Winners and TV Shows

First up is Liz – email me to claim your LoveSwept e-book from Random House by next Tuesday, please!

And my other winner is Pat L.  – same deal – Tuesday, and there’s the contact form.

Sorry everyone. I had all these lofty ideas of writing these posts, and I mean to do one for Locked in Silence by Shiloh Walker – has anyone read it? And seriously now – honesty please. Do any of you care about reviews?

Updates on me… well I got a bunch of annoying/necessary calls done. The S Ct, insurance, UA, battery company, car repair dude, etc etc etc. As soon as I was free for the day the phone slammed me. Then I went to dinner, did chores, and sat and sulked. Yeah, I coulda done better. Alas.

Now when I do write something of substance, then you’ll be so impressed!

I’m also rotting my brain via the “boob tube.” Does anyone watch Archer? New shows… Revenge, Prime Suspect, Whitney… I like Prime Suspect most. I think The Office might get canceled soon – what about you? I can’t wait for Bones to be back. And… there’s yet another The Next Iron Chef coming up.

I saw the Playboy Club was canceled after what, three episodes? I haven’t bothered with many shows. Never saw that, and won’t watch PanAm. Although I do still watch Modern Family.

Got recommendations? Did anyone watch American Horror? (Is that the new FX show name?) I don’t have FX. I also don’t do well with horror.

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  1. Livia

    I’m really disappointed that Playboy Club was canceled. It had a good mystery via a mob killing and some of the backgrounds of the bunnies were interesting. Pan Am I have been very disappointed in since their is no real story each week.


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