This [Sad] Week in Review

Well today, we were actually supposed to have a reader guest post from @kaoticbliss on twitter – but I hadn’t heard from her until this morning. It turns out she threw her back out, so, poor thing, no reader post. Did you remember those happen every third Saturday of the month?

Anyway. On Sunday… actually nothing that terrible happened, if I recall correctly. My Brownies lost their game… (The Cleveland Browns, in the battle of Ohio. Not surprising, so that doesn’t count.) Although Sunday did herald the first day of a full week with my parents. If you know anything about that, you’d know that’s enough.

Monday, I broke my toe. It’s not so bad, and I’ve broken a few toes. (No don’t ask.) But it’s still not something fun you know? It was also my first day at “Ghetto School #1” – normally I really like it. I still do, but this year is just so sad. My second class, half the students can’t even spell their names, much less say them. They’re in fourth grade.

Tuesday, this happened.

It’s not my car, so small mercies. And everyone is okay – which is really good. In fact, the airbag didn’t even deploy, and [a] mechanic said normally with this much damage the car is totaled. My car however, was commandeered for the cause.

Wednesday, the Fire Marshall. (Yes everyone is still okay.)

Thursday, I got [even] sicker. Not all that bad, so I consider it a fluke of sorts. I’m also still scared I’ll find out something awful happened that day.

Friday… this.

I don’t want to talk about why that happened. Worse, it was unnecessary. Imagine that square not being there though, and a lot of exposed plumbing. But without a faucet(?) or valve. I missed taking a picture of that though because I took some allergy meds that really knocked me on my ass.

Today, I got really bad news. I’m still sulking about it. I also just got fish gut juice on my hands and feet. At least my Buckeyes play tonight. But… it’s against Miami (of Florida) and considering how they’ve been playing… well I’m worried.

Next week has to be better, right? … Right? I mean… my sinuses can’t constantly be dead and stuff. No more spitting blood at least, yeah? Stupid body.

If you lasted through all this whining? Thank you. You should be rewarded for your perseverance, so I’ll give away three Loveswept ebooks – you’ll get a code from Romance at Random. Tell me how your week went. Or just commiserate with me. I’m not proud.

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  1. Limecello Post author

    Er, well, you know, aside from the fact that Sunday was the 10th “Anniversary” of September 11th, which… is really bad and absolutely trumps anything I can possibly complain about. I didn’t even call my relatives, so I suck. (We’re not a talky family… also I’m sure they got inundated with enough, living in The City and all…)

  2. Lynne Silver

    Sorry you had a craptastic week. My week was meh. Husband had surgery last week (he’s fine. For his sinuses, so maybe you should compare notes). I spent the week trying to finish editing my book while running up and down the stairs delivering meals. I am no Florence Nightengale.
    Hope your week gets better, even though it will start with My Miami Canes kicking some Buckeye butt.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Lynne, I was going to commiserate and all until you typed that last line >:(
      *sigh* My Buckeyes are more Sadeyes this year… At least our boosters don’t pay for hookers? ;X
      I hope your husband is feeling better though and nicely recovered – and that you finished editing!

  3. Tracy Faul (@tracykitn)

    I’m sorry your week sucked. Mine’s been pretty much as expected, only it turns out I’m farther behind on the bills than I thought and thus the TV has been turned off (which is actually ok, I don’t watch that much and it irks me when it’s on constantly. We still have netflix streaming, anyway, and internet.)

    Also I have to go to a baby shower with a friend and be all polite & stuff to a bunch of women I either don’t know or don’t like. I’m not good with people I don’t know, and I’m bound to get snarky with those I don’t like. Should be interesting. We’ll see if my friend is still my friend at the end of it.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Tracy – Oh noooooooooo πŸ™ that’s horrible. I’m sorry about the bills. That must be so stressful.
      As for the baby shower – how did that go? Incidentally? I’d be exactly like you there :X I think we should stick together for events like those. ;D

  4. rissatoo

    Aw, Lime! So sorry you had a sucky week! I hate bad things happening to good people, but sadly I don’t have the power to stop it. How I wish I did. πŸ™
    Hope this next week steps up the good stuff happening to ya, to cancel out the ‘blech’ of this one!

    1. Limecello Post author

      *huggles you back* Thanks so much Rissa! Actually, this Monday someone hit my car! And left! He claims he didn’t, but whatever – there was nothing by my car or anything! And yes I went to the police. Which is how the dude was found. So, win some lose some? Although it wouldn’t be winning if I hadn’t “lost”?

      How are YOU? I know you’ve had a lot on your plate!

    1. Limecello Post author

      Thanks so much, Melanie! All of your good thoughts had an interesting effect – I was the victim of a hit and skip (generally) on this Monday, but we found the person! And the person wasn’t penalized really because s/he claims to have left a note… whatever. As long as I’m not the one who has to pay for someone else’s mistake. Yay!

  5. Marika Weber

    {{{hugs}}} Limecello! My week was a little better but not by much. Having night sweats really bad, so sleeping thru the night is totally out of the question right now. UGH! Keep your chin up and you can curl up on the couch to watch football later. That’s what i plan to do. My Sooners are playing FSU tonight. UGH…hate Florida State.

    [email protected]

    1. Limecello Post author

      Marika – at least your Sooners won, right? πŸ™‚ Have you finally gotten a good night’s sleep? Night sweats are awful. I know it’s so rough being tired. I’m a zombie almost every day but that’s because of our dog who decided she wants to just be a brat at night. Argh.
      I’m hoping I can take a massive nap tomorrow. Like… an all day one. :X A girl can dream, right?

  6. MamaKitty

    And I thought my week sucked! Here’s hoping next week is better! *hands you some all natural homemade ice cream* dig in babes. You deserve it.

    As for my week…..

    My 6 year old was grounded all week because she kicked another kid in the “private parts” last week. She actually did pretty good at school, but because she couldn’t watch tv, she was up my butt and I couldn’t get much done at home. Didn’t get a lot of studying done.

    We’re buying a house and my credit sucks because my ex-husband is a dick (long story) so my mother-in-law is co-signing for us. She has student loans out for my brother-in-law and something happened with some paperwork, causing her credit score to tank. This caused us to have to pay out another $500 in earnest money and put the whole thing in jeapordy. Luckily my father-in-law’s credit is still good so he’s on standby, but we couldn’t really afford the $500.

    My phone bill came in from while we were in Italy. I was expecting around $100 (my normal bill is $45). It was $275.

    I’ve fallen asleep in almost every class I have this week. Coffee and Red Bull no longer keep me awake and short of turning to amphetamines (since I pass out -literally- by 9 or 10 every night) I’m not sure what to do. I take vitamins every morning and I’m not anemic or B12 deficient.

    Hubs got word that the GM at his office quit without notice and he’s up for the job. It’s great because it means more money, but he’d be expected to keep his old position(s) as well – sales manager and buyer for the company. He can’t do all 3 jobs and maintain his sanity. He’s gonna talk to the owners and he’ll end up hiring more people, but he’s a big ol’ stressball right now and it carries over.

    Wow, I didn’t mean to vent all this. You asked about my week… I didn’t realize I was that stressed out. >_< I think instead of studying today, I'm gonna relax with a book I actually enjoy. I'll study tomorrow while PK's off doing whatever he does on Sundays (rehearse with his band – his stress relief).

    1. Limecello Post author

      ALL NATURAL HOME MADE ICE CREAM?!?!!? MK – you evil tease! You can’t taunt a girl with that! *stomach growls*
      Wow – your week was terrible. And :X My goodness as to your daughter.
      For the schooling – what’re you going for? It’s a sad sad sad mark of the state I’m in that I was kinda jealous/nostalgic, wasn’t it? … At least school is/was something I could handle. Kinda. This whole “real life” thing is for the birds!

      I can’t believe the phone bill thing – only I can. Is there any way you can talk them down?

      And – any word on your husband and his job? Good luck to him – and hopefully the company sees it’d be much better to not, you know, kill him with work!

  7. LSUReader

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a down week. Hope your weekend football games turn out well. I know how much that can help. Since my team played well on Thursday night, all is good in my little corner of the world! Take care.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Yay for your team! My college team lost πŸ™ … but my pro team won! Which was crazy. But you know – needed to balance out the sadness of a Buckeye blowout.
      How’ve you been? πŸ™‚

  8. Jane

    Sending good thoughts your way Lime. The week started out somber with all the 9/11 memorials and plus the city was on high alert for a possible terror threat and then later that night I heard that Andy Whitfield died. I was shocked and couldn’t believe the news. I’m hoping to get a few laughs when the Emmys come on tomorrow.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Jane! I know right?!?!? I was so sad when I heard about Andy. I really had thought he’d pull through again and that he’d star in something soon. πŸ™

      I didn’t watch the Emmys – football’s more my thing. :X

  9. Portia Da Costa

    Sorry you’ve had such a horrible week, Lime. I hope things get better for you next week, if they can.

    I’ve had a weird week, for a reason I can’t really enlarge upon, but it’s not been a horrible week. In fact it’s been quite nice in a lot of ways, and I’ve been very productive and done quite a bit of writing.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Mary – yes and no so far. My car got crunched. But! Two days later – today – we found out who did it! Well, the cops did. Yay cops! I’m hoping the rest of the week is good.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Karen C

    Oh, Im so sorry your week was so bad! I’m sure you’ve gotten it all out of your system now and beginning tomorrow, things will be better. In fact, it’s going to be a wonderful week for everyone who had a bad week!! Sending you lots of hugs to help you feel better.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Karen – does a hit and skip count as a better week? ;P Thank you for the hugs! It’s kinda crazy all the nutty things that have been happening out there.

      How’ve you been? Hopefully you haven’t been the victim of a bad week. Cupcakes for all of us!

  11. Wandering Hues

    I’m so sorry you had a bad week! Why do these things always happen in big chunks.

    My week – writing a research paper that’s not going well at all. My flat looks like I’m turning into a hoarder its that messy. Oh, and I now have to figure out how to write a review that is recommending a book where the first half sucked.

    On the upside I’ve just finished next weeks Take-a-Cover post and so just spent two hours surfing the net for pretties….

    1. Limecello Post author

      WH – yay for finishing posts! I’m terrible at it… as you can tell. And I always told my friends in uni that my room was an outward manifestation of how I felt inside. ;D My room looks like it’s well on it’s way to a hoarders episode and I’m actually rather ashamed of it. No real excuse not to tackle it other than… meh.

      What’s your research paper on? Good luck! Will you have to defend it? (And um, wow – pathetically clear I miss the student life, isn’t it?) :X

  12. Kiwi (@kiwi1124)

    Sorry you had such a horrible week. Mine was more emotionally taxing than physically taxing.
    I have spent most of this week, since Mon night, watching one of my very best friends self destruct into the misery of alcoholism and infidelity and my other friends and I have been pretty much banished for our thoughts on morals and counseling. And to make matters worse is the things this particular subject brings back to life in my own household.
    Plus another one of my friends just found out her husband has a brain tumor, so I have basically been on the phone and holding hands for the majority of the week.
    And yeah, next week? Best be better than this one. Here’s to wishin’

    1. Limecello Post author

      Oh noooooo Kiwi. *big big hugs* to you and your friend. Brain tumors are horrible and scary. Do you know what the doctors say his likely prognosis is?

      I’m sorry your week went so terribly. Isn’t it awful when your friends are doing stupid things? And then you want to help – and then feel frustrated when you can’t. And then they drag you down so you wonder when it’s time to cut ties and then feel bad about that.

      As to bringing it back to your household. Eek! Bad! (And :X I’m admittedly now nosy and curious.)

      Seriously though – what’s up with September? It seems to be *the* month for people to deal with crazy friends considering affairs! Argh!

  13. Bella @ BeguileThySorrow

    my week would have been ok except I have a cavity/toothache that I just know is going to require the dreaded root canal:( and seeing as I havent had insurance in years this is gonna be some b.s. I have to deal with until I get some stuff worked out. it sux not having insurance.

    1. Limecello Post author

      Bella – yes, it IS horrible to not have insurance. πŸ™ I can’t wait until I have it again… some day… like probably when I get a pony.
      :X Sorry about the toothache. Did you get anything figured out yet? Have you looked into COBRA? Is that feasible for you?

  14. myrandaroyann

    I’m sorry you had such a bad week! My week hasn’t been great. I was almost kicked out of the house. I live at home while I finish my degree and my mother and stepfather got into a huge fight. Of course this happened late at night before I had class the next day.

    1. Limecello Post author

      OH. MY.GAWD. *hugs* What? WHAT?! Almost kicked out? That’s… ack. Are you okay? Has the situation gotten any better? :X Dare or may I ask what happened?

      Ugh that’s so awful. And even if it doesn’t happen and the person didn’t *really* mean it it still makes you feel like shit, right? Ugh. I HATE that people do that.

      Good luck with the degree- what’re you working on? :X Hopefully if you had to, your professors would understand if you explained.

      1. myrandaroyann

        It is better now, but I’m definitely looking at my options. It’s kind of a long story that I probably shouldn’t get into. :-/
        I’m majoring in Early Childhood Education and I’d like to teach Kindergarten after I graduate.
        Thanks for the hugs! πŸ˜‰

      2. Limecello Post author

        That’s so tough πŸ™
        I’m happy to lend a listening ear if you ever need or want. But I definitely understand wanting to keep it to yourself as well.

        Early Childhood Education! πŸ™‚ Yay little kids! I had a number of friends major in that in college. πŸ˜€

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