The Amazon Kindle-Tablet

So yesterday the tech blogs began the usual incestuous process of story sharing and reporting. (Can I call it that? When one place then another then another says the same thing?) I’m going to perpetuate it – because, well why not?

The next Amazon Kindle is going to be a tablet. 7″, touch screen, full color, no e-ink, backlit. And it’ll run Android. This from MG at TechCrunch who got to play with one, lucky boy. Gizmodo has more info as well, and an image!. Eric, who writes at Crave for CNet suggests, or hopes for a version where you can switch back and forth between e-ink and color. As in a dual-mode device? Two models? I don’t know. If Amazon can manage the Apple retina display… but if not, I think a lot of people will be disappointed.

Without, however, if Amazon keeps whispernet it’ll blow other tablets out of the water. The price point is $250 at the moment, and a 10″ version might be coming in October.

What do you think? Would you buy one? Are you an early adopter, or would you wait for a second version for some of the kinks to be worked out? Of course the iphone 5, and ipad 3 are coming out soon as well. I imagine the companies are vying for the timing – although Apple really seems to compete with itself because it’s products take a different share of the market.

Do you have an e-reader? I read on my phone and my ipod touch – the early generation. I have to admit I’m tempted by this kindle-tablet if it’s really everything everyone is saying. But I won’t buy it without hearing more about it first. And you know, saving up those swagbucks giftcards. 😛

Anyone have a nook color? Or other tablet? If you don’t have either (or even if you do) are you tempted? I have to say a few years ago kindles were so much more appealing because they were the only way to get the kindle freebies. Now with all the kindle apps it doesn’t matter. And even more… so many publishers don’t offer freebies now. The Christian publishers seem to have the most, which if you read religious books, yay! If not… well, enh.

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  1. Limecello Post author

    Ah yes, and rumor has it it might come with a free year of Amazon Prime? Thought that was important to highlight. Then you can stream movies and shows on the kindle/tablet? But maybe not.
    And… does that mean people who already have prime get a discount? Or no? Of course the entire point might be moot…

  2. Jenn

    I have an iPad and a Sony reader. Since I got the iPad the Sony reader has become, er…uh…yeah. I absolutely love my iPad and have to say that the Kindle app is the best working reader app on it, even though I prefer Barnes and Noble. Why? I don’t know.

    I want a nookColor, because they are inexpensive and so durn pretty. I wonder about this because I LOVELOVE my Android phone, and if they can swing the whisper net, OMGwow. I do not have internet (other than WiFi) in my iPad because I am not going to pay for it, but so far it hasn’t been much of an issue. Just a slight annoyance at times when, for whatever reason, Nook or Kindle decide to sign me out and lock my library.

    But there’s a Starbucks every three blocks for that. So.

    That’s a bunch of rambling isn’t it? What was the question? OH! I originally got the Sony because of the library books option, which at the time you could NOT get library books on your Kindle. That is important to me, so I wonder, if it’s a tablet, will it be all Amazon all the time? Because if so meh. I don’t like things that are that pricey and tell me what I can and cannot do. My iPad does everything, though Apple made it more difficult (not letting me purchase books through the apps) they didn’t take away the power to use whatever interface I want to for reading.

    So I guess that is the research I would do. Because Amazon has always had a kindergardener’s take on stuff (they don’t like to share – hence the library issue) I hesitate when they put something out there. On the other hand, they really ARE the ebook market. Though All Romance eBooks blew up last month and my book sold almost as much there as on Amazon which was AMAZING to me, so maybe they aren’t the market and therefore getting a tablet from them would be a problem.

    I didn’t answer you question did I. *sigh*

    1. Limecello Post author

      Jenn – you do know kindle books are going to libraries soon, right? There’s been buzz about that for a while now. Not quite sure when it’ll happen though.
      Also… if you get your kindle pid you can get library books on your kindle as well. You just need to get the mobipocket books. Also, if you have mobipocket without – or with changed DRM, you can read those books on your kindle app. The last one was a surprise to me, but a pleasant one. I emailed myself some books I was going to read using stanza… and they opened in my kindle app! Whee!
      Which Android phone do you have? Ever do a side by side w/ the iphone4? I’ve been curious – although it seems everyone is really entrenched in their views re: the products.

      Although, does what I said change your mind at all? (Am curious, not snarky. >.<)

  3. BookLover62 (@BookLover62)

    @limecello – yes, I have an eReader – the Sony PRS-505 I bought last year – mainly as I could afford the price of a used one. I could borrow from my library, and it supports several formats, plus pictures and music. I raved about it so much to my parents, they bought 2 Kindles since they also read so much. They say reading helps keep their minds sharp, and at 83 and 84 I agree that reading has kept them both sharp as a tack. Dad will probally upgrade to the tablet since he loves his Kindle and likes to upgrade to more useful bells and whistles when it comes to technology.
    I absolutely crave an iPad, but the economy ……I lost my social work job 2 yrs ago and work PT / min wage job so it’s not possible to upgrade 🙁

    @Jenn – If you want to pass along your Sony……… 😉

    1. Limecello Post author

      BL – wow, that’s fantastic about your parents! Maybe you could get the new kindle/tablet as an uber gift? (Birthday/Christmas etc?) The library thing is key – I know most libraries have less mobipocket books than epub or pdf. Though epub has thankfully overtaken pdf. (I just hate that format! Augh.)
      I’m so sorry to hear about your current work situation, or lack thereof. 🙁 I’m in the same boat, actually. I was in school… and then you know the economy tanked two years ago, and I haven’t had a full time job since… well long before then. I call it being a victim of the economy.

      I support my book buying habits via the library though, and swagbucks. The latter has saved me a lot.

      How do you like your PRS-505 though?

  4. Kilian Metcalf

    I have a Kindle, but didn’t buy one until the first one sold out. I like to hold back a bit until they work the bugs out. I at at a computer screen under fluorescent lights all day long, so I prefer not to read a backlit screen. I’m also prejudiced against multi-use devices. I don’t want a combination coffeepot/toaster even if it does save counter space. IMHO no one part of them does the job as well as a device dedicated to the one function. Besides all the iPad things weight a ton and don’t tuck into my purse the way my Kindle does.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kilian – I’m the same. I’m not an early adopter because I like waiting for some of the issues to be worked out. I really don’t like reading on my computer screen. I had to at first and the eyestrain was brutal.
      I do like reading on my phone or ipod touch though, but I adjust the brightness down all the way. It helps and works for me because I read at night.
      I’m curious as to the multi-use device. I mean, I like my phone, although the joke is the smartphones can do anything but make calls. I’ll be curious to see how the second amazon tablet changes after the reviews come in. The tablet would be kindle sized, right? Or maybe 1″ larger?

      If only Amazon would send me one to test out 😉 would that we be all so lucky, right? 🙂

  5. kaoticbliss (@kaoticbliss)

    This looks interesting. I own the NOOKColor and LOVE it. However after looking at a computer all day I sometimes do not feel like looking at the nookcolor. I have owned the eink nook also and love that as well. The first one anyway. I am not too crazy about the size of the newest nook eink. I have been thinking of purchasing the kindle due to the size and the eink. Just so I can read it during the day and use the nook color at night. I looked at an acer tablet today and that baby is nice might just see what I can do lol. I get amazon points at work and I am coming up on my one year anniversary so I get mega points for that so I was debating using my points to buy the kindle. I love the color for at night and the eink during the day. I definitely buy a dual tablet/eink if they come out with one.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Kaoticbliss – ooooo if you get amazon points at work, maybe you could get the tablet and tell us how it is! 😉 You could even review it here! (Please?) Haha – do you like how I’m planning out your purchase for you? 😛
      What’s the size of the newest nook? I haven’t looked into the B&N devices. Not sure why, but they don’t appeal to me as much as how the kindle looks and feels. I think it’s the amazon interface that makes it so great/easy to buy books. And then converting books is a pain but doable.

      What would you think of a dual-mode device?

  6. Carly Phillips

    Happy to talk about this! I LOVE LOVE my Kindle. Why? Because I can read ANYWHERE including outside. With the cover with the built in light I can even read in the dark. If this Kindle has color and backlighting, so much for outdoor reading. It’s the reason I dislike the iPad and gave it to my husband after oh less than a week. I hope they don’t get rid of the Kindle as it is now. I’d love updates on it too. I’m always into new models as long as I don’t lose what’s most important! Am I the only one thinking this way?

    1. Limecello Post author


      Hmmm you do make great points about it being backlit so you can’t read outside now. I wonder if Amazon will keep the kindle… and name the tablet something else? I personally think that would make it better and more exciting.
      If you ever get tired of another ipad, feel free to think of me. 😉 *angelface*

  7. Carly Phillips

    Wanted to add after reading comments, another reason the iPad didn’t work for me was because as a writer, I found it limiting. So now I have my Mac Air for my ONLY computer, it travels light along with my Kindle. Never been happier!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Ah also – did you ever try the (detachable?) keyboard with the ipad, Carly? Just curious because I know some people love theirs, and wanted to see if you could give us an idea as to comparisons.
      Do you find your Mac Air overheats easily? Also, you never miss having the cd/dvd drive? I’ve been playing with the idea of getting one of the new mac minis or something for my future next computer. Of course that’ll probably be like 2 models from now. 😛

  8. Carly Phillips

    LOL. I’d have to pry it out of my hubby’s hands! He’s found uses for it. I think it’s the writer in me. I am so used to a computer, anything that disrupts the routine with the hands throws me off my game!

  9. Carly Phillips

    Yep, tried the keyboard. I still had to touch the screen to do things and it drove me nuts! 🙁 My Mac Air doesn’t tend to overheat. I did buy a great lap pad “HeatShift” on Amazon and that protects my legs so I don’t feel it. My Macbook Pro used to heat up more and the fan would go on. Not the Air. I no longer have a desktop so the mini wouldn’t work for me! You’d need a nice screen too.

  10. Jenn

    @LIme Maybe? If Amazon has less of a control stranglehold on what you can and can’t do with your Kindle it’s awesome. I haven’t done research recently because, well, I have my iPad, and though it is heavier and bulkier, I also use it for writing when not at home. Plus…it’s just darn pretty! And as a photographer as well as a writer, the pretty draws me in, which is why I thought Color Nook when I thought about a new reader only type device.

    I haven’t compared my EVO with the iPhone 4, but I am a diehard Sprint girl going on 12 years now. So there is no chance of me getting an iPhone of any number. They are incredibly cool, I just don’t want the temptation because it isn’t available to me. I won’t do iPhone till they do Sprint. Which they won’t for who knows how long.

    I think it’s the “not quite sure when” thing. I like things that are done and there. Instant gratification type of stuff. I’m silly like that. They’ll do eventually what I can do now without them. HOWEVER I do love that they are opening up and allowing you to do what you want to with the device that YOU paid for.

    Because when it comes down to it, what I hate is the proprietary function. Don’t tell me ‘no’ because I’ll just find someone to say ‘yes’

    @Carly *waves* I use my iPad with the keyboard for writing, I don’t like that I still have to touch the screen sometimes either, that is annoying. But since I have to have a full size MBP for editing my photography I couldn’t swing the air. I have gotten used to the iPad, and now that I’ve done it for awhile I actually like it, it gives me a different sort of writing mindset, which is odd. I think more in scenes rather than complete project. I take it out to Starbucks or wherever to write specific scenes then send it back to my MBP.

    ALSO LOVE my Sony because it also has the built in light. I actually hate that they got rid of that so I don’t think I would ever upgrade it.


  11. Danielle West (@daniellewarp)

    Already have an iPad and the reason I love my kindle is for the screen. Would I buy it? No. If I happened to be gifted one, would I be sad? Absolutely not 🙂 If they some how worked out the device so it could switch back and forth to the kindle e-ink to the tablet function, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  12. Bella @ BeguileThySorrow

    Hi Lime
    Have you heard anything on the color eInk Kindle? I read somewhere that the technology for it was in the works and though the colors were obviously not as brilliant as an lcd screen, it’d have color with none of the issues (backlight, eye-straining, etc) that lcd tablet readers have and was set to come out in 2012. Personally I LOVE eInk and my only grievance has been its lack of color (especially because I ADORE pretty book covers!). Was this technology just a mean rumor?? lol Cuz I sure would buy a color eInk Kindle!!


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