, or Summer? And which sport/event? While I love the swimming and diving events, though the scoring for the diving competition is a complete mystery to me, I love the Winter Olympics. Anything with snow, jumping and racing is a win for me.

4. What two movies from different genres would you most like to see combined in a mash-up? Or, if you want to go really crazy, since I know you love those Syfy movies… what three? I see you are aware of my deep affection for Syfy channel movies. My favorites there are what they call the “unnatural disaster” movies, like Earthquake 10.5 or Tornado Apocalypse. I think my favoirte mash-up has already been done – Galaxy Quest. It’s the perfect mix of a comedy, satire, sci-fi and action. In fact, I need to watch it for the 400th time at some point this week.

5. Would you rather go to Idaho, or Arkansas? Why? Idaho. I once worked with a man who had a vacation home in Idaho and from the pictures it looked like the perfect place to go hiking and spend some time outside. It’s also closer to my house than Arkansas, and I hate flying so closer is better.

6. Which fairy tale would you most like to be in? Least? Second admission of the interview: I’m not really into fairy tales. I fear that means I must hand in my romance author badge or something, but I never think in terms of fairy tales when I write. But, to prevent a revolt, let’s just say Snow White. Does that work?

7. Celebrity/Author death match – who would you most want to take on? [you don’t have to say why ;)] Jesse James. mostly because I think he needs a good butt-kicking. I’m the woman to do it.

8. What did you do with the money from your first royalty check? Keeping in mind that wasn’t exactly a huge check, I bought a small piece of jewelry – a necklace I liked – and then banked the rest. Aren’t I exciting?

9. What’s the most unusual/strange silly skill your possess? I have almost no skills. Really. The one weird thing I can do is, despite having terrible short-term memory, I can remember a number, like a phone number, for a long time after I dial it. Turns out this is a totally useless skill since I hate talking on the phone, but there you go. (Also, I don’t usually interject in interview answers… but I have to tell you all, HelenKay is straight up lying here. She’s a total liar-lie-y face. She’s absolutely brilliant, and the fact that I’m writing the word properly and not saying my usual “brillz” says something.)

10. Walk in pantry, walk in closet, or extra garage space? Walk-in closet. No competition there.

11. Would you shave your head for $50,000.00? If yes, would you do it for a lesser amount/what’s your minimum? If no, how much would it take for you to go bald? And then… would you do anything with your hair? And what would you do with the money? I’d look pretty terrible bald, but I could do a lot of good for me (see previous comment about the walk-in closet) and others with $50,000, so I’d do it. Hair grows back and maybe this time it wouldn’t be gray. If someone wants donated, “wow, look at all that gray” hair, they are welcome to it.

12.What gave you the inspiration for your first book? What about your most recent? Is there a genre you haven’t been published in that you’d like to write? I would love to write a sci-fi romance series. Really, I am dying to write something with futuristic elements, suspense elements and sexy times elements. I even have an idea. Now I just need to find someone to let me publish it…

For my first book, which was a novella, my then-not-yet-editor (Kate Duffy) told me to “go for it” and I did with this odd idea I thought could be fun and sexy. Thankfully, she thought so too and bought it. My most recent book is the end of miniseries through Harlequin Intrigue. I got the idea by thinking, “I wonder what would happen if someone inside the administration of witness protection started selling out the participants” and a miniseries was born.
Thank you for letting me stop by and say hello!

Bio: Bestselling and award-winning author HelenKay Dimon spent twelve years in the most unromantic career ever – divorce lawyer. After dedicating all of that effort to helping people terminate relationships, she is thrilled to deal in happy endings and write romance novels for a living. Her books have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and E! Online. Even better, she hasnโ€™t had to buy pantyhose in four years. You can visit her at her website:

As always, you know the first Tuesday of the month brings a giveaway! So, what questions do you have for HelenKay? Have you read any of her books before? (P.S. I can definitely recommend Holding Out for a Hero and Leave Me Breathless.) Right, and there will be two winners, who will be announced on the blog on Saturday – so remember to check back!

0 thoughts on “Guest Author & A Giveaway: HelenKay Dimon

    1. HelenKay

      I was always a big reader but I’m actually not one of those writers who always wanted to be a writer. Didn’t actually read a romance until I turned 30. Read everything else but not romance. I was a partner in a law firm and specialized in contested custody cases. One day another lawyer in the office handed me three romances – The Bride by Julie Garwood, Daniel’s Bride by Linda Lael Miller and Perfect Partners by Jayne Ann Krentz. I fell in love with the books and started reading romance. Soon after I thought, “hey, I should try to write one” and I did. The first one was a mess, but after that I got the bug. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

  1. Robin Bielman

    Hi Limecello and HelenKay! This was a really great interview. I loved the fun and unique questions. It’s not often we get to know such interesting facts about our favorite authors.

    I’ve read all of HelenKay’s books and agree she’s not only a fantastic writer, but a fantastic person too – I know with all the people you meet, HelenKay, that you can’t remember us all, but I’ll always remember the kind words you’ve spoken to me! So in keeping with Limecello’s lively questions, here’s mine… Besides your hubby, who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with and why?

    1. HelenKay

      Ah, Robin. That is so nice. Thank you! Of course I remember meeting you!

      Now, since you meentioned my hubby, is it wrong that I’d want to pick Timothy Olyphant too? My crush on him is pretty big.

  2. wyndwhisper

    I love your books, and i can’t wait to read Locked and Loaded. i am also looking forward to getting the rest of the books in the series as i want to make sure i don’t miss anything.:) i have your book Hard as Nails and it is one of my favs. So my question is: are you going to be writing any more books about the character involved in this book?

    [email protected]

    1. HelenKay

      Thank you! Hard As Nails is a favorite of mine too. Love those guys. I don’t plan on writing more about them because in my head they’re off living happily ever after, but do you know that those books grew out of the first novella I ever had published? It’s called Hardhats and Silk Stockings and it’s in the When Good Thing Happen To Bad Boys anthology. Whit’s story is in that book then the other guys gets their stories in Hard As Nails.

  3. Kim in Hawaii

    Aloha, HelenKay! Yes, mashed up fruit in a drink counts … as you know, anything goes in Hawaii!

    I love your titles – I should be thinking of the Mighty Mo when I hear “Big Guns” but your books have me thinking of something else!

    You are NO KA OI!

  4. Diane Sallans

    I’ve read several of HelenKay’s stories from HQ Intrigue. I hadn’t realized the scope of her bookshelf (just checked out her website). That’s why I like book blogs, they bring good things to your attention.

    1. HelenKay

      Diane – So happy you’ve tried the Intrigues. Thank you! I know I love when I read a book by an author, thinking it’s the first or second, then go to the person’s website and find a whole bunch of books.

  5. Limecello Post author

    I have to admit I’m very curious as to what the “other random blended fruit” is. Also, I never took physics. Sometimes it makes me feel like my education is lacking… but then I get over it pretty quickly.
    As for Timothy Olyphant… have you seen Meet Bill? Any thoughts on Aaron Eckhart?

    Thanks for visiting with us today! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Jane

      I love Aaron. Just saw him in Battle Los Angeles, but I’ve been a fan since I saw him in In The Company of Men.

    2. HelenKay

      Thank you so much for having me here today and for the very different interview questions.

      Honestly, the fruity drinks in Hawaii are so good that I don’t even care what fruit is in them. And you are not missing anything in physics. Not fun.

      Meet Bill? Wait, are you saying there’s an Olyphant movie I missed? Because i’ve seen a whole bunch of movies just because he was in them (examples: The Crazies, Scream 2 and that one about the killers in Hawaii). Must go check imdb to make sure I’m up to date. Do like Aaron Eckhart but not near as much as Olyphant. Really, the crush is extreme. I admit it.

      1. Limecello Post author

        I want to go to Hawaii!!! I loooove fruity drinks. And tropical fruits. O_o and discovering new food allergies? ;X

        And – possibly. This is the movie: I just watched it… uh… last night? And I admit – I did it because of the actors on it. Not great, but not bad. I’ve been on an Eckhart kick because I just watched Battle Los Angeles, which Jane mentioned. Made me sad they killed off Two Face in new Batman.

  6. Jane

    I love Holding Out For a Hero, too. Josh is one of my all time favorite heroes. i watch those wacky Syfy movies, too, like Mansquito.

    1. HelenKay

      Hi Jane!

      Thank you for loving Josh. So do I. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had so many requests for his story. it took me a little while to write it, but I’m happy I did.

      Mansquito…a classic!

  7. StacieDM

    I loved Gunning for Trouble. I have Risque Business waiting on my ereader & Holding Out For a Hero on my TBR shelf. I really enjoy Harlequin Intrigues. I’m glad the new story is finally here! Congrats on the new release HelenKay!

  8. Jen B.

    I have only just started reading Helen’s books. I have a couple in mount TBR, Is there a book that would be a good starting point? Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Limecello Post author

      JenB, well if you don’t have much time, or like shorts, I can definitely recommend HelenKay’s shorts, especially A Proper Seduction. Any of her Brava stories also stand alone, and she has single titles, as well as novellas. I “discovered” her in When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys, and love the two I mentioned above in the post.
      Actually, I can definitely recommend all her novellas. (I’m really into them especially now/again, because I seem to have much less time.) I hope you enjoy!

  9. Fedora

    Such a fun interview, Lime and HelenKay! I’ve loved HelenKay’s Bravas and have just picked up one of her Intrigues–must catch up!!! And I’m crossing my fingers for your scifi/futuristic–that’s one of my favorite genres!! I’d love to read your take on it!

    1. HelenKay

      Thank you! I love Firefly and the idea of space cowboys Have this idea for a futuristic series but I have to get something down on paper to make sure it’s workable. Very soon…

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  11. Mary G

    Sorry I’m late. My PC died & I have limited access. Loved the interview ladies. Love your writing HelenKay. I missed you at Lori Foster’s this year. Meeting you last year was a highhlight. Continued success.

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