HelenKay Dimon’s Winners!

So when HelenKay guested, she very generously offered two prizes. One person will win Guns and the Girl Next Door, as well as Gunning for Trouble. The other winner, gets a copy of Locked and Loaded. I figure it’ll be a “first come first served” here – whoever contacts HelenKay first and asks for the prize she wants, gets it.

Courtesy of randomizer.org, the winners are Robin Bielman, and Jen B. You are to email HelenKay at [email protected] to claim your prize. Generally, I say you have to claim your prize by a set date – which would be by Thursday, August 11. It’ll be up to HelenKay’s discretion, of course, if she wants to send you the books if you contact her after that time.

And of course, please remember to continue spreading the word about my Social Media for Social Good post. Friends and family are definitely welcome (and encouraged!) to comment and donate. And you know, there are prizes being offered there as well!

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