Guest Author & A Giveaway: Larissa Ione

Today we have one of my most favorite people visiting with us – Larissa Ione! I think Larissa is all kinds of awesome, but shh – don’t tell her. It’ll go to her head. And then she’ll be all mean and insulting. πŸ˜€ Actually, no, Larissa is super nice and has a great sense of humor. You might have noticed we totally like needling each other as well. Between the two of us, it actually is joking and friendly. The fact that we can do that only makes her more fun. >.> Maybe. I keep forgetting I shouldn’t be nice to her. πŸ˜›

Larissa is also swamped so instead of her coming up with a creative post to entertain all of you, she opted for the interview feature in my GA&AG series. More fool her. πŸ˜‰

Which “place” would you most like to go to? Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Africa, or South America? Why? Ooh, tough one! I’d love to visit pretty much any of them, but ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and China would be my first choices. If I have to pick just one…Egypt, I guess. Or Greece. Gah…I don’t know! I’ve been to Greece and absolutely fell in love with it. Egypt would be fascinating, though. Okay, let’s go with Greece. Because it’s gorgeous, I love the food, and the ancient architecture is amazing. I’d love to see it when it was new.

Which fairy tale would you most like to be in? Least? Why? Which character would you want to be? (You can change the tale if you want… if so, how?) Um…I guess Little Red Riding Hood. I’d be the wolf. A werewolf. Who eats bad guys. I have no doubt grandma was a bad guy…

Did you ever imagine your stuffed animals might come to life as a child? Or that they had their own adventures? Can’t say that I did. I grew up on a farm, so I had lots and lots and LOTS of real animals to play and go on adventures with. And when I wasn’t doing that, I was writing about animals having adventures!

Who is your favorite artist? [painter/scuptor, singer/composer, dancer/choreographer?] George Strait. I love almost everything he does. Plus, he’s just a good guy.

What was your favorite book as a child? The Call of the Wild, by Jack London

What kind of toothbrush and toothpaste is on your bathroom counter right now? I have a Sonicare electric toothbrush and Crest cinnamon toothpaste. I hate mint, so I always go for the other flavors. LOVE cinnamon.

What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you in school? What about your adult life? I honestly can’t narrow any of this down. I have done so many stupid things in my life, and for some reason, stupid things just happen to me even when I don’t do them, that there have been a lot of embarrassing moments. In my adult life, a big one sticks out, though — I was 21, standing in line to get into a nightclub, and my drunk friend fell. As she was falling, she grabbed my dress — which was strapless. She tugged it down to my waist…and naturally, I wasn’t wearing a bra. Yeah…that was a bit humiliating.

If you had to become a bear, which type would you choose? Gummy. (OMG hahah I love that answer!) What? Not an option? Fine then…grizzly. If you’re going to be a bear, might as well go big!

What would you put in your ideal candy bar? What’s your favorite candy bar in existence? Along those lines, what’s your favorite dessert? What about the *best* dessert you’ve ever had? My ideal candy bar would be milk chocolate with caramel and marshmallow inside. YUM. Love marshmallow and caramel. I’d say my favorite candy bars are probably Marathon bars (just chocolate and caramel,) and when I’m in the mood Reece’s Peanut Butter cups. They used to have my VERY fave…Reece’s PB cups with caramel. OMG, I loved those. I think they stopped making them because I can’t find them anymore. Favorite dessert? Honestly, I’m not a dessert person. Okay, I love cupcakes, but for the most part, desserts just don’t get me going. I have to really be in the right mood. I will say that when that mood strikes, I LOVE Edwards Key Lime Pie. Holy cow, that’s the best key lime pie ever. So rich and creamy…insanely good for a store-bought frozen pie! (I asked Larissa what her favorite/ideal snack would be then since she’s not so into sweets… and she said something with cheese. Melted cheese. Fitting considering where she lives…)

What is the super power you would most like to have? Least like to have? I think I’d like to fly. Would be cool to get around easily and fast. What would I least like to have? X-ray vision. Because seriously, when would you use it, unless you were a doctor or something?

Would you shave your head for $50,000.00? If yes, would you do it for a lesser amount/what’s your minimum? If no, how much would it take for you to go bald? And then… would you do anything with your hair? I’d do it for 50K. Minimum would probably be 10K. I’d give my hair to charity, though I think it’s too short for the requirements.

Who do you think would be the ultimate deadliest warrior match up? Godzilla vs. Gamera! Oh, wait…that’s been done. I dunno, but I’m seriously looking forward to the episode of zombies vs. vampires!!!

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you? Β I write romance…but I hate weddings. Seriously. They make no sense to me. All that stress, and then spending all that money…mostly on other people. I’d rather spend it on a luxury honeymoon. One of my characters in the Lords of Deliverance series, Regan, has my same attitude about them. πŸ™‚

What’s your favorite word in the English language? What about your favorite word in any language? Amok! I love amok. Amok, amok, amok! Favorite word in any language? Whatever that language’s word for cheese is!

If you could wake up and become a world class athlete in any sport tomorrow, which would you choose and why? Well, I’m really not a sports person. At all. I LOVE the winter Olympics, but that’s about as sporty as a I get. And the one competitive sport I’d like to do — horse jumping — well, the horse is really the athlete, you know? Though I wouldn’t mind being a world class martial artist. Yeah, let’s go with that! (I have to admit, Larissa in a MMA match is definitely something I’d pay to see…)

Larissa’s giving away a tote bag & swag – so what crazy questions do you want to ask her? I say we open it up to anything, but of course questions about her books are welcome too! So get to commenting!

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  1. Kathryn Hughett

    I left a couple of questions on the input page for the LOD Compendium. I just wanted to mention that I too am a cheese lover from Wisconsin.

  2. Lisa Partridge

    I’m feeling a little under the weather, could you please give me the directions to the nearest Harrowgate ? (I want to go to UGH) πŸ˜€

  3. Limecello Post author

    Larissa! Thanks for guesting with us today. πŸ˜€ My question is then – if you were a gummy bear, what type would you be? A soft squishy one, or a Haribo gummy bear? And what color and/or flavor?

  4. infinitieh

    Aside from being a writer, what is your favorite job of the ones you have had?

    Who cleans up after the hellhounds? Hal and his kin must make tremendous messes since they’re so big (at least I hope they’re easily house-broken).

  5. Susan Romito

    Larissa – we met at AAD at lunch after the bookie awards. I went home and read the whole demonica series and LOVED it!! πŸ™‚ It was great to meet you!

    My question: How often do you change the colors in your hair and what color is next?

  6. Teri C

    The covers. They are always so delicious. What are your thoughts on the US vs UK covers. I love the UK covers a lot they are sometimes even better when I see them online than the US covers.

  7. Alaina Armbruster

    whooohooo i just found Supernatural in this teeny tiny store..cant wait to read your story in it!!
    im horrible with questions, so i just wanted to say I LOVED the first of the lords of deliverance… cant wait for more..

  8. Jen B.

    Off topic—more than a little! Have you had the chance to check out Dr. Who? I was watching a recent episode and I thought about our conversation at AAD. Given your love of paranormal, I think you would love it. Do try to start from the start whether that is Eccelston, Tennant or Smith because the writers just gave the viewers a big reveal that won’t be as AH-HA ! There is even a little romance! Have a great day!

  9. Melissa P.

    Well I think all the questions I had were answered already. I love your books. They are awesome. I have it planed to get a tattoo done of the symbol on Eternity Embraced. I love getting tattoos.
    I dont remember this question:
    What is your favorite color?
    Do you have a favorite animal?
    Thank you for the contest. It is always fun getting to know a litte more about authors.

  10. Taryn Cellucci

    Hey Larissa!

    What is your favorite book(s)? Is this book what made you want to be a writer or did you always want to be one? I am always curious to see what my favorite authors call their favorites.


  11. babzbruckart

    Hi Larissa,
    Who is your favorite Alpha male you have written? Love your Demonica series and Eternal Rider…I pimp your books out all the time to my friends! Will always buy your books..:)

  12. Hailey Edwards

    Will you be writing more full novels set in the Demonica world featuring the UGH staff? (With lots of E?) Hmm. That’s probably already been asked.

    How about this? Do you plan on expanding the Demonica world by writing more novels set in warg/vampire/dhampir society?

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  14. renpuspita

    Hi Larissa, Love your Demonica’s book!

    If you were stranded on a desert island, whom the character of your book would you take to survive?

    sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com

  15. Jolene and Family

    Larissa!!! Love Love Love your books! I’m going to go all fan girl for you for a second, because it was your Demonica series that got me back into reading after a 7 year break. You and Adrian Phoenix gave me my sanity back after losing myself in the world of ‘mommy’ and ‘honey’ πŸ™‚

    Questions: 1- What are your fav. books that you read growing up or the ones that got you hooked into reading? Mine are Summer of The Monkey’s, The Thorn Birds and The Bridges of Madison County.
    2. What was your first romance?
    3. What author would you go all fan girl on?

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