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So today, I wanted to write a post. In actuality, I wanted to write a bunch of book reviews, if you’d believe that. In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask. Do you guys even care about reviews? Would you have any interest in reading reviews? I’m asking because… well there’s no point in me writing them if you’re not interested in them, right? I could just… babble. Endlessly.

Hah. I really don’t mean that as a threat. Promise.

Then, I was going to discuss all the movies/shows I’ve been watching. O_o Freudian slip? I typed “shoes” out first. I do watch those and covet. Anyway… life is still kicking my butt. Although I did meet with someone who was supposed to be an insurance adjuster today but isn’t? Whatever. As long as my car is fixed properly. The rest I just don’t want to talk about.

What you care about, however, is the winners! Courtesy of, they are Mary G, donnas, and Bella @ BeguileThySorrow. Mary you get Blood and Fire. Donna and Bella, you each get a copy of Fade to Midnight. Please email me (there’s a contact form) and send me your address so we can get the book out to you.

Lastly, something for me! Finally! 😀 Got any suggestions for movies? I like getting them from my local library. I’ll watch pretty much anything, although I don’t really go for horrors. I don’t watch many at all, actually, so any recommendation is good. Although newer will probably be easier. Thanks!

How’s everyone’s week going?

And remember to check the blog for other wonderful giveaways from authors… and you know what? Why the heck not. Someone who comments on this post will get a LoveSwept e-book download from Random House. (So I guess you can/should also tell me if you read ebooks or not!) Oh – and check if you were a winner from the Social Media for Social Good post. Everyone needs to contact me by Saturday!

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  1. myrandaroyann

    I’d love to win an ebook! 😉 I love the TV Show Firelfy and the movie sequel to it, Serenity. It’s kind of Space Western with great actors, story, humor, and emotion. 😉

    1. Limecello Post author

      MR – is it okay if I call you that? :X I’m too lazy to type out stuff, although I guess my question just negates all that… Isn’t Nathan Fillion in that? Was in that? Cuz Firefly is over, right? A Lot of people have told me to watch it but I’m just… :X I don’t know. The tiny bits I’ve seen haven’t captivated me. I’ll have to give it a go at some point though, thanks!

  2. beguilethysorrow

    I like the “babbling” LOL
    I actually enjoy reading your author/guest posts and interviews because I like to hear both you and the other person’s conversation. I learn all kinds of things about the characters of stories and series I havent tried yet, and you also always pick really good excerpts! I trust you to also not ruin a story for me by too much away too, so review away if you have an itch to:)
    as for movies off the top of my head I reccomend

    Thor (hot guy lol)
    Star Trek (the 2009 one w/Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg)
    The Conspirator
    Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    The Adjustment Bureau
    The Switch (with that Bateman guy)

    TV series:
    Nurse Jackie: season 1 (flawed female protag, great characters, funny!)
    Mad Men (great clothes! historical too,set in 60s)
    Six Feet Under (my all-time favorite)

    have u seen of those already?

    1. Limecello Post author


      Hahaha – thanks, but I can’t take credit for the excerpts. I have the authors do that themselves. I figure they know the best hook for their books, right? 😛 And all those giveaways don’t hurt, I’m sure.
      You know, I avoided Inception for nearly a year, and then watched it and was like “wow!” I mean to watch Thor soon. The Conspirator is also on my list.
      I’m going to have to pass on Star Trek and The Rise of Planet of the Apes though.

      I don’t know about Nurse Jackie – isn’t that on showtime? Also I’ve never loved medical dramas. I do however, love the USA shows – Burn Notice, White Collar, and I’ve gotten into Covert Affairs as well.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Mary G

    Oh wow. Thanks so much!!

    You can post about whatever. It’s your place. I love your chat posts and I love your interviews. You mix fangirl squee with insightful questions. Don’t ever stop.

    1. Limecello Post author


      Did you send me your address? :X I want to make sure I didn’t lose it. I get a surprisingly large amount of email, which is bad because I can’t seem to keep track of it!
      Awe, thanks so much. I admit I keep things pretty light and fluffy here. Probably because I work at it – I’m not so much like that. Only I am – so it works. Also I know my blog will likely never be one of those uber thoughtful deep discussions and hotly debated types. So… might as well keep it fun right? And I think sometimes the kooky questions give you a better idea of a person. But that’s just me.


    1. Limecello Post author

      Jane, I don’t know that I can bring myself to watch Bridesmaids. It seems people either love or hate it, and I’m afraid I fall in the latter class.
      I did, however, love X-Men First Class! It doesn’t hurt that I think Michael Fassbender is awesome!

  4. Pat L.

    These are oldies:
    Witness For the Prosecution – original or updated version
    Jagged Edge
    Michael Clayton (George Clooney) – out a year or so ago

    1. Limecello Post author

      Hi Pat,

      I’ve never even heard of the first two, thanks! And I’ve been meaning to look up Michael Clayton. I remember being interested when it came out. I just never see movies and then it slipped my mind.

  5. Mary M.

    Mmmm babble on – Babylon?

    Need more caffeine!

    My movie choices…. anything with Hugh Jackman in it (I want to see that Real Steel movie coming out).

    And I love ebooks.

    1. Limecello Post author


      I think Real Steel looks ridiculous and stupid and AWESOME. I… frankly am a tiny bit surprised it’s a movie – I mean really it is Rock Em Sock Em Puppets, or whatever, right?
      But it has potential – as a cute whatever. You’d think it’d be more a summer movie though, you know? And yeah, Hugh Jackman makes it fun too. He’s so versatile!

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